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How to Connect Switch to TV without Dock

Is it stuck to connect Switch to TV without Dock? You will be surprised when start trying to do it. It takes up to 2-3 minutes duration.

Using USB to USB or HDMI may support also it.

Connect Switch to TV without Dock

To connect your switch to a TV without a dock you need the following material:

  • Sensibly your Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo Switch Dock
  • HDMI link (included with Nintendo Switch)
  • Stand or ventilated help surface for Nintendo Switch
  • USB-C male and female association link


  • If you need to interface your Switch to your TV without its dock, you will require an HDMI to USB-C converter
  • Simply plug the USB-C end into the Switch, and the HDMI end into the rear of your TV. You can undoubtedly utilize a Nintendo Switch without its dock. You should get a connector, as your Switch associates with its dock through a USB-C port.
  • Simply associate the Switch’s yield employing USB-C to your TV’s input is the most ideal choice for this is normally HDMI.
  • Place the dock upside down and associate the USB-C augmentation link on the female side to the USB-C connection inside the dock. This progression can be somewhat interesting because you need to ensure that the cable should be pushed down well.
  • Since the spring system that incorporates the Nintendo Switch dock can cause the USB-C not to embed well.
  • You simply need to squeeze it immovably with the goal that it is appropriately introduced. It’s an ideal opportunity to utilize the male finish of the USB-C expansion link to interface it to your Nintendo Switch.
  • It is suggested that you turn on your Nintendo support to confirm that everything works accurately.
  • Everything works consummately, you will actually want to perceive how it turns on with no issue and that the content of the screen of your Switch is obviously seen on the screen of your TV.

Discovering a connector for this is very effective, and they’re not going to be too costly by the same token.

It’s very worth getting one that you don’t fancy hefting your dock around with you all over the place, you can even keep it in your pack fit to use that you need to make use of your Switch in a hurry.

USB-C connectors

Some more established USB-C connectors may not work, so you may have to get a more up-to-date one to interface your Switch up to your TV appropriately.

To connect the switch to the TV without a dock You’ll also require an additional attachment and a USB to USB or USB to Micro USB link to use with it, as the connector should be fueled. It’ll keep your Switch charged when you’re utilizing it as well.

  • Connecting your Switch to the TV without using a dock isn’t extremely muddling, it just requires a touch of tolerance and exertion to have the option to interface the female USB-C to the contribution inside the dock.
  • When you figure out how to do this little interaction, you can utilize this new strategy to play with your Switch utilizing your TV, and the best part is that you won’t harm your screen or Switch support.

Here I have completed a topic on how to connect the switch to TV without a Dock that’s all.


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