How to Fix Vizio SmartCast Not Working? 5 Best Ways

Why it used to happen whenever a user trying to use Vizio smartcast but its missing something during using so, Fix Vizio SmartCast not working.

Vizio SmartCast TV is one of the best smart TVs because it lets the user stream movies, TV shows, control the front gate, and even share their screen with others. When you get Vizio SmartCast, you get to access all the Demand apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney.

The user can access a lot of content in 4K HDR, completely changing their viewing experience. This Smart TV is compatible with Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. The user can send any command to the TV, like showing them who is on the main gate.

There is an app for Vizio SmartCast, which gives the user more control over their TV through a smartphone. You can easily use voice control to give commands and make sure that they are implemented.

You can share the small screen on the big screen with the help of Apple Airplay or Chromecast Built-in. The customer would be able to share pictures and slideshows with others.

If this Smart TV can do so many things, then what will happen when it stops working suddenly?

5 Ways to Fix Vizio SmartCast Not Working

There are many solutions for fixing Vizio SmartCast. However, the first thing any user should check is whether their internet connection is working or not.

Soft Power Cycle

Vizio SmartCast could stop working because of a software glitch. This can be solved by a soft power cycle, which means restarting the module so that the temporary set configurations are erased.

To make this happen, follow the instructions below:

  • Take out the Vizio SmartCast TV remote
  • Press the menu button
  • Select System
  • Select, Reset & Admin
  • Select the Soft Power Cycle option
  • Switch off the router
  • Turn both devices on, and now check to see if they are working

Power Off

If the soft power cycle has been unhelpful, then the next best thing to do would be to unplug the TV, from the power source. However, make sure that the TV is properly shut down first. Keep the TV unplugged from the power source, and then hold the power button of the TV for at least 30 seconds.

  • Plug back the TV to the power source now, and then hold the power button of the TV again for 30 seconds.
  • Switch on the Power On button on the TV, but don’t press any other button.
  • If the SmartCast Home logo appears on the screen, then the problem is most likely solved.

 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DHCP assigns an IP address to each device on the network; no two devices would have the same IP address, as this would cause connection issues. If someone’s DHCP settings are not set accurately, then that could be the reason Vizio SmartCast isn’t working. For this, it is best to re-enable DHCP settings, as this will get it to work correctly.

Follow the steps below to implement this solution:

  • Switch off TV
  • Launch the browser
  • Open the URL of the router, and then enter the user name and password
  • Open the settings of the router
  • Look for the DHCP section in the router, which is usually in the Advanced option
  • Enable DHCP; in case it is enabled, the user has to disable and enable it again
  • Save Settings
  • Exit
  • Turn on the TV, and check to see if it is working now

Internet Service Provider

It could be that the Internet Service Provider or ISP you are using, has blocked the services that Vizio SmartCast provides. To see if this is the problem, you can connect the TV with some other internet connection, or your mobile’s hotspot.

In most situations, this is the main problem; you can either request your ISP to unblock it, or look for another internet connection.

Factory Reset

If the above solutions are not helpful, then the user can factory reset the settings on their TV. For this, follow the steps below:

  • On the TV remote of the Smart TV, you will see the menu option; press it, and then select System
  • Open Reset & Admin
  • Select the option of “Reset TV to Factory Settings
  • Wait for the process to complete.


These solutions are pretty helpful, and most of them would make Vizio SmartCast work again.

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