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How to Erase the Registry in QuickBooks

Quickbooks is really good accounting software, that allows the user to manage their customers, clients, vendors, and finances.

This software has many features that can track different policies of the user’s current business like sales, income, and other expenses.

When someone installs QuickBooks on their computer, then they can do their taxes, track products, and update transactions in the register. However, if you want to remove a Quickbook registry, then there are some simple steps that you can follow.

You may also do remove the QuickBooks license from the computer without any doubt.

Remove Registry in QuickBooks

  • Right-click on the bottom left corner of the computer’s screen
  • Select Control Panel, and choose to Uninstall a Program option
  • From the list of Programs, select QuickBooks, and then click on uninstall
  • Go to the QuickBooks’ official website, and download the QuickBooks Clean Install Utility
  • Save the program, and click on ‘I Accept’ that appears on the license agreement
  • Launch the tool, and select the version of QuickBooks you had; click on continue
  • Now click on Ok, and QuickBooks has been removed

If you don’t want to download the cleaning utility tool, then you can also download CCleaner, because it serves the same purpose.

Method 2

  • The user can press the Start button on Windows, and then type ‘Regedit’ in the search field.
  • After that, press Enter to go to the Registry Editor, and then click on the Edit button.
  • Click on the find, and then type QuickBooks in the search field.
  • After that, click on Find.
  • And locate the registry keys that are linked with the software.
  • Right-click on the first entry that you see on the screen, and then click on delete.
  • Confirm the decision and then click on Yes.
  • Repeat the same process for every entry that is associated with QuickBooks, and once all the files have been successfully removed, close the Registry Editor.
  • Lastly, empty the Recycle Bin of your computer, and then restart the computer.

Even if these methods don’t work, the user can always contact customer service on the official website of QuickBooks and ask them how to delete the registry.

Users might want to QuickBooks uninstall tool, because they have no use for it anymore, or they don’t have much space in their computer.

However, if the user does understand the functions of QuickBooks better, then they might not delete it.

Functions of QuickBooks

There are many things that erasing the registry in QuickBooks online can do for an individual and business.

  • It keeps track of the pay and cost so that the tax return is ready when needed
  • The user can import and even physically enable the saving money exchanges, and other credit card exchanges
  • Makes invoices for clients, which look professional and proficient
  • Tracks installments, and adjusts
  • Email invoices to clients, and enable them to pay online to the ledger of the company
  • Enter Bills
  • Print checks
  • Monitor due dates
  • Pay bills electronically
  • Get finances for each payroll interval
  • Reminder for documenting quarterly reports
  • Contact information of clients and vendors are always available
  • PDF duplicates of bills and invoices
  • Paperless business
  • Track inventory and make orders accordingly
  • Reports can be printed using QuickBooks, which are more professional looking
  • Redo the reports, the way the user wants others to see them
  • Retain customer reports

QuickBooks is a really good way to handle the finances of a business. If someone is starting a small business, and understand accounting, then they don’t have to hire an accountant.

They can simply use QuickBooks to record most of the business transactions, calculate the income tax that they have to pay at the end of the year, and look after other financial matters.

This will surely make the financial system more efficient, and won’t require the CEO of a business to use paper for financial transactions.


It is best to have every financial record on computerized software so that if any information is required, it won’t take much time to look for it.

Thus, QuickBooks is an amazing tool, but if someone wants to delete it, then they can simply follow the methods given above and get rid of all the hassle.

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