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How to Use Blue Yeti on Xbox One?

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Do you use headphones when you play Xbox One? Are those uncomfortable and the mic doesn’t work well and not able to use blue yeti on Xbox one and on PS5?

What is Blue Yeti?

Blue Yeti is a microphone, using which you can make recordings with your computer. The manufacturers of Blue Yeti have used tri-capsule technology, which produces studio-quality recordings.

There are four different settings, which provide the user with great flexibility.

They can record music, Twitch streaming, YouTube videos, and anything they want!

Consider a Cryptozoic lecture; it will require you to use multiple microphones. However, when you use Blue Yeti, you just need one microphone, because it gives you a studio-quality recording.

Patterns in Blue Yeti

There are four pattern modes in the Blue Yeti.

Cardioid Mode

This type of mode is perfect for Twitch streaming and music recording.

You can use this mode to do voice-overs as well. In this mode, the microphone records the voice that is directly in front of it, and this delivers a very rich sound to the listener.

Stereo Mode

In this mode, the user can use the left and right channels, to capture a wider sound image. This is best for recording acoustic guitar and for experiencing ARMS videos.

Unidirectional Mode

This mode picks sound quality from all around the microphone and is best if you want to give an impression of being in the place. For example, if you are recording a live band performance or a conference call, use this mode.


These records from the front and the rear of the microphone. If you are taking someone’s interview, then use this mode as it will positively impact the sound quality.

Design of Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti comes with knobs, which lets you secure the microphone in place. The microphone is a great sound source and optimizes the sound quality as you have never heard before.

It is a portable microphone, as you can easily fold it and remove it from the base. If you want to mount the microphone, then you can do so on a mic stand or even a Radius II shockmount.

When you start recording using this microphone, make sure that you put it on the same side, near your mouth, as the Blue logo. This is a side-address microphone, and it accepts sound from an angle that is perpendicular to the mic. It doesn’t accept sound from the front-address.

Using Blue Yeti for Xbox One

This high-quality microphone can give people an immersive experience, especially when they are playing games.

There are so many international gaming teams, that use Blue gaming microphones because it gives them a professional audio performance. If you get Blue Yeti microphone, along with headphones, you get a competitive edge over another gamer.

The reason why you would need Blue Yeti headphones is to hear the other side. The headphones can be easily connected with the microphone and Xbox One.

Connecting Blue Yeti on Xbox One

Use Blue Yeti on Xbox One

To connect the Blue Yeti with Xbox One, make sure you have a headset adapter of Xbox One. You take the adapter out of the box, and then connect it to the controller of Xbox One.

Plugin the Blue Yeti to your Xbox One USB port, so its power is on. Next, you need a 3.5 4 pin cable, that you can get from any electronics shop.

Plug the pin cable’s microphone end into the Xbox controller. Then, you need a flat audio cable, 3 feet. Plug the cable to the Blue Yeti, into the headphone jack.

Then plug the other end of the same cable into the mic pin of the previous cable. This will connect the two devices.

In the second pin of the flat audio cable, you can plug in your headphones. Both devices are now connected.  You can use the Yeti device to chat with other people when you are playing games. You can also use it for streaming to twitch, using Xbox One.

In case the Blue Yeti doesn’t work with the Xbox One controller, then you need to see if a driver is missing. However, most users didn’t find any problem connecting the two devices with the help of a USB and a cable.

Recording with Yeti

When you record a podcast or a YouTube video using Blue Yeti, then you should follow the steps given below:

  • Connect the Yeti with the PC, with the USB cable given
  • Go to the Start menu
  • Open Control Panel
  • Select the sound icon from the control panel
  • Click on Recording tab
  • Select Yeti
  • Click on Playback Tab
  • Select Yeti

Yeti’s Headphone

Yeti’s headphones, which connect with the microphone, are easy to use. Users can control the volume of the headphone very easily, by turning the volume knob.

The headphone jack of Yeti headphones is 3.5mm, and you can easily monitor your recording using these headphones. The unique thing about Yeti headphones is that they record in the real tie, and you won’t feel any latency delays.

The best way to use a Yeti microphone, is by putting it on a  threaded mount, instead of the desk.

This way, you will be able to keep the Yeti in one place it won’t experience any ambient vibration or shock. Most users buy a Radius III shock-mount with Yeti because it isolates the microphone from noise.

Don’t need Yeti?

Use Blue Yeti on Xbox One

If you think you don’t need Blue Yeti, think again! Yeti headphones and microphones are pretty helpful for gamers. They provide them with the immersive gaming experience that everyone wants.

Nowadays, most video games consist of more than one player. When players play with each other, they also communicate and give each other directions. With the help of Blue Yeti, players can make that experience and communication, more realistic.

Once you will buy Blue Yeti, your whole gaming experience is most likely to change. So, make things easier for yourself and try something new and unique.

Do USB mics work on Xbox?

Third-party USB microphones, such as the Blue Snowball or AT&T, can be plugged into the Xbox One so that people coming from the console get a higher standard and are not forced to use a headset with a mic.

How do you connect the mic to the Xbox One?

  • Take the stereo headset adapter and place it in the controller’s extension port, see the picture on the right.
  • Take the stereo headset and connect it to the 3.5 mm jack of the adapter.
  • Use the adapter buttons to adjust the volume of the sound and microphone. Start Xbox One.

Can I use the Blue AT microphone with the Xbox One?

Take the 3.5mm male in the male cable and plug one end into your blue AT’s headphone slot, (make sure the headphone volume is increased so you can hear) the other end of the cable Plug the end into the mic/headphone splitter. Mic side

Can I use Blue Snowball on Xbox?

You can use your Blue Snowball microphone on your Xbox One console.

Some players are also using devices like their microphones in the Xbox One.

How do you put a mic on an Xbox?

  • Press the “Menu” button on your Xbox One controller to open the console menu > select “Settings“.
  • You can now adjust the headset volume, headset chat mixer, and mic monitoring.


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