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FFXIV Scholar Guide and How to Become Scholar in Dungeons?

Final Fantasy 4 brought a lot of excitement for its loyal fans, as it released Shadowbringers. FFXIV scholar guide and how to become a scholar in dungeons?

This release is not just about a different story and zones, but other changes as well, like a change in how a person does their job.

Apart from the job of a Scholar, the game has introduced two other classes, Dancer and Gunbreaker. This guide is for all those, who have not been able to make much sense of Scholar, and after reading this easy to read, comprehensive guide, they won’t face any problems.

How to Become Scholar in Dungeons?

For those who don’t know, Scholar plays the role of a healer in FFXIV. It is a unique role, and has a small pool of classes. Players, who have been interested in this game since the beginning, know that they can’t start as a Scholar, as compared to White Mage.

They start as Arcanist, which is a DPS role. At level 30, they would be able to unlock jobs like Summoner, and the Scholar. Scholar’s main job is to shield allies in the path of damage.

In FF14, there aren’t many healers, which is why Scholar has an advantage over other roles. However, it is still a stressful job to play, as compared to other damage jobs.


In FF14, Scholar has gone through many great changes. The most obvious change is that, enemies and allies can’t target the Scholar pets anymore. This simply means that the user doesn’t have to look after or pay much attention to the fairies.

Prior to this update, the Scholar has the ability to summon two fairies, and they had different abilities. However, in this update, the two fairies have the same skill sets, but the Scholar can summon a super fairy as well. This super fairy is called Seraph, and it stays for 20 seconds when summoned.

Tips for Shadowringers

FFXIV scholar guide

In FFXIV, the scholar doesn’t have the raw healing power, called the White Mage. However, to make up for this, whenever the player heals someone barriers are triggered. For instance, Adloquium provides two shields compared to the skill’s initial heal.

This gives the Scholar the power to keep those alive, who are not good in the game.

One advantage of the scholars is that, they help in raids, which is an area where mechanics are very complicated.

FF14 is a version which has introduced AoE blast, which is a light used by Scholar. Even though it wasn’t liked by players at first, but it doesn’t cost too much mana, and changes the way Art of War was expensive.

For those who have used Scholar in the past versions of the game, they would feel that Scholar is not the most useful healer in this version. Scholar offers proactive play to the gamer, which they don’t need in much part of the game. However, the Scholar is still important in this game.

Scholar’s Healing

FFXIV scholar guide

The Scholar can heal in two different ways; spells and abilities. When the Scholar uses spells, it puts him on global cooldown, and when he uses abilities, it puts him off the global cooldown (OECD).

The OECD has two types as well; fairy healing and aether flow healing. The fairy is responsible for healing all those party members, who are damaged and the battle doesn’t affect her.

The fairy healing spells, often used in the game are, Whispering Dawn, Fey Illumination, and Aetherpact. If the Scholar is good, then he will be able to manage the abilities of the fairy and the Aetherflow, in order to increase the potential of OECD.

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There are dungeons in FFXIV, which players would definitely want to revisit so that they can collect more items and experience. Sastasha is the first dungeon that players will get to see.

It is a linear and simple dungeon, compared to others, and offer challenges for players, who are exploring for the first time.

  • This dungeon comes in level 15, and is found in La Noscea area.
  • The second dungeon in the game is called ‘Tam-Tara Deepcfort’, which comes in level 16.
  • This dungeon is located in the Black Shroud, and it has many undead monsters.

From level 17-20, the gamers would get to see Copperbelt Mines dungeon, which is located in the Western Thanalan. This is a dungeon where the players will have to face Coblyns and Spriggans.

After the 20th level, the players will get to experience Halatali dungeon, located in the Eastern Thanalan. This dungeon is connected with the Immortal Flames Grand Company; when the players enter this dungeon, they will notice how it has a gladiators theme.

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