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How to Fix Spotify Shuffle Sucks? Updates Required

These days Spotify is a must-have audio streaming and media service app for music lovers. According to Statistics 2019, it is the world’s prevalent digital music streaming provider.

Spotify straight away appeals to people because they can access the contents for free and generally obtainable on modern devices that include PCs using Windows, macOS, Linux, and IOS devices, Android smartphones.

You have to sign in to have access to your desired songs, podcasts, and video playlists from worldwide artists.


Fix Spotify Shuffle Sucks

Spotify offers you to play all these things randomly, this feature is called the Spotify shuffle play feature.

Conversely, many users complain that they encounter various problems such as Spotify is not responding, keeps pausing, and unable to play the current song.

Moreover, in case, your Spotify shuffles not working and repeat the same song again and again.

In this article, you will find feasible methods to get rid of this Spotify shuffle issue.

Reasons behind Spotify shuffle play sucks

Fix Spotify Shuffle Sucks

The shuffling feature of Spotify enables you to mix up your listening, especially when you want to listen to your long songs playlist in the following order.

Click On Shuffle Playlist

To turn on this feature, you have to click on the big shuffle icon in the pop-up window.

  • After this, it will turn green indicating you have tracks in random patterns now at some intervals.
  • One of the reasons behind the shuffling issue is when a track or artist plays over and over again twice in a row.
  • Then this problem occurs due to a bug that causes the system to fail.
  • Another reason is that when you still did not update Spotify and playing an older version of the algorithm that is not working properly.
  • Spotify will also rank first the new releases and major artists to play more of their content repeatedly.

How to fix Spotify shuffle sucks?

The possible methods to fix Spotify shuffle sucks:

  • Log out and log in again to your Spotify In this method, you have to log out from the Spotify application and restart your Spotify.

shuffle play

  • For this, click on the name or go to the settings, and select log out.
  • Close the Spotify application, once you log out.
  • Then also remove it from the running apps in your phone background.
  • Go to the phone settings and also clear the app cache from here.
  • Then relaunch your Spotify app and log in to your Spotify account.
  • Now, you can play your song’s playlist on a shuffle.

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Update your Spotify application to the latest version

As to resolve this issue, Spotify already updates its latest version of the algorithm. But if you are still using its older version of the shuffle algorithm, then all you have to update it.

For the users of IOS devices such as iPad, iPod, Mac, and iPhone, you have to follow these steps:

  • Open the App Store.

Apple store

  • On the right side, go to the updates and find if your Spotify app needs to be updated.

update Spotify

For the users of Android phones, follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Select the menu button, on the left side, and then choose My apps & games.

my apps and games

  • Now you have to scroll down the list of apps and find Spotify.
  • Look if Spotify needs to update, and then click on update next to it.

Spotify music

  • Sort all your playlist by Title Open your Spotify and go to the playlist you want to listen to.
  • You will see the headers such as time, artists, the title under the filter.
  • By clicking on the title all the playlists will be sorted according to the title.
  • Now turn on the shuffle mode and enjoy random music.

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