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How to Fix MTP USB Device Failed?

For those who don’t know, MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol. And getting error during connecting, let’s fix MTP USB device failed.

This is used when a person wants to transfer data between their PC and an Android device. If the device doesn’t install, then the user won’t be able to transfer data at all.

The MTP USB error takes place, when the user connects the Android device to the PC, using a USB connection. At times, the computer is not able to form a connection with the Android device, and the driver installation fails.

Before the user starts to try to fix the problem by troubleshooting, they need to make sure that there is no fault in the hardware. If the device is not connecting to the computer, then try connecting it with something else, and check if the connection s successful. Insert the USB to a different port on the computer, or if you are using a cable, make sure that it functions properly.

The user can also try the option of USB debugging on their mobile device, and then plug it into the computer. If this doesn’t work, then revert the changes made.

How to Fix MTP USB Device Failed?

Fix MTP USB Device Failed

Solution 1

This way may help you in all windows but most of how to fix the MTP USB device driver problem in windows 8.1.

  • The first solution to fix this problem is for the user to open the command prompt, related to the local group on their PC.

Fix MTP USB Device Failed

  • At times, the MTB USB Device failed error occurs, because the UAC restricts the computer from downloading or installing a required device driver.
  • This can be changed with the help of a command prompt.
  • First, press the Windows key along with ‘S’; this will launch the search bar.
  • Type command prompt in the dialog box that appears, right-click on the application, and then choose the option of “Run as administrator”.

Fix MTP USB Device Failed

When the command prompt opens, the user needs to type the following command in it:

  • Net localgroup Administrators local service/add

Execute this command, and then plug in the device again, so that the computer can detect it.

  • The problem can be solved with just one simple step, and the PC would be able to install the drivers.
  • If it persists, then the user can either move to the next solution or restart their computer for the command to be executed.

Fix MTP USB Device Failed

Solution 2

The next solution that the user can try is to check the registry settings and fix the MTP USB driver problem in windows 10.

  • The MTP USB might fail because the registry settings are not set in a way that, they would recognize an external device and install it.

Fix MTP USB Device Failed

  • The user can change the registry settings by deleting 1 entry.

Fix MTP USB Device Failed

  • Press the Windows key, along with the letter ‘R’, and then type Reddit in the dialogue box.
  • Then press Enter, and when the registry opens, then navigate to this address:


  • When you reach the targeted location, then press Ctrl+F together.
  • This will launch a search dialogue box, where you have to write Portable Devices and then press the ‘Find Next’ option.
  • Find Portable Devices through the window, and if its window has the keyword ‘Upper Filters’, then delete it.

Fix MTP USB Device Failed

  • Restart the computer, and wait for the changes to take effect.

Fix MTP USB Device Failed

  • Now, the plugin the device, and it will surely work. If the problem is still not fixed, then you need to head to the next solution.

Solution 3

In this solution, the user needs to install an MTP Porting Kit and fixing the MTP USB device driver problem in windows 7, in case it is not on your computer.

  • If it is already installed, then you probably need to update it.

Fix MTP USB Device Failed

  • The kit is available on the official website of Microsoft, and this installation can bring a difference.
  • When the file has been downloaded or updated, the user can now plug in their device, and check if the connectivity succeeds.

In case the problem is with the PC or laptop of the user, they should try the Restore Repair kit and scan repositories.

  • This way, if there are any corrupt or missing files, then the repair tool will do its job.
  • In most cases, when this issue is solved, the MPT USB Device issue gets fixed. There are other repair tools available on the internet, which can repair damaged files, or find out the missing ones.

These solutions are very much likely to fix the MTP USB device issue, so, be sure to try them.

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