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FedEx Future Delivery Requested [ Means ]

Why getting fail my FedEx Future delivery request? With this pandemic, most people prefer to not go outside, and just shop online. From clothes to shoes to food, everything can be purchased online. Brands have paid more attention to their websites, to make them user-friendly for the customers.

When you send someone a gift from FedEx delivery service, then you get a tracking number. This tracking number keeps the sender and the receiver informed about the status of the package.

Have you ever read the status as ‘future delivery requested’? This is an interesting term, which will be explained more in this article.

Future Fedex Future Delivery

When this is a status that either the sender or the receiver gets, then it means the FedEx package was asked to be put on hold, for a specific period of time.

A person expected to get their delivery, for example, on 25th December 2020, but for some reason, the delivery was postponed. However, don’t panic when you see this message, instead, just look at the causes below:

It could be that the place from where the package is supposed to be delivered, there is a natural disaster, like a flood. If such is the case, then the customer will receive the ‘future delivery requested’ message.

Another major reason could be a lot of snow on roads, which would make it impossible for the delivery to take place on time.

The sender asking himself to put the package on hold could be the third cause. It could be that a person sent a package to their friend, and their friend informs them that they wouldn’t be able to receive it.

The sender can put the package on hold until their friend is available to receive it. Similarly, the friend can ask FedEx to hold the package for them, until they become available to receive it.

The fourth reason could be an unfortunate accident, that takes place while the delivery is happening.


For example, the person who is driving a truck to deliver a courier could meet an accident on the road, or his truck might get damaged. If they are in a remote location, then it might take some time for them to get back on the road and deliver the package.

At times, this message will appear when FedEx holds the package. This could happen because FedEx wants to deliver your package with another order that you placed later. This could save them the trip, and the customer won’t feel hassle in receiving two deliveries.

No Response

Lastly, ‘FedEx Future Delivery’ might appear if the receiver’s address is far away from the warehouse. Addresses need verification, especially if a house is located in a remote area.

Thus, unless and until an address is fully verified, the customer won’t get the package.

What to Do?

Now, the question is, what should the customer do if they read such a status? They could reach out to FedEx and inquire about the nature of the problem. It won’t take long for such problems to get solved.

FedEx has a good reputation when it comes to delivering packages. When such a status pops up, then it could be because of a genuine reason.

However, if the sender or receiver gets worried about the package, and doesn’t want it to get damaged, then they can call the customer service department. In times of pandemic, it is very difficult for employees to deliver packages on time.

This is because, the person delivering the packages, might have more packages and less time, as the virus has infected so many.

There is no way for the customer to speed up the delivery of their package. They can just sit and wait for their parcel or just talk to customer service.

Tracking Number

Tracking Number is very helpful for receivers because they are able to know where exactly their package is. This way, when the package arrives then they would be able to receive it, and it won’t get misplaced.

However, this is also a convenience for both the sender and the receiver. If the receiver is not available, then the sender can easily put the package on hold, or the receiver can create this convenience for themselves. So, don’t be panicked when you see it.


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