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How to Adjust HDMI Screen Size on TV Windows 10?

You can utilize an HDMI cable to connect your Windows laptop to your TV.

It allows users to view TV content from their computer screen.

Connecting your TV to your computer is often easy, but often there is a problem with the size of your display.

TV images can be blurry or smaller than you like. It is recommended to search the native resolution of the TV and change the HDMI screen size of the TV. If you bought your own TV, you need to be aware of the included solutions.

What is HMID?

HMID (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is the most widely used HD signal. It is for transmitting high-resolution video and audio over a single cable.

HDMI has become a significant home theater connection format for HDTVs, home theater receivers, video projectors, and cable /satellite boxes.

Unlike previous standards, HDMI allows you to send audio and video over a single cable.

  • You are making home theater devices much easier to set up and even allowing family snapshots and screen viewing on your TV.
  • One of the superiority of HDMI is that you can easily link all the components. Single cable.

How to fix computer resolution to TV HDMI?

As long as you adjust the aspect ratio and the screen fits your TV.

  • You may have problems with your PC’s resolution settings.
  • You may need access to your PC’s display options to adjust the resolution level.

How to Adjust HDMI Screen Size on TV Windows 10?

When you try to link your screen to your TV, the image may look blurry or more minor than it should be. The solution is first to know the best resolution for your TV.

You need to connect your TV to your computer using an HDMI cable to show it on display.

Suppose the image/ visual does not appear in the entire TV section. You should check the TV user Guide for supported resolutions.

Follow the steps below to change the screen resolution.

  • Click the start button icon.
  • Click Control Panel.
  • On the Appearance and Customization menu, click Adjust Screen Resolution.
  • Click the drop-down list next to the resolution. Then click the solution you want to apply, then click the Apply button.
  • Once you find the correct resolution for your TV, you can select Keep Changes to keep the new solution. Click Undo to revert to the previous solution.

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Fixing Mac resolution to TV HDMI

The resolution of your display determines the size of text and objects on your computer.

  • You can increase or sharpen text and items on your computer by changing the resolution settings on your Mac.
  • You can manually change the resolution to make objects.
  • Text larger or smaller to give the screen more room when using the default resolution.

You can adjust the aspect ratio of your Mac screen according to your Mac. Typically, the available options are set to the defaults for this display.

Follow the steps below to make adjustments.

  • After setting the main display resolution, select the Apple menu.
  • Click on the System Preferences, then press the icon and click Default Display.
  • Select the Scaling and choose one of the options.
  • What you see now depends on whether you are using a non-Retina display or a Mac with a Retina display.
  • On Macs with Retina displays, four windows display “more space” or larger text.
  • Click this to resize the article displayed on the display while keeping the current resolution at the Retina display level.
  • For Macs other than Retina displays, the Mac needs more options to adjust the aspect ratio. Click the Scaling and select the available options. The screen you are using determines the opportunities you get.


The resolutions available vary greatly depending on what your monitor or TV resolution supports. The larger the display, the more likely it is to support the resolution.

The capacity and size of your display and the type of video card will determine whether you can increase your screen resolution.

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