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How to Fix Can’t Download From Google Drive? 5 Best Ways

Throughout the entire universe, Google Drive is among the most popular Google products. To contain many of their files, everybody needs a drive.

If your computer’s internal memory gets filled, then Google Drive is quite helpful. Users can both upload and remove the critical data from the temporary database to have even more storage.

In particular local device, it reduces the burden. Google Drive is most often used even though it is safe and offers up to 15 Gigabytes for users. There was an issue only with the driver, but sometimes users can’t restore this from Google.

For several users attempting to use Google Drive, such problems arise. People can’t import via Google Drive several times, but as the documents are essential, this creates many difficulties. With strategies, let’s just get started.

How to Fix Can’t Download From Google Drive? 5 Best Ways

Restart your computer

If you’re attempting to catch documents from a connected device, Windows, or a Mac.

  • Restart your System once since switching to many other solutions.

Solving using Zip File

When you’re using the multiple procedures specified here to upload multiple files, these won’t be uploaded independently, however, a Zip file will be generated.

Google Drive gets caught on the Organizing Zip file notification for only certain people. That still doesn’t encourage them to download the data from zipping.

  • To correct that, whenever a smash arises it demands whether you want to exit or terminate.
  • You will need to select the Exit Website icon.
  • The upload step is initiated by pressing the Exit icon.
  • People approached the Google Drive problem of not uploading Zip files in clarity.
  • For many other ideas, do take a glance.
  • If you do not want to zip any documents via Google Drive, search for ways to upload several documents without zipping them via Google Drive.

Enable certain COOKIES

The cookies from Google Drive have been disabled for several Chrome Browser customers, and this is why people have been unable to access the content.

  • Activate Google Drive through Chrome to enable cookies.
  • Mostly on the left side of a search box, the press also on the small lock icon.
  • Instead, pick a list of cookies.
  • Press the hidden icon in the pop-up notification area.
  • Search if you notice a Search engine reference.
  • Press that and tap the icon at the bottom of the Enable page.
  • Press on Complete, successfully.
  • Reboot the window or website, and you’ll be able to properly those documents.

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You can check AD blockers and ANTIVIRUS

Are you using the web browser ad blocker plugins? Delete certain ad blockers or third-party plugins that have previously been installed.

  • That seems to fix the problem.
  • Interestingly, uninstall it immediately if you are using virus protection on your device.
  • See whether documents via Google Drive can be downloaded.

Contact Google support services

There will be a possibility of whether your Google Account does have something wrong with that as well.

  • To ensure that you really can approach Google Support about your problem with Google Drive.
  • You will find commonly asked things about primary complaints on their help site for Google Drive.
  • This involves difficulties with payments, mainly when you’re using a paid subscription.


If the document isn’t downloaded, users will use these techniques to access it.

I hope a few of these approaches will help you overcome the issue of “can’t download from Google Drive.” Unless the problem continues, check the setups of Chrome Browser and place them through its default options.

Last, users can still see whether any extensions that are negatively impacting the operation have also been installed. I believe that issue can be solved since I have provided good ways of solving most of the problems.

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