10 Best Girls 20 Inch BMX Bike 2024

We’ve researched the best brands, technologies, and customer-rated bikes to find the ten girls 20 inches BMX bike for all needs. 6. Mango Lash Boy’s BMX Motorcycle, 20 Inch Wheels.

Parents know the side effects of letting their children use devices all day with the best girls 20 inches BMX bike.

However, they are so immersed in technology themselves, that they would rather let their child use a device than play with them.

Whatever the reason, there are gifts that every child should be given on their early birthdays. Apart from toys, bikes are the best gift to give a child.

Bikes give boys and girls a different kind of freedom; they can play outside, without the guidance and monitoring of their parents.

They can play without having another person over, and they can explore different places, they never went on foot.

Keeping in mind the age of a child, their parent should guide them on how they should never leave the house on their bicycle.

They should teach them how to ride a bike, what precautions to take, and to only cycle on the road, when at least one parent, has their eyes on them.

10 Best Girls 20 Inch BMX Bike 2024

PicBMXShippingWeightCheck Price
Best Girls 20 Inch BMX Bike XN-6-20 BMXFree5.5 poundsCheck Price

Check Price
Best Girls 20 Inch BMX BikeFlite Panic BMXFree44 poundsCheck Price

Check Price
Best Girls 20 Inch BMX BikeNDcent FlierFree9.8 poundsCheck Price

Check Price
Best Girls 20 Inch BMX BikeMuddyfox Girls RecoilFree30 poundsCheck Price

Check Price
Best Girls 20 Inch BMX BikeSchwinn Girl ShadeFree7 poundsCheck Price

Check Price
Best Girls 20 Inch BMX BikeFalcon Starlight Girls’ Mountain BikeFree6 poundsCheck Price
Best Girls 20 Inch BMX BikeConcept Wicked BMXFree5.4 poundsCheck Price
Best Girls 20 Inch BMX BikeProfessional Miami Miss 20Free22.5 poundsCheck Price
Best Girls 20 Inch BMX BikeXN Beast 20” Mag WheelFree21 poundsCheck Price
Best Girls 20 Inch BMX Bike1080 Mini Freestyle BMXFree30 poundsCheck Price

There are several benefits of buying a BMX cycle for a girl.

Firstly, it keeps children healthy. Nowadays, the canteen food, junk food, and fast food that children consume at alarming rates are ruining their health. Riding BMX bikes would surely help them lose weight, and make them more active.

Staying indoors all the time is not only bad for physical health but mental health as well. This is why, children, boys or girls, should be encouraged to ride their BMX bikes every day.

They can make friends with other children, who ride their bikes and create a memorable childhood.

XN-6-20 BMX

Best Girls 20 Inch BMX Bike

If parents want to buy a 20 inch BMX bike for their daughters or any eight or nine years old, then they don’t have to limit themselves to pink bikes only.

There are many bikes, which are made for both boys and girls, and they are perfect to ride around.

This bike is specifically designed for girls and is freestyle. It comes with a Hi-tensile steel frame, and steel brakes, with metal levels. The wheels are 20 inches, spoked mag wheels, that are pink in color.

The bike is made of the KMC branded chain system, which provides a great driving system to the rider. The motif print on the bike and the lightweight frame add to its beauty and performance.

It can be used for stunt pegs as well.

  • It comes in green and red colors.

  • This is a very durable model.

  • It has a good build.

  • The assembly of the bike is not easy for some customers.

  • It is important that the manufacturers and sellers of a bike, make it possible for customers to assemble it without any hassle.

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There should be a user manual included in every bike package, instructing parents or customers on how they can assemble the bike.

The problem with assembly is that those who are not good with technical stuff, make mistakes during assembly.

Due to such mistakes, a product gets further get damaged.

Flite Panic BMX

Best Girls 20 Inch BMX Bike

This freestyle bike has a four-bolt stem and padded Kobe saddle.

It is appropriate for girls aged between 7-14, and the leg measurement is 22-28. The black alloy rims of the BMX bike are 20 inches, and function quite well.

The tires of the bikes are from Kenda 20×1.95, and the bike comes with a proper chain guard.

Its frame is such that wherever a child rides it, they will stand out from the ground. The solid steel rear is very stylish and has a grinding power.

  • The quality of the bike is really good, and it is perfect for birthdays.

  • It has a higher frame, which accommodates children as they grow.

  • The bike is sturdy.

  • It can be hard to assemble.

  • The delivery packages that customers received, had holes in them.

Check Price


When companies want to sell products through different channels, especially bikes, then they should make note of a few things.

They should see through the delivery process, and make sure that the product is packaged properly.

Even if a product is of good quality, but is packaged poorly, and carelessly, then this could hurt the reputation of the company.

Moreover, if a customer finds a damaged product in the package, and they don’t even get the chance to use it, then it would be disappointing for the customer.

NDcent Flier

Best Girls 20 Inch BMX Bike

This is a freestyle bike, with a steel frame. The bike comes in stylish colors and has front brakes and rear caliper brakes.

Children aged between 5-15 can ride this, but it still depends on the child’s size. Parents, who want to increase confidence among their children, should buy this BMX bike. The bike comes with an integrated seat collar.

  • The quality of this bike is good.
  • Hard to assemble.

  • The delivery package often comes damaged.

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Muddyfox Girls Recoil

Best Girls 20 Inch BMX Bike

The size of this bike is 20 inches, and the frame is made of steel. The front forks, handlebars, and handlebar stem are made of steel as well.

It comes with a steel chainset and 20-inch alloy wheels. The recommended leg measurement for the bike is 21-26  inches, and the recommended age is 7-10 years.

The V brakes fitted on this bike are not stiff at all, which makes it easy to ride.

  • It comes with a matching helmet.

  • This BMX bike is a sturdy mountain bike.

  • The quality of the bike is worth the price.

  • Some feel that this is not suitable for a 9-year-old.


Buying things like bikes and game consoles on the internet has its disadvantages. Firstly, the customer doesn’t know if they will get the product they ordered, or they will get something else.

When companies advertise products online, then they should make sure that they have written every measurement in the product description.

For example, when advertising a bike, the company needs to write things like the size of the bike, leg measurement, and tire measurement.

This information would give parents a fair idea of whether a bike is appropriate for their child or not.

Schwinn Girl Shade

Best Girls 20 Inch BMX Bike

This bike is not only for girls but for boys as well. The wheels, tires, brakes, and frame are of top quality. The saddle is firm, which prevents the kids from slipping off it.

The best part is that children can lower their stand as well. The tires are multi-surface, which means that children can ride them off-road as well.

When the buyer receives the BMX bike, it will be 95% assembled, and just requires a final assembly. The wheel is 20 inches, and the standover height is 20.5 inches.

  • The design of this bike is very appealing, as it has gloss white and floral graphics.It is a quality bike, and it is easy to assemble.
  • Those who received the bike felt that they had to re-assemble the v-brakes, which can be a lengthy process.


When people spend money on a bike, fairly knowing that they have to assemble a bike, then they should get it professionally assembled as well.

Many people don’t know how to assemble bikes, especially if it isn’t just two or three parts. If they try their hand at assembly, then they might end up damaging the bike further.

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Falcon Starlight Girls’ Mountain Bike

This bike has 6-speed gearing, along with revoshift gear shifters. It has really good front and rear v-brakes, and it can adjust well if the child’s hands are small.

The MTB tire provides a firm grip on the bike, and children can ride in any weather condition.

This is a 20-inch wheel mountain bike, which has a steel frame.

Children will love the color-coordinated black handlebars, grips, and even the cable of the bike.

Sturdy and lightweight alloy rims are used for manufacturing the wheels.

  • The design of the bike is appealing and will stand out in a crowd.

  • Assembling the bike is very easy and takes less time.

  • When customers got the bike package, the reflector light was broken.


When parents are looking for a bike for their child, they do focus on design. There are many good bikes out there, but these bikes don’t have an appealing design.

Manufacturers should pay special attention to the colors and the design of a bike if they want it to sell well in the market.

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Concept Wicked BMX

Best Girls 20 Inch BMX Bike

This pink bike would appeal to those girls, who love a bike that have a cool look. The word ‘wicked’ is written on it, and girls can even take these bikes outside.

The bike comes with adjustable brake levels, and it can be operated even if the child’s hands are small.

The V-type brakes inspire confidence among children, regardless of the conditions in which they are riding.

There is a paddled saddle, for those girls who are beginners to bike riding. This saddle would give them more comfort.

If children are riding a bike for the first time, then parents should get them protective equipment. This way, they can ride anywhere, without fearing that they are going to fall.

  • The design of the bike is really good and appealing.

  • This bike is perfect for beginners.

  • The saddle might not be comfortable for everyone to sit on.


A study saddle is good for children because it ensures that the child is not going to slip. However, a sturdy saddle should be comfortable, so that the child can ride, along with as he wants, without wanting to quit.

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Professional Miami Miss 20

Best Girls 20 Inch BMX Bike

This is a funky-looking bike. This is colorful and comes with a steel frame. The BMX bikes have such handlebars, that they add to the comfort of a person when they want to ride a bike.

The bike comes with an enclosed chainguard and handlebar streamers. It does require assembly but comes 90% assembled.

The bike is a mixture of white and pink colors, which many girls would find attractive.

When girls ride this bike, then they should wear protective gear, so that they can ride fearlessly.

Children should not ride their bikes on a road, where there is a traffic jam.

  • This could be the perfect gift for a girl, on her seventh birthday.

  • The design of the bike is very appealing.

  • At the back of the bike, girls can keep small things, and tie them for safety.

  • It is not easy to assemble, even though it comes with a 90% assembly.

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XN Beast 20” Mag Wheel

Best Girls 20 Inch BMX Bike

Hi-Ten steel is used in making the frame of the bike, which is why it has an appealing look. The brakes are 360 Rotor Gyro, and the brake front & rear are of Steel BMX.

The gear has 1 speed, and the gearing is 18-44t. This bike is best for those girls, who know how to ride a simple bike but want to do more with their biking skills.

This bike is best for those who are either 8 years old, or above.

  • This is perfect for those who want to progress from a child bike to that of a BMX level.

  • The bike is appealing because it has a Jet Fuel finish.

  • Professionals are the only ones who can assemble this bike.

1080 Mini Freestyle BMX

Best Girls 20 Inch BMX Bike

This bike is perfect for those who want a stylish bike. Some girls want a bike, which has multi-colors, and once they can ride with pride when they go out. This bike has oversized bars and comes with 10-inch steel wheels.

The tires are 3-inch pneumatic tires, and the 2 stunt pegs are included in the package. The bike also has 3 piece crank with a 28T chainring, and the color of the bike is best described as chunky.

  • This bike is appealing, and girls would love these bikes as a birthday present.

  • The bike is of good quality and has a sturdy, comfortable, saddle.

  • The bike needs to be assembled, which could be a hassle for some.

Check Price

So, the list of the 10 best girls 20 Inch BMX bikes in 2023 is completed.

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