Home Tutorials How To Fix External Hard Drive Not Showing Up Mac?

How To Fix External Hard Drive Not Showing Up Mac?

External Hard Drive Not Showing Up Mac

Macs are incredible computers that provide dependable service in most situations. However, they are usually workhouses, pushing certain situations that you would get a blue screen of death on a Windows PC.

So there may be a few rare problems that will occur and its importance in terms of its technology.

This can be really frustrating because of certain different programs and each of them may need to understand a little work.

How To Fix External Hard Drive Not Showing Up Mac?

External Hard Drive Not Showing Up Mac

One of the most frustrating problems you may come across is the external hard drive of a Mac.

Regardless, if you have completed all troubleshooting tips, it still cannot appear. I will explain in this article how to get your external HDD on Mac.

How can you connect to the Mac?

Let’s first see that you have completed all the steps to connect the external hard drive and watch some basic steps.

Fundamentally, external hard drives are much cheaper to develop storage without needing to replace the internal hard drive.

For that, you need to connect the external hard drive to your MAC.

There are some ways to use like USB, Thunderbolt, and even the USB-C port depending on the model you are using.

  • They are very simple to connect with.

External Hard Drive Not Showing Up Mac

  • When completed, Finder will show you the external device and if for some reason it shows you no file, then it should show you in the disk utility in the utilities.

There is a sub-folder and you will find it in the Applications folder, with a crosshead screwdriver and a key on the folder icon, whereas on the other hand, the disk utility resembles a hard drive being examined with a stethoscope.

  • They’re both going to make a lot of points. If you have trouble finding it, just open Finder (this icon would look like a grey and blue face).
  • And click on the applications on the left-hand side.

External Hard Drive Not Showing Up Mac

  • After processing, you can go to the search bar at the top right corner to search for your drive utility.

External Hard Drive Not Showing Up Mac

This is the part where you can figure out the problem and solve it. If your external hard drive still does not appear, then we have some solutions to fix the external hard drive not displayed.

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Before any step, let’s check by basic methods so that we can ensure that macOS is configured to display external drives which can mount the drive and that the drive can not have any error neither the drive itself nor the file structure.

The following are some basic concepts

It may be less time and money problems if you get into the habit of making it with a computer. Because no one wants to ruin their day knowing that something wasn’t plugged in correctly.

  • Make sure the hard drive cable is properly plugged in.
  • Check the hard drive output if necessary.

External Hard Drive Not Showing Up Mac

  • The cable may be broken, so check if it should be spare.

Alternatively, you can change the hard disk of the cable.

  • Restart your Mac to see if it is an open program or if it is simply an undetected application.

External Hard Drive Not Showing Up Mac

  • Verify that all drive has been formatted. Because mostly the drive comes completely and empty while the lacks should detect and format them all, but it does not always work.
  • Try connecting an external device to another PC to verify if the drive itself has been broken.
  • Make sure your player does not have an energy-saving or sleep option.
  • If it’s activated, turn it off, As a result of these issues, errors may also occur.
  • Verify that the reader receives sufficient energy.

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