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Willing To Know About The Best Features of Play Station 5

Sony is leaking us information about the features of play station 5 and, while we don’t know much about which games we’re playing or what the console will look like, let us know a little bit about what the PS5 is packing under it. Well guessed.

The robber and what features will be proud of it.

For example, people would be curious about the graphics, sound, memory storage, and others. They would want to know what would be different about Play Station 5 before they start saving to buy it.

Top 16 Best Features of Play Station 5

Those who have played with PS4 would want additional features in Play Station 5. PlayStation has become a haven for gamers, mainly because it allows them to experience a situation.

For example, if it is a shooting game, the sound quality of PlayStation makes it possible for the other person to experience what shooting something would be like.

When it comes to video game players, what matters is their compatibility, sound, video, and processing power.

Backward compatibility and graphic processing power are two elements that gamers would want in Play Station 5.

Backward Compatibility

Features of Play Station 5

When a new smartphone comes out, the software of the previous model of that same smartphone starts causing trouble for the user. For the PlayStation 5, users have the same concerns.

The video games of PS4 are very expensive, and users want to know if they would be able to play PS4 games on Play Station 5 or not.

When the Sony Company was asked this question, they confirmed that Play Station 5 would have backward compatibility. Users would be able to play the PS4 games, which they have bought on the PlayStation Store, as well as use the physical discs on PS5.

It should be a sigh of relief for those, who don’t want to spend more money on buying really expensive games, and then not be able to use those games in the future.

Users can play the PlayStation Plus titles on PS5. However, the user should make sure that they have a subscription for it.

Graphic Processing Power

Graphic Processing Power

There are two things that a gaming system needs; CPU and GPU. Even though the Sony Company has not announced the graphics processing power of the PS5, it is safe to say that it will give the user a System on Chip solution. This SoC will contain CPU and GPU.

The Jaguar cores are present in PS4 and will be changed to Ryzen architecture.

As per the architecture of the graphics processing of PS5, the new version would support 8K resolution. PS5 will also support ray tracing.

The PlayStation would provide an 8K resolution. This would positively impact the quality of the video of the game. It will increase the sharpness of an image, it will be really good. Gamers would be able to enjoy a game more if the graphics of that game are better.

The gamers would be able to see details of a game, which might not have been clear to them otherwise. Play Station 5 would be able to have a real, visual impact on the gamer.

Ray tracing is a technique through which light interacts with virtual objects. Ray tracing is to make a 3D environment look more realistic.

The unique thing about using this technique in Play Station 5 is that it is only used in Hollywood movies, as of now.

As for the graphics hardware, which plays a part in graphic processing, it will not change drastically, but to some extent. The processing part would be similar to PS4, but Play Station 5 will still be fast.

Gamers should look forward to Play Station 5 because the specifications sound exciting.

Hard Drive Space/Speed

Hard Drive Space/Speed

The PS5 will release with a Solid State Drive. The Solid State Drive is the best way to decrease the loading time of games, and that too, by 15 times.

There is a choice for players about how they want to store their games. They can store their game progress on DLC, and they can also stream from the Cloud.

When players stream games from the cloud, then they don’t need a traditional console, and this is something Google is trying with Stadia.

When the graphics for games improve, they need more space. For example, it is not unusual for games to be as large as 50GB.

However, if the hardware doesn’t support such heavy games, then games won’t load properly. If Sony decides of choosing physical storage, then the storage space for the hard drives can go as far as 40 terabytes.

If players have the choice of Cloud, then they won’t run out of space. When Sony conducted a presentation in Japan about Play Station 5, it showed its speed as well.

The speed is incredible, and as compared to PS4, the gamers would feel a huge difference. The increase in speed is all because of the SSD drive.

Virtual Reality in PS5

Virtual Reality in PS5

The PS5 will come with virtual reality, and it can be purchased with a PlayStation console. Sony has been very effective when it comes to VR. When they launched PlayStation with VR, the company didn’t manufacture too many.

Its cautious behavior led to a shortage in major stores, particularly in Japanese stores. Sony sold about 915,000 headsets to players, which shows how much potential VR has for Play Station 5.

When it comes to competition, Sony is ahead of Microsoft. Microsoft didn’t give much priority to VR, but Sony tested VR on PS4. When they release Play Station 5, they would be doing so with full knowledge of VR hardware. VR can also replace handheld devices.

If they want an augmented reality handset to enhance their experience of PS5, then it is their choice. The augmented reality headset is called Smart EyeGlass.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are different. Virtual reality takes the player to another place, where they find themselves immersed in the experience. On the other hand, augmented reality alters a person’s perception of reality, as their surroundings change.

Sony is giving options to players. They can choose a portable version and one that isn’t. The cost of both versions, the Core Experience and Pro version would be different. However, players have to wait a little longer to find out more about PS5 and its features.

The news of the PS5 release after 2019 is something that has gamers talking about specifications. Those who loved the past versions of the PlayStation are speculating about its features.

For example, current players want the PS5 to come with new and diverse games, which they haven’t played on PS4.

Games for PS5

The most popular games that players would be able to see on PS5 are:

  • Ghost of Tsushima
  • Horizon Zero Dawn 2
  • God of War 2
  • Call of Duty Black OPS 5
  • CyberPunk
  • New titles of Elder Scrolls
  • Call of Duty

Call of Duty has announced the release of Black Ops 5 for Play Station 5. This game is set during the Cold War, and players would be able to see the real heritage in the FPS action.

1. Horizon Zero Dawn 2

It is an exclusive title of the game for PS5. The new PlayStation would help fill out the world in the game.

The best part for the players would be that they would be able to run it faster than in PS4 because the loading time would be less.

2. Cyberpunk

This game is from the same makers, who gave players ‘The Witcher’. It is a game many die-hard gamers are waiting for. The graphics of this game are extra stunning, and it comes with deep RPG customization. The background of the game is set in dystopian California.

3. Ghost of Tsushima

The first reason for gamers to try out this game is the feudal setting of Japan, which looks splendid. Instead of using guns or any modern weaponry, the players would use swords.

Moreover, as sword playing is an authentic sport, the score that the players get would be authentic as well. The presentation of the game is cinematic and a must-see.

Processing Power in PS5

Processing Power in PS5

The developers of PS5 have hinted that they are going to improve the processing power of PS5 because they want to bring back the programmable era. They want to improve the graphics of PS5. The developers are going to have a free hand with machine learning.

As per the developers, the processing power of the new PlayStation is incredible. They want to come up with games, which would utilize the full potential of PS5.

The developers want to make use of Al because, in their opinion, it will help evolve PS5.

Sony Company has not revealed the RAM size. However, it is predicted that the RAM for the operating system would be 4GB DDR4. The company is going to focus more on VRAM because 4K games need space.

Players would get SSD for the PS5 feature is confirmed. The SSD would have the best bandwidth. The games that took longer to run on PS4, would run quicker on Play Station 5.

For example, it took Spider-Man 15 seconds to load on the current version, but in the next, it will load in 0.8 seconds.

There are too many exciting features that players should look forward to on PS5. There are exciting games and a good processor in Play Station 5, which gamers should be excited about.

Blu-Ray/Disc Drive

Blu-Ray/Disc Drive

The PS5 will be coming out in 2020, hopefully. If someone is worried about whether the PS5 would have 4k Blu-rays, then they should rest assured that this feature would be present in the new PlayStation.

At first, it was confirmed that the new PlayStation will have an optical disk drive, but now it is confirmed that it will have a 4k Blu-ray player.

PS4 didn’t have a 4k Blu-ray drive, it disappointed some gamers. Sony’s approach towards including the drive-in in their new PlayStation would be appealing for many.

It has become easy for people to download games from the internet. That’s why players are concerned about whether Play Station 5 will be ditching disks altogether.

There is no doubt that the sales of Blu-Ray have been decreasing in recent years, but they have not been wiped out from the market.

Blu-Rays can hold 50GBs, but as the video quality of games in Play Station 5 gets better, there is a need for more space. Sony, along with Panasonic, is developing replacements for these discs, so that they can fight the increase in streaming content.

The discs that they want to introduce would be able to hold more than 100GBs, and this would surely improve the storage potential.

Cloud Functionality

Cloud Functionality ps5

Everything is becoming digital and with the introduction of new technology, companies are becoming creative with their products.

Those who love video games value their controllers and gaming consoles, but when change comes, they have to embrace it.

Video game lovers should know that the changes which companies make in their products, are not to annoy them, but to give them a good user experience.

As per sources, it is possible that Sony would be introducing a streaming console for Play Station 5. Cloud will be powering the streaming console, in this case.

The reason why Sony is looking at Cloud is that streaming has become a huge thing in the gaming industry.

This doesn’t mean that Sony will completely let go of the hardware. Sony is going to prepare the users for this transition, from hardware to cloud.

The benefit of providing players with cloud streaming is that streaming reaches every device and not just a console. Streaming gives players the ease to play their games, wherever they are. They don’t have to wait to go out and buy a disk drive anymore, because of internet streaming.

Cloud is a great invention, which gives people the chance to access their information and apps from anywhere. They can download their data, upload data, or stream data from a server, without any problems.

Console Design

Console Design ps5

The new design of PS5’s console is something that players should look forward to. It looks more like a car battery charger, but in more layman terms, ‘it looks cool’. There is a gap between the consoler, and it makes a triangle. It separates the console into two parts, and it is a very unique design.

Sony is known for coming up with creative designs to surprise people, and PS5’s console is no different. Even though the design is not yet confirmed, the pictures released on the internet to win headlines, are pretty satisfying.

If the console doesn’t appeal to them by looks, it is highly unlikely that they would be interested in buying it.

David Hansson designed the concept of the console. One interesting feature revealed about the Play Station 5 console is that its skin will change color according to the game that a player is playing.

Some important specifications of the console are that the console comes with Hi-Fiber networking. This means that the console will work with non-local processing power.

The console also has a Holographic Emitter System Notification, along with cloud processing and haptic holographic technology.

There are optical audio ports present on the console, and the specifications also include RT-Superconductors.

Controller Design

Controller Design ps5

What players would want in a controller, is that it is easy to use and doesn’t give them a hard time when they are playing a game. An ideal controller would keep in mind the laws of ergonomics and then design a controller.

A controller should give more convenience to the player, by placing buttons more naturally.

The most interesting feature of the Play Station 5 controller is the Haptic Holographic Emitter. If a player receives any notifications or messages, then they will receive them directly in front of their eyes.

This feature allows the player to imagine the objects in a game as 3D objects. Gamers can view maps in front of them, following the pattern of a game easily.

There are superconductors in the Play Station 5 controller, which are locked by integrated quantum. They have a contextual dial as well, which players would find helpful.

Sony has not leaked many specifications about the controller. However, it will come with a touchscreen attached to it, according to some leaked images.

Even though there are image leaks and information leaks, these leaks are mostly by the fans themselves. While Sony has confirmed some things, like who designed the Play Station 5 console, there are things that the company wants to hide.

They want to save the big reveal for when the PlayStation is released, but there is no harm in creating curiosity and a little hype.

Regardless, the specifications and features of PS5 revealed until now, shows promising gaming devices for players.



Sony would try to make their new PlayStation, more appealing than the current one. In terms of features and specifications, the Play Station 5 is surely a gaming device that players must wait for.

Better user experience and ease of use, are what all gamers want. If they have a console that is hard to understand or a controller that doesn’t serve them well, then they would be disappointed.

Sony is providing gamers with a more configurable installation. They are changing their approach to storage and giving players a configurable installation process.

The games available on PS5 would no longer be treated like a big block of data. The PS5 would make it possible for a user to better access to data. This means that a player would be able to install a multiplayer game. They can install the single-player campaign, another time.

Better Optimized

Better Optimized ps5

If players want, they can install both single and multiplayer campaigns at the same time. When they are done with a campaign, it would be easy to delete it.

The user interface of the PS5 has been revamped. This means that the games they install and want to play, they would be able to do any time. The console of Play Station 5 is designed in a way that the gamers will be able to play with other gamers, in real-time.

Gamers won’t have to separately go and view information about which mission is available to them. They will be able to see their missions on a side menu and would be able to jump right into whatever game they want to play.


Features of Play Station 5

There is good news about the optimization of PS5, and this will make it more dynamic to use.

Gamers want to cut back on loading time, and they can finally achieve the objective with the help of PS5. The PS5 will use an AMD Zen 2 processor, which is a great feature of the next-generation console.

The new CPU configuration would help reduce a developer’s time because it is getting rid of unwanted restrictions. The SSD feature in the PS5 would also help quicken the loading time.

Users of PlayStation want the game size to be smaller, so it would load faster. However, it is something that they don’t have to worry about

PS5 is changing the way gamers play video games. It is giving them more space to store their games, and a chance to experience video games in a fast-loading mode. The screen of Play Station 5 is dynamic, as compared to PS4.

The thing that gamers would be more interested in, is the number of new games that companies are going to release. They would be able to use their existing PS4 games. However, if they want to get the new PlayStation experience, then getting new games would be a priority.

Voice Control

Voice Control ps5

Voice recognition and voice control is not new thing. These have been tried out in terms of conducting online research or asking for online assistance. However, in PS4, users had the facility of the voice control system. They could control the system using their voice, from the home screen and another screen as well.

PS4 was introduced with a headset, which made voice control possible. The microphone of the headset can be used for the PS4 Camera as well.

Sources have revealed that Siri-like assistance will be introduced in Play Station 5. Players should imagine what such a feature could do for them. They could have an assistant that would guide them on how to fight freaky monsters.

The voice control system would be directly linked to the game. The console of PS5 would also be linked to the headset. This way, if players need any tips, then all they have to do is just, give a command.

A player has to use the console to give direct orders to the system. For example, if they want to start up Play Station 5, but don’t want to do press buttons as done traditionally, voice control would come in handy.

All the player has to do is make sure that they buy the headset, which would help them in voice control. The assistant of PS5 would be designed in a way that would give answers to the user, based on the game they are playing.

If a user has a query, then the assistant would either speak, or the answer would be revealed on the screen.

Such a deep feature of PS5 separates it from its current version.

Starfield Elder Scrolls 6

Features of Play Station 5

The details of the game have not been revealed yet. The producers want to keep Elder Scroll 6 a mystery for the players. However, this game would be ably available for Play Station 5, which means that is going to be released sometime in 2020.

The producer of the game, Todd Howard, referred to Elder Scroll 6 as a next-generation game. The game is going to be different as compared to its current version, which is also very popular among gamers. Starfield is most likely to be released before Elder Scrolls 6.

The game would match the features of the console that Sony is providing to its users. Bethesda Game Studio released a teaser trailer for the game, to answer the rumors of the release of the game. The teaser doesn’t reveal much, which is how the producer wants to keep things.

The game would make use of the console upgrades, and the players are most likely to feel a significant difference between the visuals and the sound of the game.

New games need to launch alongside Play Station 5 because that is what would create more excitement among players.

If they don’t get to test the new features of PS5, using new games, then it would be a disappointment for them. The console and the controller, both offer features that need new games developed with new features, to capture the attention of players.

Colossus remake

Features of Play Station 5

Marco Thrush is the President of Bluepoint Games. In an interview, he stated that the studio is developing a game. However, the title of the game and its nature has not been revealed yet.

There is a rumor that the studio is developing a new game, which is a remake of Shadow of the Colossus.

This is not the first time that this studio has remade an old PlayStation game. The studio previously developed the God of War Collection on PlayStation 3. This game was popular on PS4 as well. The visuals of the game were very beautiful.

The players had to face multiple challenges. In this game, players have to collect many things, which is an interesting part of the game.

The game showed a detailed photo mode, and many players liked it. If it is remade for Play Station 5, then surely, the developers would pay attention to removing the horse in the game.

Many players have found that the horse was annoying because it can’t be easily controlled.

4K Bluray player

Features of Play Station 5

4k Bluray Disk Drive would be a part of Play Station 5. Sony itself confirmed the information. Many players were worried that the discs they have purchased for PS4, won’t be able to use on PS5.

Purchasing video games is very expensive, which is why if the Bluray player option is removed from PS5, it would be very difficult for players. If there is no Bluray player, then the Bluray videos that players have purchased would surely go to waste.

As it would be Play Station 5, the Blueray player would have more features for players.

It would give them a much better experience than they have received from PS4. This is an exciting feature of PS5, which every player must be waiting for.

CPU in PS5

cpu ps5

The CPU processing power in Play Station 5 is what developers are the most excited about. The CPU is a variation of the third generation of AMD. The developers would provide both a traditional console and a cloud-based streaming option to the players.

The CPU of Play Station 5 will have 8 cores. The current prediction is that the CPU will have 16 threads.

The reason why Sony is working on the CPU and its processing power is that they want to give players a real-time experience. They want to provide an experience, where the gamer doesn’t have to wait for the screen to load.

Even on PS4, the screen doesn’t take much time to load. However, Sony is still improving the processing power and making sure that the players feel the new experience.

The RAM of the CPU would be 24GB BDDR6 and the operating system’s memory would be 4GB DDR4. Even though these are predictions, they are based on the current version of PS4, and what Sony could do better.

Play Station 5 is an exciting object for gamers, but they still have to wait. Play Station 5 is most likely to release in late 2020, along with new PS5 games. Players will see a comeback of games like Grand Auto Theft.

What’s so significant about a PS5?

Perhaps the most interesting new detail is the solid-state drive of the PS5.

By replacing the hard drive in the current device, SSD will mean fewer load times and higher graphical quality. The PS5 will also have a new CPU and GPU.

What can PlayStation 5 do?

It will have great graphics.

Unlike the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X – a half-step console that offered more power in a single console generation.

The PlayStation 5 “allows for fundamental changes to what the game could be,” said Mark Carney, Sony’s top system architect. Wired

What will the PS5 controller look like?

The PS5 controller looks radically different from the company’s previous gamepad designs, with a new futuristic look, a white and black color scheme, and a boomerang-like shape that has divided audience opinion.

Will the controller on PS4 work on PS5?

Tactfully, yes. While your Dual Shock 4 PS4 controller will lack the new features of the DualSense controller (discussed above), Sony has traditionally been good about backward compatibility.

PS4 games will all be backward synced on the PS5, so you should have a DualShock 4 controller.

Can I play PS3 games on PS5?

Yes, the PS5 will be backward compatible – but only with a selection of games.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 will only offer backward compatibility with PS4 games – meaning the PS3, PS2 and PS1 will lose titles.

How much is a PS5?

Analysts predict that the PS5 will be priced at 470 – 9,499 / £ 449 / AU in the region of 9 749, giving the impression that race jumping will be as important as Sony’s at the moment. ۔

Does PS5 need the internet?

The PS5 must be an offline friendly console.

Internet connection is not required to configure the console. For God’s sake, keep the online functionality of the system software as far away as you possibly can from the model that Microsoft used this last generation.


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