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How to Delete History on Cash App

Here is the guide for the people who do not know about clearing or deleting Cash App history. In this guide, you will find most of your answers to your queries.

If you are thinking about how to delete history on Cash App. Then let me tell you that to do that, you will also have to delete your Cash App account as well. You cannot just delete your Cash App history currently. According to the Cash App TOS, “due to security reasons, once a transaction has been made, it cannot be deleted.”

Your Cash App history of transactions is the record of all of your activity and transactions. This includes receiving or sending money to some or from contacts connected to the same bank statement.

When you touch on some payment, it will only display the payment details that show even if it is pending or complete.

Any of the payments made through Cash App is visible in your Cash App transaction automatically. You can add or load Money in cash app.

Can You Delete Cash App Account?

  • You can easily delete your Cash App account.
  • Firstly click on “Close my Cash App Account” from Account Settings.
  • Now tap on your Profile Icon > Support > Something Else > Tap Account Settings then select “Close my Cash App Account” and click on Confirm to close your account.
  • After you confirm to close your account closure.
  • Then your Cash App account will be deleted.
  • When you delete it, your Cashtag and account won’t exist any longer.
  • You do not have to worry about someone who reusing your Cashtag as it will no longer work.

It is very common for people who want to delete their Cash App history. And also the purchases, transactions, for privacy issues because of the rise in growing cases of breaches in data.

How to clear my Transaction History on Cash App?

  • Right at the moment, you just cannot clear your transaction history on Cash App.
  • It is no anyway for the Cash App users to clear their transaction history on Cash App.
  • When there is a transaction, it automatically adds that to your payment history.

Similarly, as long as your account is up and going, you can access your transaction history.

And the reason is your transactions are already private and the only person who can see the transactions is yourself. Although, if you want to delete your Cash App history for any reason. You can simply close your account permanently to clear all of the cash app payment records and history.


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