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How To Check Walmart Gift Card Balance?

Walmart offers its customers gift cards, which can be used in both online and physical stores.

These gift cards can be from a brand that the customer likes, as well as prepaid gift cards from Mastercard, and other banks accepted by Walmart.

Check Walmart Gift Card Balance

Walmart Gift Card Balance

When you give someone a gift card, you load the balance on it or Walmart gift card balance visa gives automatically. When someone receives a gift card, and they want to check their card balance, then it is very simple to do so.

The customer simply needs to know their 16 digit card number or PIN, and then check the balance in the Walmart Store. They can even call Walmart, and ask them for the remaining balance on their card.

If someone wants to check their Walmart gift card balance online then they simply have to follow the steps below:

  • Go to Walmart’s website

Walmart Gift Card Balance

  • Click on Account, then gift cards, and then choose the option of balance

Walmart Gift Card Balance

  • Fill out the required field on the page, which is gift card number, and PIN

Walmart Gift Card Balance

  • The PIN of the gift card is of 4 digits, and it is written on the back of the card

When you are done filling out the required card details, scroll down and click on the blue button that says ‘Get Card Balance’.

How To Cancel Walmart Order?

It is normal to change your mind about placing an order, once you realize that you don’t need the product, or you can’t pay for it.
In case you have placed a Walmart order and want to take it back, then following are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Make sure that you are signed in to your account after you open the Walmart page

Walmart Gift Card Balance

  • Click on Account and then ‘Track Order’

Walmart Gift Card Balance

  • Enter the email address that you put while placing the order, along with the order number that you got in the confirmation email

Walmart Gift Card Balance

  • Click on Cancel next to the item that you don’t want anymore

However, if you don’t see the cancel option, then it means the order has been processed and is now being shipped. Remember that the order can only be canceled if it is processing. To cancel the order, you can also contact the seller.

Store Pickup

Store Pickup

  • Walmart also gives you the choice of picking up the products directly from the store.
  • You can specify whether you would be picking up the package, or someone else would be doing it on your behalf.

Tracking Orders

track your order

Tracking orders is an important thing for customers because they might want to cancel an order that is in processing. However, some customers are not home all the time. They might want someone to sign for them or receive the package when it arrives. For this, they would need to track the shipping.

  • To track orders, customers can go to Walmart, and then select their own Avatar, which leads them to their profile.
  • There, they will see the option of ‘Track Orders’; this will take them to the Purchase History page, and from there they can see the status of their order.

You have to track the order, to know its status. Further, it could be that the item has been delivered, but you have not received it. This means that either there is a problem at the seller’s end, or someone else has received it on your behalf.

Regardless, you can inquire about the situation, but only if you know about the order status.

Problems with the Order

Problems with the Order

There could be several problems that customers might face when they order something. The shipment could go missing, the wrong item might be delivered to the customer or the item might be damaged, defective.

The customer might not have received the item but it is considered delivered; this could be the case as well. In such situations, the customer can contact the Customer Service department of Walmart. The customer can contact the seller directly as well.

Walmart makes it easier for people to shop online. They even give them gift cards to give to their loved ones. Thus, this is a place where you can buy products, and even gift others. This makes it easier for you to give gifts during the holidays.

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