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How to Fix Gboard Not Working On Android & iOS?

Gboard is Google’s keypad application for smartphones based both on iPhone and Android.

It eliminates your default keyboard and allows your control directly through your current Gboard keypad to several Google services.

If you’re using this software for some time, you’ve probably noticed on certain times that Gboard doesn’t function. The Gboard keypad application could collapse unexpectedly frequently, not load completely, and many more.

How to Fix Gboard Not Working On Android & iOS?

There are indeed many things you can do to resolve the problem and get Gboard to function efficiently if you are having some kind of problem with it.

Restart Android Device

Anyone at a particular time, a range of applications and operations on your Android phone run automatically.

A few of these systems often get in the direction of features of Gboard, so this leads the keyboard application to crash.

Rebooting your mobile has been one of the strategies to correct certain minor problems on your mobile phone.

  • Resetting restarts all of the applications and procedures on your computer, operating and helping the device restore itself.

Clear Keyboard’s Cache Files

Gboard utilizes cache data, like most other programs, and can support you more easily by saving essential things in all of these documents.

Cache data, although, are sometimes the problem Gboard doesn’t operate on the computer. The problem should be solved for you by deleting such documents from a device.

It will not affect how well the application operates because when you continue using the application, your mobile will restore such documents.

Uninstall Updates

Due to stability issues, the latest feature can often disable the program. Applications are modified to introduce new functionality, repair problems, bug fixes, etc.

However, these changes may also make the application stop running on their computer.

Rolling back to a previous edition is the smart thing can do in this situation.

  • Go to the mobile setting.
  • Press on applications.
  • Find Gboard, then press on it.
  • Press on the 3-dot menu observed on the right corner of the phone.
  • Choose Uninstall Updates option.

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Force Stop or Uninstall

Often a simple force stop will make the program function responsibly. Perhaps to make it function effectively again, users must fully delete the application and activate it once again.

  • Push to force that software to quit first.
  • Then reinstall the software if that doesn’t function.
  • You can do the reinstalling within the settings of your phone.
  • Reinstall to see whether the software is running correctly.

Factory Reset

Unless it’s essential, they do not suggest it and generally will not request users to mess with that. Although, you will not have another option yet.

To pick Backup & Restore.

  • Go to Setup and scroll to the bottom.
  • Within, you should see choices associated with backup as well as restore.
  • Both your setup and application details are backed up on Google servers by default.
  • Pick All Information Restored.

Here, to do a quick reset which will uninstall anything on the computer, you pick Reboot Device.

  • Now you’ve got a brand new mobile, literally.
  • Recover your files and see whether or not Gboard works appropriately or not.


It is all about whether Gboard started operating on Smart tablets and phones, so repair them. Connect this with others if you consider it beneficial.

Do not even forget to consider which process that Mobile keyboards can’t make for you all to improve.

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