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How to Fix PDF not Opening in Chrome?

There are many different formats used to save documents on your computer, they are available for use regarding your personal or organizational requirements. The list exceeds a total of 10 formats you can save your word documents in.


PDF not Opening in Chrome

PDF stands for the Portable Document Format, utilized to show reports in an electronic shape free of the computer program, equipment, or working framework they are seen on.

From an overview perspective, all of the formats are pretty the same until you dig deep into it, PDF format, as described from the abbreviation, provides you with portability with your work, simplicity, flexibility, security, and authentication.

Importance of PDF


Let’s say you make a pamphlet in Microsoft Word and share it as a .docx record, which is the default record organize for Word reports.

Unless everybody has Microsoft Word introduced on their computers, there’s no ensure that they would be able to open and see the bulletin.

And since Word archives are implied to be altered, there is a chance that a few of the designs and content in your archive may be moved around. By differentiate, PDF records are primarily implied for reading, not editing.

One reason they are so prevalent is that PDFs can protect archive designing, which makes them more shareable and makes a difference for them to see the same on any gadget.

Sharing the bulletin as a PDF record would offer assistance guarantee everybody can see it as you’re planning.

How to Fix PDF not Opening in Chrome?

Chrome extension

There are a few ways to make PDF records, but the strategy will generally depend on the gadget you’re utilizing.

In case, if you are using Windows 10, go to the Print exchange box, at that point select PDF from the list of printers at the top.

This permits you to make a PDF of anything you’d regularly be able to print, counting archives, emails, and webpages.

Opening PDF files

Opening PDF files

Opening and viewing a PDF record is straightforward. Most advanced web browsers will open PDF records specifically in your browser window rather than downloading them to your computer.

If your browser can’t do this, it ought to invite you to download the record instead. If you wish to see a PDF record fair once, it’s usually easiest to open it in your web browser. In case you would like to get to the PDF afterward, you’ll need to save a duplicate to your computer.

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This preparation will shift depending on your web browser, but within the illustration underneath the Spare PDF,a button can be found close to the upper-right corner.

In case, you are not able to open a PDF format file, this could happen due to a combination of different scenarios, you may face random troubles from auto-downloading PDFs and improperly loading content to scrolling issues.

A step-by-step solution is as follow

  • First of all, open the Google Chrome browser on your computer


  • Click on the option “settings” on the top right of the screen just below the name bar


  • Scroll down and choose the option Advanced from the given options
  • Click on the option content setting, under Privacy and setting option

content setting

  • Choose the option PDF documents and disable the only option of PDFs download over there.



There are different formats to open a document and save them, basically to view the documents.

Specifically talking about the PDF format, different functions regarding PDF have been discussed in the document with the primary issue being how to fix the pdf not opening in Chrome and we have provided a step-by-step solution to help the viewers with it.

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