How to Fix Origin Online Login is Currently Unavailable?

The origin is developed through the electronic arts. It is a distribution for the purchase and playback of videogames. This one is available for mobile devices as well as PCs.

It provides many social features like joining, network chat, streaming via twitch, sharing the game library, and integrating the community with Facebook, Xbox, and the game station network, etc.

The source is currently the most popular among 50 million users. But some people are dealing with the issue of “online registration of origin is currently not available”.

How to Fix Origin Online Login is Currently Unavailable?

Origin Online Login is Currently Unavailable

It may be a must frustration for you, but here are some reasons why it happens and the solution on how to prevent it.

The first reason cab incorrect date and time mistake. You need to set your date and time on the latter.

  • In the window search, enter the control panel box and open it.
  • Set the view by customized.

control panel

  • Adjust the clock and region and click the setting and date.

Origin Online Login is Currently Unavailable

  • Click on the Internet time, then select Change settings.

Change settings

  • Select Sync with Internet Time Server and click the update is.
  • Select OK and close the control panel.
  • An additional reason maybe your Internet connection.
  • You should have good internet while connecting.

Restart your origin

If you see “origin logging is not currently available”, you first need to reboot the origin record.

  • Start the task manager in the window, then search for the origin from the Process tab.

Restart your origin

  • Select End task.
  • After that, completely restart your origin and reconnect.

reconnect or restart

If you continue to have the same problem, proceed to the following solution.

Internet Explorer may also cause an “Origin logging is not currently available” error. You can avoid this by resetting your Internet Explorer settings.

  • Go to Control Panel (Customization Package).

Control Panel

  • Select the network and Internet, then click Internet options.

Internet options

  • You will see the properties windows, go to the advanced tab.

advanced tab

  • There will be the bottom part there, you can click on the Reset Internet Explorer rest settings.
  • Confirm the reboot of the other origin.
  • Once you have finished, reboot your computer and check if the “origin logging is not currently available” error is available.

There is another alternative way where you can turn off the popup blocker internet explorer.

  • Go to the control panel (see by category) and select the network and Internet option and later click on the Internet option.
  • Switch to Privacy and tab to uncheck the Enable Popup Blocker option located in the Popup Blocker section.
  • Click Apply and register the settings.

You may also authorize an origin by windows defender adieu. Few people know that Windows Defender goodbye can avoid the original error that is not presently available.

Windows goodbye defender basically prevents the original service from connecting to any other computer.

  • The Origin cache should be updated as well.
  • It may also cause errors in the original logging is not available.
  • You must clear the whole cache to login to Origin.
  • You also have the option to use the VPN.
  • Many users commented on the issue.
  • The original login problem can be solved as well.

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