How To Get Disney Plus On Samsung TV

What more does a person want, other than watching their favorite childhood movie or television show? With the launch of Disney Plus, all of this is now possible. Children and adults can enter the Marvel Universe, National Geographic, Star Wars, and much more, by just buying a subscription for Disney Plus.

With such amazing shows and channels, it would be unfair to limit them to just an app. It would be best to watch it on a Smart TV, so you can actually feel the sound and the video of amazing shows and movies.

Disney + on Samsung TV

If you want to watch Disney Plus on a Samsung Smart TV, then know that it is compatible with any Smart TV manufactured from 2015. If an app store is available on your Samsung Smart TV, then you can simply download Disney Plus from the app store, enter your Disney Plus credentials and enjoy it on TV.

However, there are so many devices that you might have, and on which you can watch Disney Plus.

These devices include Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Apple TV, and many others. The main thing to remember here is that the user just has to download the Disney Plus app on these devices or platforms. If Disney Plus is not compatible with the Samsung TV that you have, then you can still watch Disney Plus on it, with the help of these devices. All you need to do is connect the TV with any of the devices, and Disney Plus will start working.

How To Cancel Disney Plus?

If you don’t have time for movies and TV shows for some months, then you might want to stop paying for Disney Plus. There are a few things to consider here.
Firstly, if a customer is on their trial period, and they don’t wish to continue with the subscription, then they should cancel the subscription before 7 days’ end. This way, they won’t be charged for one month, after those 7 days.

If the user wishes to completely cancel their subscription and not the trial period, then just follow the steps below:

  • Go to the web browser and visit the Disney Plus website
  • Click on the Profile icon in the top right corner and then click on Account
  • Select the heading which says Subscription, and then click on Cancel Subscription
  • Click on Complete Cancellation when you see the option, and that will confirm the action

The user can enjoy watching content on Disney Plus until their billing cycle ends. After that, they would no longer be able to access Disney Plus’ content and would have to resubscribe if they wish to continue.

Google Play Store and App Store

If you have subscribed to Disney Plus using the Google Play Store, then you need to cancel your subscription on the same platform. Simply log in to the Gmail account on Play Store, from where you subscribed to Disney Plus, and go to Subscriptions. There, under Disney Plus, you will have the option of canceling your subscription.

If you subscribed to Disney Plus through the iTunes Store, then you can cancel it from there as well. You can see all the subscriptions that you are paying for when you open the iTunes Store, and then cancel Disney Plus from there.

Disney Plus Subscription

Disney Plus has made it very easy for customers to sign up for their streaming service, and to end the subscription whenever they want to. They can easily go to the Disney Plus website, and get the bundle subscription, which would allow them to access content from Hulu and ESPN+.

There could be some reasons why customers wouldn’t want to keep their subscription to Disney Plus:

  • After a trial period, the customer might realize that the content available is not what they want to see or is interested in
  • They are too busy due to school or office work and don’t think they need a monthly subscription
  • The monthly subscription has become too expensive for them, and they are looking for a cheaper platform online

These are the factors that might lead to the cancellation of the subscription to Disney Plus. However, Disney Plus is a really fun website and app, and users should consider subscribing to it.

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