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How to Make Your Number Private on Android?

This article is for those who want to know how to make your number private on Andriod. Let’s discuss what a personal number is.

The private number means when it calls on another phone, there is no information related to their number and name is shown, instead of blocked or private number is shown on other devices.

The main reason to make a personal number is that the person or company doesn’t want to share their number with others.

private num

How to make your number private on Android?

Make Your Number Private on Android

Many people use this technique to make different scams. There are some methods to make number private like given below:

Using *67 to make number private

use 63

It is one of the best and easiest methods to make the number private when we call some other person.

When we use this method, we type the number and dial *67 before the number. Another person will automatically have a private number on his phone.

If that contact is saved in your mobile, paste it, dial *67 before the number, and make a call. For instance, if you wanted to hide or block your number when calling 7283837839, just dial *67 like *677283837839, it will automatically show the private number on another phone.

It is a free method. No charges are required to use this method. In this technique, you have to dial this code before every number you want to call a private number.

By Samsung Galaxy method to hide the number

There is another method using the Samsung galaxy feature to hide numbers and make a private call.

Just follow simple steps.

  • In step one, open the phone app on the home screen.
  • In the second step, there are three small dots at the right top corner of the phone.
  • Click on these dots. In the third step, after three dots, you will see some options.

Make Your Number Private on Android

  • Select and Open settings from these options.
  • Step four, scroll down, and at the bottom, you will see the supplementary services and open it.

Make Your Number Private on Android

  • In step five, open show caller ID, there will be three options, network default, hide the number, and show number.
  • Select hide number.

hide number

  • After this procedure, when you will make a call, your number will be hide or private on another phone.

Limitations of hiding a number

There are many methods by which you can hide your number while calling, but there are also some restrictions and limitations in these methods.

  • In some calls, your number will always be visible.
  • It would not be hide during emergency calls like police, toll-free services, and many more.

Make Your Number Private on Android

  • But during regular calls to family and colleagues, these methods work efficiently.

There is no hundred percent guarantee of these methods.

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From the above discussion and explanation about making numbers private, especially due to private and personal issues, everyone wants to hide his information like a number.

In this article, we cover how to hide numbers using a different method. I hope you will use these methods on your phone to make private calls for better purposes.

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