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10+ Best NAS For Plex 4K 2023 | Stream 4K with Ease

It is an ideal solution for streaming and archiving but you can buy it with a pre-installed and configured drive as a RAID 1 when it is not So we have Plex Media Server and the related client app.

10-bit color, 2160p (4K UHD) video fast enough to deliver data at 60.

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage and this is a storage device that is connected to a network that allows multiple users and all the client devices to store and retrieve data from a central location for network users who are authorized to have access to this storage and varied clients.

PicBest NAS For Plex 4KShippingWeightCheck Price
WD My Cloud Personal NAS driveWD My Cloud PersonalFree4.50 lbsCheck Price
Best NAS devicesSeagate Personal CloudFree3.65 lbsCheck Price
Best NAS devicesQNAP TS-251A NAS drive
Free5.06 lbsCheck Price
Best NAS devicesBuffalo LinkStationFree6.15 lbsCheck Price
Best NAS devicesSynology DiskStation DS1817 NAS driveFree4.85 lbsCheck Price
best nas drive for media streamingDROBO 5N DRDS5A21Free2.85 lbsCheck Price
best nas for plex 4kASUSTOR AS5202TFree7.85 lbsCheck Price
best nas for plex 4kZyxel NAS540Free5.35 lbsCheck Price
best nas for plex 4kAsustor AS5304TFree4.85 lbsCheck Price

I agree with this statement and NAS (Network Attached Storage) does the data management job for them very well.

The dictionary of SNIA defines the Network Attached Storage (NAS) very well.

It says that the NAS is a term that is used to refer to storage devices that are connected to a network and provide the computer systems with file access services.

If you haven’t used this device, then Network Attached Storage (NAS) has some great benefits waiting for you. Some of those benefits are:

  • It doesn’t require a mastermind IT professional to operate this device because it is very simple to use.
  • This one comes at a very affordable price and can drastically reduce wasted space over other storage devices and technologies.
  • It provides you with easy data backup and recovery features.
  • This one centralizes all the data stored safely and reliably for authorized network users and clients.
  • A large range of applications are supported
  • It allows you to have access to your data across the network, including applications based on cloud and data.

10+ Best NAS For Plex 4K 2023 | Stream 4K with Ease

In case you are new and wondering what is NAS, it stands for Network Attached Storage.

The SNIA dictionary has defined this NAS (network-attached storage) pretty well, as it says that this term is used to refer to a storage device that is connected to a network to provide the computer systems with the file access services.

NAS for the Plex server is a type of external memory or storage that connects to any network or a plex server rather than just connecting to a single PC as similar as a normal storage device i.e. hard disk.

It is way more beneficial than a hard drive, as it can have accessed from different devices that are authorized with the permissions and are within the network, and multiple users can have access to the data and use the data at the same time.

If required, the data that is stored in the NAS device can have accessed remotely as well, only if it is allowed by your NAS setup.

NAS is available in different shapes and specifications, from small devices that are designed for homes to some large-scale products that are designed for organizations and projects. In this article of mine.

I will light up some of the best NAS available in the market for all of you guys respectively for home as well as high-scale organizations or enterprises.

19WD My Cloud PThe personal

Check Price

This is a simple, yet fast NAS drive which has attained quite considerable success with its consumer-friendly products of My Cloud.

Image source: here

This WD device can stream to any DLNA submissive device and can have accessed with the help of mobile apps that are supported by both the iOS and Android operating systems.

It starts at a 2TB of storage model, but it offers other models with expanded storage capacities of 3TB and 4TB as well.

This one is considered one of the best NAS drives and it is advertised as a “personal cloud.”

This is a one-bay unit, this is why it can’t back itself up because there is only one drive. But thanks to the USB port on the back of it, it can have backed up to an external hard drive whenever you want.

  • It comes at a decent and affordable price

  • It is a top feature set

  • This one has remote access

  • It features DLNA and UPnP

  • This one works well for backup purpose

  • It is wonderfully and impressively quiet

  • Mobile applications can stream selectively only

  • The application on PC and Mac is a little slow in processing

  • The setup needs a little more work done.



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