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9 Best Free Cloning Software Windows 10 2024

The first reason is that the user believes the old HDD needs to be upgraded because its performance is going down. Moreover, if the user has meaningful data on the HDD, then he might want to transfer it to a new destination, just in case the old one crashes.

Secondly, when a user is migrating data from one place to another, they need to be careful of its safety. Upgrading an HDD would mean a lot to those users, who have special data on their old HDD, and simply don’t want to lose it in any way.

Lastly, an HDD is more affordable and cheaper as compared to an SSD, which is why many users clone with an HDD. Even if users know the practicability of an SSD, they still prefer HDD over it.

Before the user starts to clone, the things they should keep in mind.

To avoid this confusion, the user can adjust the partition size of the hard drive, which is also the target drive. This will allow the user to take advantage of the full capacity that the hard drive offers.

Steps for Cloning

Visit the official website of AOMEI Backupper Scandal, to download the software. When the download finishes, the user will get to see a simple interface.

There will be three options on this interface;  system clone, disk clone, and partition clone. Click on the clone tab, and then choose the disk clone option.

This version of the software might only support cloning an HDD with the same partition style, like a GPT disk into another GPT disk. In case a user wants to clone the GPT disk to MBR or the other way around, then they have to buy the professional version of this software.

The next step is to select the HDD disk, as the source disk and then click on the ‘Next’ button.

The screen will show the user a preview, and the user has to click on ‘Start Clone’, to migrate Windows 10 hard drive. The preview will show the user an operation summary, indicating the operations that will be implemented.

The user can click on ‘Edit Partitions’ and choose ‘Copy without resizing partitions’ or ‘add unused space to all partitions’ or ‘manually adjust partition size’. In the last option, the software will help edit the user, the size of all the partitions on the disk.

The option of the sector by sector clone means that all the sectors on the old HDD will be cloned, and it will make the software more time to do that.

When the cloning ends, then the data on the HDD will be overwritten. It is important to backup data before this happens.

9 Best Free Cloning Software Windows 10 2024

AOMEI Backupper Standard

Free Cloning Software Windows 10

This is the best cloning software people can use for Windows 10. It is the best choice because it can clone the whole HDD to another HDD or even SSD. It will clone the operating system, the applications that the user has installed, and the data they don’t want to lose. Image source: here

Similarly, it allows the user to clone the used parts to another drive using the sector by sector clone function. This helps clone larger drives into smaller drives.

This software supports different operating systems like Windows 8.1, 8, 7 Vista, and all editions of XP. It has a very easy to use interface, and users praise this HDD cloning software.

Paragon Backup & Recovery 17

Free Cloning Software Windows 10

This is a cloning software that many experts recommend, mainly because of its easy to use interface. This is also the best imaging software for Windows and has a freeware edition. The software offers the users to completely carry out disk backups.

There is a Backup Capsule option in the software, and it helps the user set a reserved partition, to recover data easily.

There are some filters, which are also included in the backup wizard-like temp, exe, and log. Using these filters, users can compress ISO, and it supports differential backups for ISO images.

The reason why Paragon Backup & Recovery 16 was replaced by 17, was due to its backup utility. It also comes at a better price and features. It has a free version and a paid version, and the only difference is the features that both offer.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro 11

Free Cloning Software Windows 10

This is a very simple tool, which will clone Windows 10 for the user. This wizard Pro 11 will extend system partition, and merge partitions as well.

The tool supports partition cloning, and the user can easily clone their system drive. If the user wants, he can move his operating system to an SSD, as this tool provides support to basic disk management features.

These features include splitting, formatting, and wiping. The software also allows the user to convert a disk partition table and even a file system. The tool offers really good features, but only some of the features are free.

Acronis True Image

Free Cloning Software Windows 10

This is a great HDD cloning tool. It is very comprehensive and easy to use. There are several features from which the user can benefit.

Before cloning, the software allows the user to take full images of their system and data. This means, that they can make a replica of a system disk or even a specific partition.

The user can clone data, be it any operating system, file, or program settings to a faster disk. If the Windows system is active, this software can even clone that. Users can easily clone a local drive or external storage.

The benefit of getting this software is that it has Ransomware protection, artificial intelligence, and machine-based learning technology. If there is any ransomware, it detects it efficiently and then stops it right away.

This cloning software solves the concerns that most people have with their data. Whether it is about managing data backups or backing up the system and individual files, this software is perfect.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home

Free Cloning Software Windows 10

This is a disk mirroring software, which not only protects the system but backs up all the data which is important for the user. It has some amazing features, which users will find beneficial.

It can restore data quickly and without any hassle, if the hardware fails, upgrades, or is infected by viruses. The cloning software backs up data, hard disk, and partition of Windows 10, and protects that data

The user has the option to take the whole data backup of the computer and transfer it to the new HDD, or just some important files and folders.

It provides support to those files, which the user has stored on Dropbox, or Google Drive. This cloning software is very efficient and is perfect for backing up data, whether it is on the HDD or SDD. The software even protects data from any viruses or malware.

Macrium Reflect

acronis cloning software

Macrium Reflect Download Agent has a very easy user interface. This is an HDD clone software and is the best option if the user is looking for fast imaging software. This is a dependable clone tool and has really good features for the user.

This tool creates an accurate image of the hard disk or its partitions. If someone loses their files or their system fails, then they can restore their data using the image that this tool generates.

User can create a backup of every partition on the disk, like special files, and images. They can create this backup in the form of a compressed file. It supports MBR disk and GPT disk.

If the user wants to recover the partitions or even the entire disk, they can do it with just a few clicks. Macrium Reflect contains Rapid Delta Cloning, because of which it clones Windows 10 so quickly.

Nova Backup PC

acronis cloning software

It is a simple and powerful disk cloning software, which is not only colorful but easy to use as well. It comes with data backup protection and has several distinguishing features.

There are several extensive backup options in this software, where the user can back up using images or files. The file backup lets the user keep a record of some files and folders of their choice. Moreover, the image-level backup lets the user backup the whole hard drive.

If you want to protect your data, then this is the best software, as it provides military-grade level encryption for files. If you want, you can make a schedule for backups, so that your important files are automatically stored safely.

Users can also manage cloud backup, which not many cloning software provides to the users. When you are cloning software, you can back up the data from an OS to an email setting preferences. This way, if any disaster strikes, you can still get your data in no time, and that too with a fast process.

Hard Disk Manager 16

disk image software free download

This is a professional mirroring software, which can be used by anyone. It not only organizes the disk of an operating system but also looks after its performance and capacity of storage space.

Hard Disk Manager 16 enables a transfer system within seconds, using physical and virtual devices as it prefers. The software is a free cloning software, which can work in protected mode.

While using this mode, you can preview the changes you are going to make, and then apply them. If you don’t want the changes you are going to implement, then you can change them right away.

The user will be able to perform basic partitioning tasks, as it keeps the system organized.

If the system the user wants to clone, get affected by malware, then they can still recover their data and use their system. The apps that they need, would still function and there will be no data loss.


disk image software free download

This free cloning software for Windows 10 is one of the best disk cloning software. It can be used for system deployment, recovery, and much more. There are two versions available in this system.

CloneZilla life and CloneZilla SE, which is a server edition and can clone 40 computers all at the same time.

While using this imaging software, you will be able to get the image file anywhere, like a local disk and samba server. It supports GPS and MBR partition format of an HDD and can be booted using BIOS.

When you generate an image using the cloning software, it will be encrypted for protection. The tool uses AES-256 encryption, even when you are transferring your data.

This cloning software contains the features, which restore partitions and the whole disk. In case you are confused, disk cloning and imaging are the same things, as they complete the same tasks.


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