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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

Find out in our EaseUS data recovery wizard pro review if this powerful data recovery tool is right for you

There are a lot of best data recovery applications that provide you a great platform for you to get your work done, but the thing is that even some of the best data-recovery applications can leave.

You guys disappointed in certain situations because there are times when they make you think that they can recover the lost and deleted files as well, which are gone for life.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

I am talking about none other but EaseUS data recovery wizard key license code, this one is the best you can rely on because people all over the globe are using it and it has been helping very efficiently.

This Data Recovery Wizard is surely the best that I know of.

It is a little far from perfect because the advanced disk technology that is being used today makes these data-recovery procedures much more difficult as compared to how it was with the simpler technology back in the past, but it is very fast and efficient for sure.

This application recovered the lost files that people could not recover while using its main rival, Stellar Data Recovery Premium.

Regarding the first paragraph of this article, I want to say that if you use this EaseUS application some reasonable expectations, it can recover your files and folders that might otherwise be lost forever and you never get to have access to them.

It has a reputation as one of the best data recovery software programs available in the market for you.

It surely comes with a great selection of some pretty advanced features that include partition recovery, formatted drive restoration, as well as corrupted file repair.

In this review, I will analyze this software in-depth to see if this is the best choice you can make for your needs regarding file recovery.

You should know that all data-recovery applications list files for possible recovery purposes that turn out not to be fully recoverable, and there are times when you have no way of knowing that whether a file can be brought back or not until you let the program to try out its best.

Well, this EaseUS data recovery application has impressed me from the very beginning, and I think if you give it a try with the free trial version, it will impress you as well. This data recovery software secures your data and gets back whatever you lost.

A reviewer after testing this application said that he started by copying an audio CD to a BIN/CUE file combination for burning it to a backup CD, and then for deleting all the files from his hard disk and emptying the recycle bin as well.

This software got it back in perfect condition, while the main rival of this application namely the Stellar Data Recovery reported that it had recovered the file too, but instead of the file, it brought back only a useless fragment of the BIN file.

On the same hard disk, this software discovered and retrieved at least a dozen of graphics files very easily that its rival Stellar was not able to do.

Both EaseUS data recovery wizard professional and Stellar Data Recovery applications offer you an optional deep scan that can take hours of your time to search every sector on a drive to detect the recoverable files.

But it is only EaseUS software that allows you to search and preview the files that the application has already found while the deep scan is going on in the background. Stellar Data Recovery makes you wait until the deep scan is complete and only then you can preview and manage the files that it has found for you.

EaseUS took ten hours for a full scan on a 2TB spinning-platter drive, while on the other hand, the Stellar Data Recovery took long 34 hours to complete the scan. This shows how great and reliable this software is for you.

The tester was able to find the files he was looking for long before the EaseUS even completed its scan, the ability to recover while scanning on this software is surely way more convenient than Stellar Data Recovery application’s refusal to allow him to recover files or do anything else in the program while the scan is still in process.

The moment when you will launch EaseUS data recovery wizard for pc, it will start by displaying a list of locations on your device where this application can search for the data that you have lost, for example in drive letters, Recycle Bin, Desktop, or any particular folder you want to search for your lost data in.

All you have to do is click on the location and then click on the Scan button, and it starts processing for you. You will see that it automatically creates a full file list for you and a list of deleted files as well during its primary scan.

It also allows you to use a Filter menu to limit the search to some specific file types only or zero in on the files that are modified in the last three days, or the last three days before that specified time, the data range is on you to select.

This same menu allows you to zero in on various file sizes too, such as files that are under 100KB or between 100MB to 1GB.

It is worth mentioning that its main rival the Stellar Data Recovery doesn’t allow any of these options to its users.

When EaseUS application completes the scan of your device for data, it displays a very well organized file list for you that include deleted files listed separately from other files, and also an optional preview pane for you.

Plans and Pricing

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Every user with some basic hard drive data recovery needs only can easily download a limited and free version of EaseUS data recovery wizard professional free download.

It will do all kinds of basic jobs for you easily because you get the ability to retrieve up to 2 GB of deleted, hidden, or lost data with the free version only.

All the windows users who need unlimited data retrieval can purchase a Pro license on this software for $69.95 for a whole month, $99.95 for a whole year, and $149.95 for your entire life.

There is also a more advanced Pro + Bootable Media plan that is starting from $99.90 per month and it includes the ability to boot with a downloadable WinPE following a system crash.

On the other hand, all the Mac users can upgrade to an Unlimited PRO version of this software that is starting from $89.95 for a whole month.

This package adds several exceptional tools that include free remote assistance, iTunes backup recovery, and bootable USB drive creation as well.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

It takes account of some of the most advanced features that I have ever seen personally.

For all the starters out there, its standard lost data recovery tools are enough. They are simple, yet very effective, efficient, and smooth the progress of rapid recovery of deleted files.

The Windows version of this application can be also used to recover files from formatted storage devices and recover all the files that are corrupted and inaccessible from a drive or any external storage that is damaged.

Both quick and deep scan modes are available to program according to your needs, and all the recovered data can be restored even at the same time when a scan is in process.

And at last, the built-in file previewer makes you able to check the reliability of a file before restoring it for you.

The Mac version of this application naturally includes macOS particular features.

These features include the ability for you to recover any kind of files from any Mac-based device, smart disk monitoring, backup recovery for iTunes, and also backup recovery for Time Machine as well.

Client and Client Setup

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Downloading and installing the Windows version of this software will take no more than a couple of minutes only for you. The Setup is quick and there is no need for any special technical knowledge to proceed and complete the setup procedure.

For now, the client interface is one of the tidiest that I have personally seen. It is very modern, looks attractive, and also it is tremendously beginner-friendly.

On top of all, the client interface presents all the recovered files in an easy navigation panel that sorts them according to their former location and its type as well.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Many testers did their job to find out how great this application works. For the test, it was installed on a Windows laptop that included 1TB of hard drive storage and 8GB of RAM.

On this system, a quick scan did not take a second more than a minute and it recovered all the files that were deleted intentionally for testing the reliability and performance of this software. Not only the ones that we deleted were recovered, but there were thousands of other files too.

At the peak of its performance, this application consumed only 30% of CPU and around 250MB of RAM.

This means that you should not be having any kind of problems if you’re doing the scanning alongside other software running as well.

A deep scan of this system took notably longer than it was expected; it took two hours and 34 minutes exactly.

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This makes this software one of the fastest advanced scanners available in the market right now, and it works exceptionally great.

This software runs very comfortably in the background and it draws no computer resources virtually. On top of everything, the ability the preview and restore all files while the scan is already in process is wonderful.


This software does a great job of finding and organizing all the files that are lost. The initial quick scan that was done in the testing recovered almost 70K objects, including all those that were deleted intentionally to find out how great this software is.

The test of the deep scan was much better than the quick scan, it recovered almost 550K objects that were lost or deleted years back in the past.

What more is, that claims to support all known types of files on both Windows and Mac operating system based devices, which is a major positive for this application. And there is still nothing that suggests that this claim is not true.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

I need to tell you that all the users of this will benefit from a wide range of live and self-help support streams.

For all the starters out there, there is live chat support that is available from 9 am to 5:30 PM, from Monday to Friday. There is phone support available as well but with unspecified hours, and an email ticket submission is a third option available you can go for.

The self-help resources include video tutorials for you, an online help guide, and also an in-depth knowledge base that will help you with almost everything you want to know.

There is offline documentation with everything you want to know available for download.

To conclude everything, I must say that there is no single doubt about the fact that this is one of the best data recovery programs ever.

It is available for both Mac and Windows users, and the free version is a great choice for all the people out there who need to restore only a small number of files on their devices.

Although upgrading to a paid version is indeed slightly expensive, but the considerable number of great features that you get your hands on actually presents a great value for the money that you spend on it.

Does EaseUS work?

Bottom line No data recovery app can recover everything, but EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro works best in the process of recovering lost and deleted files.

It also includes files that competitors could not find. PC Mag Editors independently select and review products.

Is EaseUS a Chinese company?

EASEUS is a data recovery software that quickly retrieves emails, music, data, and videos. EASEUS, founded on August 12, 2004, is a professional data recovery and data security company.

Based in China, Chengdu YIWO Tech Development Co., Ltd. provides services to numerous customers in China and abroad.

Is EaseUS safe and legal?

Is it easily safe? EaseUS is not as advanced with its security information as some other companies in the sector.

However, in terms of safety, EaseUS can be considered a pretty safe solution. I’m glad the company chose to adopt 256 bit SSL, and the encryption of its files is more than enough.

Who owns EaseUS?

AGS Software was acquired by Chengdu Yu Do Tech Development Co.

Ltd. in 2004 to provide state-of-the-art disk partition management, backup, and disaster recovery software to end-users for excellent PC / server performance and data security. Is paying attention

Is Easy Todo Backup Free Safe?

Easy Todo Backup Free can easily protect your data from destruction.

With the perfect balance of manual control and automatic protection, everyone can customize their data.


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