How to Play Connect 4 on iOS 10? [ Tips ]

Apple delivered iOS 10, the freshest variant of its working framework for iOS gadgets. With this delivery, iOS clients would now be able to mess around with their contacts inside iMessage.

Connect 4 is a two-player tabletop game that has been around for quite a few years. Apple has embraced this game for cell phones, permitting you to appreciate an extraordinary time with your companions.

The main thing to observe is that you play Connect Four through text, so you need a companion to play with.

Play Connect 4 on iOS 10

Whenever you have picked your companion, you can proceed onward to the means underneath:

  • Empower the emoji keyboard on your gadget.
  • To do this go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard.
  • Look down the Keyboard decisions until you go over “emoji” and select it.
  • Open the “Messages” application and snap-on new message
  • Use to Keyboard catch to change from text to emoticon console
  • Look through the emoticon list until you arrive at the shapes
  • Make a 6×4 or 7×4 leading group of white circles and you are prepared to begin the game.

How to Play

  • Send the text (board with white) to your companion welcoming them to play
  • Pick a color, say red, and let your companion pick another color, say blue
  • Send the message to and fro to one another, each time copy-pasting it and eliminating a white circle, and supplanting it with the shading you have picked. Your companion will likewise do.
  • Rehash this until one of you gets 4 in succession (four circles with your shade of decision in a row)

The game is made for two players. During interactivity, the players take the actions by turns. The moves include supplanting one of the white circles with another with the shading you have picked. A player can just supplant one circle at each turn. The point of the game is to make a straight line of four circles with your picked shading.

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The associating line can be flat, vertical, or corner to corner. The game closures when one of the players makes four circles, with no holes between them. Playing Connect Four on iPhone is an incredible method to relax while keeping in contact with your companions.

The game is not difficult to play, engaging, and you can play it for quite a while without getting exhausted. On the off chance that you are different from it, the above data can assist you with beginning effortlessly.

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