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How to Delete a Roblox Account?

Roblox is an online international platform for games with more than 100 million monthly active users. It has millions of games for every age of peoples. It is also called as a multi-user online game.

The main feature is that peoples are engaged with social interaction, as it has a game chat, and therefore, you can chat with the other player.

The users also can see the profile of another player while playing the games. The platform is supported by most of the famous operating systems, such as Windows, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Android, Kindle Fire, and Xbox One.

However, this platform sometimes needs to delete by the user, so what will be the step to delete a Roblox account?

Therefore, here is this article, we are discussing everything that helps you to delete a Roblox account or deactivate the account.

What is the method to deactivate the Roblox account?

Although, Roblox has thousands of daily sign up, but doesn’t provide an easy to do service when you want to delete your account.

Instead of that, it just explains how you can stop playing in Roblox in its help section. However, there are different options available to delete or deactivate the Roblox account.

Method #1

Through Roblox Customer Care

You can delete the account with the help of Roblox Customer Care.

  • There is an Email address available at [email protected]. You can request to delete your Roblox account through emailing in that address.
  • It is the very easiest way to delete the account, you just need to provide some information about your Roblox account, like your full name, email id, phone number and address associate with your account.

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Method #2

Through Calling to Roblox Customer Support

  • There is another option of calling to talk to Roblox Customer Support on the phone.
  • The call number of Roblox is 888-858-BLOX which is also available at their web site.
  • Therefore, you can call them and make a request to delete your account which is more preferable than emailing in case of a rush.

Method #3

Avoid Using Roblox Account

  • Another simple but long term method of deactivation of the Roblox account is the avoidance of using Roblox account for up to one year so that Roblox identifies your account as an inactive account.
  • Consequently, it will delete it after one year.

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Method #4

Break the Terms and Conditions of Roblox

An un-recommend option is getting a ban Roblox account. However, it is an unfriendly method of getting a ride from a Roblox account, therefore, we don’t recommend it in a usual condition, but you can do it if you have failed all the above options to deactivate your account.

  • Roblox ultimately deletes the user’s account it someone breaks the terms and conditions of Roblox.
  • The first time, Roblox only ban its user, but when someone getting ban three times, your account will be deleted by Roblox.

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Roblox is one of the well-known gaming platforms, which offers a variety of games for every age of peoples. It also has millions of users. However, sometimes users need to deactivate a Roblox account when there is no option except to delete it.

Roblox doesn’t offer a proper way of deactivating its account in its official web site, but you can try other methods, such as by calling and emailing the customer care and support of Roblox, by avoiding to use your account till a year, or maybe through an unfriendly option, when all the options have failed, that is through the three success ban by breaking Rodlox terms and condition.


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