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How To Get Google Play On Kindle?

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2020)

I have an interesting article here for you today. Are you ready for it? Today in this article, I will be telling you the procedure of installing to get google play on kindle. You guys would be thinking that how is this even possible, right? I will let you know now.

I assume each and every person reading this article knows that the Kindle is a product of Amazon and Amazon devices allow you to download all the apps only and exclusively from Amazon by default. Amazon restricts these Kindle Fire tablets from any other Store or app downloading services.

Kindle Fire tablets from Amazon are considered as the best and cheapest in Android tablets around.

This Kindle Fire from Amazon is built on a purpose to find and consume digital media for you, such as books, movies, TV shows, music, magazines, applications, and the web as well.

If you compare Kindle Fire to an iPad, the Kindle Fire is more limited in its capabilities, but in the areas of purpose I have mentioned in the upper paragraph, Kindle Fire holds its own position and recognition in a very positive manner.

In this article, I will be showing you that if you put a little effort, you can install and use Google Play Store on a Kindle Fire and download as many apps on your Kindle Fire tablet as you want.

Though this process depends on which version of the Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon you guys are using.

I need to tell you a good fact about these Fire Tablets from Amazon that the Fire OS of these Fire Tablets is based on Android.

This means that you can install Google Play Store and have access to every Android app through the Google Play Store including Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Maps, Hangouts, and all the applications available in the Google Play Store which number over one million approximately.

NOTE: I should tell you that downloading and installing applications out of the Amazon store on Kindle Fire can expose your tablet to viruses, bugs, and malware.

That is why before you proceed to this procedure, you should download and install a good security application on your Amazon tablet.

I am now going to provide you with the procedure which you can apply to download and install Google Play on a Kindle Fire Tablet. If it will not working fine you can also contact me.

How to Install Google Play on a Kindle Fire Tablet

First of all, you should check which version of Fire OS your Kindle Fire tablet is running.

In order to check the Fire OS version, go to Settings, then Device Options and then go to System Updates. There you will be able to see the Fire OS version of your Kindle Fire Tablet.

If your Kindle Fire Tablet runs the Fire OS or latest versions, you can install Google Play without even the need of rooting your Kindle Fire tablet, but you will need to download and install some APK files in order to have access to Google Play on your Kindle Fire.

Follow these below mentioned steps just as I have described them.

  • On your Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, go to Settings, and then locate and open Security & Privacy option. On the page of Security & Privacy, tap on the option which says “Apps from Unknown Sources” to enable it.
  • After enabling the “Unknown Sources” option, open any web browser on your Kindle Fire tablet and download the following files on your tablet from a trusted and legit website.
    • Google Account Manager APK
    • Google Services Framework APK
    • Google Play Services APK (230). If you have a 2017 Fire HD 8 Tablet then you will have to download Google Play Services APK (240) instead.
    • Google Play Store APK
  • Download the APK version of every file that I have mentioned in the previous step, and if a warning sign pops up on your screen when you click on the Download button, just tap OK to start downloading that file.
  • Once you have downloaded all four above mentioned necessary files, close the web browser on your Kindle Fire and then open the Docs app from your Home Screen.
  • Go to the option of “Local Storage” and then click on Downloads.
  • Tap on the APK files that you have downloaded in order to install them. It is very important that you have to install these files in this below mentioned specified order for Google Play to install properly on your Kindle Fire:
    • First, Google Account Manager APK
    • Second, Google Services Framework APK
    • Third, Google Play Services APK
    • Fourth and final, Google Play Store APK
  • After installing all these files in the specified order, the Google Play app icon should now appear on the home screen of your Kindle Fire tablet. Tap on this Google Play icon to open the Google Play Store.

Launching Google Play on your Kindle Fire Tablet

When you will launch the Google Play on your Kindle Fire tablet for the first time ever, you will be asked to sign in your Google account to have access to Google Play services.

After signing in, you might have to wait for some moment that the Google Play app will take to update the application to the latest version and then it will function properly. Some apps might require to be updated further to perform properly.

You will be able to use Google Play application just the way you do it on an Android device. You will be able to search and download applications just the same as you would do on an Android device.

This was the procedure I had for you guys. If you perform the steps and procedures I have mentioned above in this article, you will easily download and install the Google Play app on your Kindle Fire tablet.



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