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How to Fix the Pinterest App Keeps Crashing Android

In this article, you will know how to fix the Pinterest app that keeps crashing in Android. There is no doubt Pinterest is one of the most prominent platforms for youngsters. It offers tons of creative ideas and you can get a lot of inspiration from this platform.

If you are one of those users who want to have a creative lifestyle this will be a perfect choice. The Pinterest app is suitable for android. Surprisingly, the navigation is very smooth as compared to other versions.

Fix the Pinterest App Keeps Crashing Android

There are plenty of users who complain that this app keeps crashing down on their phones. It causes a lot of trouble and the reason for the crash is also unknown.

If you want to fix the Pinterest app that keeps crashing android here are some ways:

Erase the Cache for Pinterest

  • If you want to fix an app crash on your android phone it is recommended that you clear the cache.
  • Pinterest is a perfect app for image sharing.
  • You will find a lot of data in the caches.
  • When the app becomes slot the image downloads will also become slow.
  • The data that is stored locally is easy to get corrupted.
  • This reason is common why Pinterest keeps crashing on your phone.

Clean the storage of your phone

  • Another reason for app crashes on your android phone will be because of low storage.
  • Most of the apps require a lot of free space on the phone.
  • It will be easy to store files and data when there is ample storage space.
  • When your phone is full of storage many apps will crash down.
  • It is important that you clean unnecessary files from your phone and later download new apps.

Reboot your android phone

  • It is as easy as it sounds but rebooting your phone can solve a lot of issues.
  • When Pinterest keeps crashing or freezing there can be a problem with your phone.
  • It doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a problem with the app.
  • Users can simply restart their phones and fix this problem the way they want to.
  • When you press the power button for a few minutes your phone will restart instantly.

Keep updating Pinterest

  • If you want Pinterest to work smoothly the best idea is to update it.
  • Every week the Pinterest app is polished or updated with various features.
  • It will help you make it faster and better than before. If the app is crashing for no reason at all keep updating it to fix the issues.
  • Users can simply go to the play store and update the app easily.

Reinstall Pinterest

  • When updating Pinterest doesn’t work you can try reinstalling it.
  • You can just uninstall and reinstall it.
  • Especially if you are upgrading to a new version of Android some apps cannot work perfectly at first.
  • You can lose your important files of documents but this reinstalling idea can prove to be a beneficial choice.

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Exit the Beta Program

The innovative Beta programs are packed with a lot of powerful features. This program may not be suitable for common users. There are a lot of bugs and viruses in it and can cause a lot of other issues too.

  • It also may not be a suitable choice for the android device.
  • This is where the Pinterest app will keep crashing for no reason at all.
  • If the beta program is behind the crashing of Pinterest it is better to remove this program.

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Update your device

  • When you update your device a lot of problems will instantly go away.
  • If the Pinterest app is crashing for no reason there can be an issue with your phone.
  • Mostly the app doesn’t have any problem.
  • In this case, you can update your device to fix all the software-related problems.
  • It will enhance the overall performance and you can try it out now!

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