Seagate 10tb External Hard Drive Reviews

It is rather difficult for storage to have all the files as a mole stroke.

Every time you think you have enough space for new pictures, videos, television shows or pop films and sometimes even more, but whenever you’re not paying attention, it can be very expensive to purchase extra tricks or files for the computer.

Seagate offers a large array of external solutions to be ideal for the expansion of consoles or broadcast boxes.

The right-hand reader knows how much space their user needs or how it works. The full capacity of the drive is still much more sufficient in comparison to the storage of the external drive.

The important thing before purchasing computer stuff, you must know how much storage you need and how much space you’ll need over the next few days.

Seagate 10TB External Hard Drive Reviews

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If you are occupied by a Solid State Drive (SSD), you cannot expect a full storage capacity as you have to settle for less storage. If you are purchasing an external hard drive, you should be prepared that the file transfer process is slow.

From what I know, it’s better for a user to know the local storage requirements and buy a disk 50% bigger than that.

There are two kinds of external drives, the hard drive was built with moving parts and with high capacity, the solid-state SSD drive is faster than the hard drive but it does not provide great abilities.

Hard drives are very fast, but they are beneficial for data backup, particularly if the user has very large files like video files. On the other hand, SSD can not hold too much and is not very efficient, but it is really helpful for you to access your data critically.

If you intend to take your external hard drive, you will need to get the Seagate external hard drive, since it comes in handy for you to take it anywhere.

Some other reviews of Seagate external devices are those best external hard disks are hard disks and additions.

hard disks

Multiple Seagate external drives can only be used by USB ports, such types of drives that are simply so flexible. Seagate external drives are generally dependent on how much you use them and how you use them. It also depends on the place you are using it.

If you use it for high-intensity tasks, it will last longer for several years until it starts to show signs of slowness.

If you don’t use it so much then it can last more than years, but you have to keep checking in to connect to the computer as well. You can ensure that all your files are backed up and undamaged.

Another question that how long you should back up your files from external drives.

Well, it depends on the number of changes you make to the local files on your computer. Like sometimes if you get work by your school or if you need to save some documents from your work then the weekly backup is much better.

If you don’t have a lot of work to do on a day-to-day basis with your computer, you can back up your files from external drives every month.

Connect multiple external

Connect multiple external

If you try to connect multiple external drives to transfer files then DON’T.

External drives are essentially designed to connect to the computer via a USB cable and several external drives cannot connect. If you want to transfer data from one external drive to another, you will be required to use a laptop or computer.

1st review


I have obtained delivery of Seagate 6TB STEL609000100 external storage disk from sometimes as a maximum of one month, it functioned very well as I expected. Very well played, completely and independently.

However, after a while, my computer that had window 10 stopped recognizing the drive and began to refuse to access it.

  • This problem went on for several weeks.
  • As a result, after some time, the driving began to make some noises.
  • Then there came a point where my computer literally stopped recognizing the drive even though I tried to do the same method which was to restart the computer.
  • It didn’t work, so I tried to use the “Sea Tools for Windows”, but it didn’t identify the drive.
  • Although, I have attempted to use my disk with any USB port available on my computer.
  • The player is neither detective with a device manager nor disk management.

I had several e-mails with Seagate Support that suggested I turn the drive over for a replacement. They said We are going to change your product with old used products, repaired and tested to meet Seagate’s requirements.

It could be so overwhelming that the product I bought is going to replace with an old product. I do not find it very convenient that the return the product while paying for shipping nor do I feel confident of the security of my personal data on the reader.

The most acceptable thing is when Seagate sends me a hard drive to my threshold because it was their fault for giving me the wrong product.

I would be happy to destroy the former, but the problem is, my data will be lost. A little research before purchasing the product will help you figure out how unreliable and fail dramatically.

2nd review

Seagate 10tb External Hard Drive

I used it for about 4 months to back up my Mac Book Pro every hour with the time machine. It does not pose any problem, it always works very well. It appears that the Backup Hub series contains SMR drives.

We know that the version of 8 TB we SMR because there was another examiner who opened and found the archive drive. I asked whether the 10 TB version of Seagate was available on the PRM device.

Prices for these Backup Hub disks are lower than Seagate bare PMR disks with equal capacity, This also demonstrates that the idea behind the Backup Plus Hub Series is SMR.


Their quantities in size are greater in capabilities.

Disadvantages of SMR

Some older versions of drives have not been tested by professional reviewers, however, this version of the Seagate 10TB external drive has been tested very well by many professional reviews.

3rd review.

Seagate 10tb External Hard Drive

Seagate customer service has been very disheartening for me. Seagate says they offer to provide 2 years warranty, but with my personal experience, I got a dead record with the country warranty.

I bought the product about 90 days ago, but I haven’t even used it in a couple of weeks. Then I tried to use it and after a couple of months of use, it was dead. I thought maybe the problem is the adaptor and changed it with a new one but it hasn’t worked.

After all that, I contacted customer service and they suggested I buy a test from their reader. They haven’t sent me a replacement adaptor but want me to buy one, how immoral they are. They wanted me to ship the product for $20, which was really bad.

4th review

Seagate 10tb External Hard Drive

I purchased it to store through iTunes the connection data to the MAC. I’ve been using it for nine months and it hasn’t worked. I reached out to Seagate Customer Service and after the 2-hour troubleshooting, which sent me a new one.

This one has literally failed after 24 hours after downloading just 2TB of data. After that, I was on the phone with them for another 2 hours and they sent me a third.

I was a little concerned that perhaps the issue was with my MAC and I connected it with the router and downloaded iTunes from the PC in it. This disk also died after downloading just 3 TB of data.

Seagate will send me another record that I’ll sell this time because I don’t trust them for long. They didn’t even get a chance to tell me why the records crashed three times.

5th review

Seagate 10tb External Hard Drive

I never had any trouble with the external hard drive until that moment. This device due to the capacity and capacity of the USB concentrator. I downloaded everything and it worked normally for 24 hours.

Once the time ran out, the disk became extremely unreliable and damaged. My computer is going to work and it’s going to shut down for no reason.

This thing disturbed me so much that I bought another drive and uploaded my data to Seagate’s hard drive for 10 hours. As I was uploading data to Seagate’s hard drive, It suddenly stopped more than 50 times when all I was doing was transferring data.

The service was inadequate and therefore the product. I mean how can the product just stops working while transferring data.

Buy additional discs, but I would not recommend buying this product.

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