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21 Best Halloween Movies Streaming On Netflix

The Halloween movies streaming on Netflix right now. Customs. This Nordic Netflix is ​​full of secrets, guilt, magic, and sorcery dreams in this story behind a male group of real friends. Infamous. Hold the darkness Bonus: Hull-House Hunt. Sixth sense.

Horror movies and television shows are released every year. However, people like to watch the old classics available on streaming websites, and some new movies.

Halloween Movies Streaming On Netflix

If people hear good reviews about a movie for Halloween, they will watch it. They would want to pick out the best movie, which is scary. This way, their night won’t get wasted.

So far, 2019 has been a good year for horror movies. Netflix has released many horror movies and TV shows, which people can enjoy on Halloween.

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This is a twisty horror movie. The protagonist of the story is Eli, an 11-year-old boy. Eli is sick, and he has to wear an astronaut’s suit most of the time.

His weak immune system is the cause of his illness. If he breathes fresh air, then it can kill him. Eli’s parents take him to a very creepy house, where they think his illness can be cured.

Dr. Horn runs the creepy house, and she assures the parents that she can cure their son. However, the medical procedures that Dr. Horn performs on Eli, are very brutal.

The film is mysterious and has some very gory scenes. The audience won’t know until the end, whether Eli can be cured of his illness or not.

The Dr in the film is a very mysterious character.

Watching this movie would surely be fun. Children in creepy movies are always fun to watch, especially when they act so well.

In The Tall Grass

In The Tall Grass

This is a fascinating movie, based on a novel written by Stephen King and Joe Hill. The story starts with a brother and sister, Cal, and Becky.

They are driving across the country when they notice a field of tall grass and stop. When they are sitting in their car, they hear a boy, crying out for help. The boy is lost in the tall grass, and he can’t get out. When the siblings enter the field, they get lost as well.

The frightening thing is that, even when they are not close to each other in the field, they can hear their voice very close.

The movie shows the tall fields as a moving maze.

The audience would find the kid, Tobin, very creepy. They will also find his father very disturbing. Patrick Wilson has played good roles in many mysterious movies, and this movie is no different.

Patrick Wilson is the father of Tobin, and the audience won’t know whether to believe him or not.

The movie features Tobin’s mom and another person in the tall fields as well. The movie revolves around one setting, which is the tall fields and has a limited cast. However, there are jump scares and the plot is interesting.

People want to find movies that would captivate them. They want to watch movies that they would re-watch, even when Halloween is over. This is one of those movies.

Netflix’s audience would imagine themselves in a tall field of grass, where they are not able to move. The characters are not able to find their way out, or figure what is happening to them. This is the frightening part.

Velvet Buzzsaw

Velvet Buzzsaw

This is not an average horror movie. It has a very different story. Those who love art would be able to enjoy this movie more. More meets Josephina in an art exhibition, and the start a relationship.

When Josephina goes back to her apartment building, she finds a dead man, named Vetril Dease. However, she also finds his paintings and becomes fascinated with them.

Josephina, Morf, and her boss, Rhodaro, they sell the paintings. Dease’ art becomes a success. When Rhodora orders Bryson, a storage worker, to keep the rest of the paintings in storage somewhere, Bryson steals one painting.

However, during his journey, his car crashes, and he is attached by painting, which has monkeys in it. Bryson goes missing. More learn more about Dease and his troubled childhood.

A rival art gallery owner investigates Dease, with the help of an investigator, but he is murdered by his scarf. The movie has several twists and turns, which the audience will find intriguing.

The plot is obvious; the paintings that belong to Dease, shouldn’t have been taken away from his apartment. Even though the plot is obvious, the movie makes for a good watch on Halloween night.

It is not all about bloodshed. The movie has mystery and art in it.



The apostle does not take place in the modern world. The movie takes back the audience to 1905, where Thomas Richardson learns that his sister has been kidnapped. Jennifer is kept on an island, where resources are becoming scarce.

The cult religious group on the island has kidnapped Jennifer because they think she will solve all their problems. Malcolm is the head of the religious cult group.

When Thomas goes to the island to find out more about the religious cult group and to find his sister, he finds out the truth about the group.

The group is a sinister one.

This movie may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure keeps a person on the edge. There is a lot of gory scenes in it, where the audience would see blood, mud, guts, and dirt.

This movie is going to be a really good company for people on Halloween, particularly the ones who don’t go out trick or treating.

The Silence

The Silence

Those who have seen the movie ‘A Quiet Place’, might feel that ‘The Silence’ is similar to it. However, this movie has its charm.

This movie is based on a story written by John Lebbons. The story revolves around deadly creatures, who have enhanced hearing.

The creatures in ‘The Silent’ come from the underground. They have been living in a case all this time, planning to dominate the world.

The movie revolves around a family that leaves the city, thinking that they can find a more isolated place. The family believes that if they live in isolation, then there will be less noise.

The setting of the movie is such that it can be a good watch for Halloween. The family becomes trapped in their car, they have to sacrifice someone, and that keeps the audience on edge.

Movies like ‘The Silence’ intrigues the audience because they are so well made. They focus on new ideas in the horror genre.

Even though the film doesn’t offer anything out of the ordinary, but it is still a very good Halloween watch.



Who doesn’t like ghost movies on Halloween? Malovent is one such movie that revolves around a ghost hunter family, visiting a creepy house.

However, the ghost hunter family is fake, and when they go to any place for ghost hunting, one of them acts like a ghost. Angela, who is part of the family, pretends to be the ghost in the house, shown in the movie. The family does this so that they can earn some money.

When Angela talks to the owner of the house, who is an old woman, she tells Angela that she heard screams; taunting screams. Even though they are still pretending, Angela and her brother start to see things.

They see a creepy girl, with her lips sewn with thread. The mannequins in the house come to life, and the other evil forces start haunting the residents of the house.

The best part of this film is that the ghosts are creepy.

There are many jumps scares in the movie, and that is what an audience expects from a good horror movie. The movie has an intriguing plot, as it tells the audience about the secrets of the house.

When the audience sees Angela and her brother fall apart because of the ghosts in the house, they will be on their edge. This is a must-watch movie for Halloween, especially for those who love old, creepy houses.

The Ritual

The Ritual

Four men go on a hiking trip when one of their friends passes away. One of the friends twists their ankle during the trip. While they are hiking, they have to cross a forest, and that is where the real adventure and horror begins.

When the hikers enter the forest, they feel that the forest is very quiet. Soon, they see an animal, who has been gutted inside out.

There are symbols on trees as well, and one of the hikers feel that this is some kind of warning. They set up a tent in the middle of the forest and start hearing voices.

One of the hikers starts having visions about people being sacrificed in the forest. These people are sacrificed as part of a ritual. The same hiker who has the vision gets hurt and has unexplained wounds on the chest.

Even though he tries to warn others, they all don’t take him seriously.

This movie is good because of the eerie surroundings.

The forest in which the friends camp, is a creepy one. It is haunted, quiet, but it becomes alive at night.

Some people like dark movies and they will love ‘The Ritual’ because it shows such scary things, like rituals and disfigured humans.

This is a must-watch for Halloween night, but the audience should beware, this will give them nightmares.



1922 is a movie based on Stephen King’s novel. Stephen King adaptations don’t disappoint but make the audience keep on thinking even when the movie is over.

It is based on a family, where the head of the family feels that his pride in his land. He makes his son work on the fields as well. When his wife discusses with him that he should leave the fields and go to the city, he doesn’t agree. His wife gets angry and feels that he wants a divorce.

This is where the creepy and intriguing adventure starts. The man murders his wife and throws her body in a well nearby. The sheriff comes to the house and looks around for his missing wife.

However, he tells the sheriff that his wife has left him and she took one suitcase.

The secret of him murdering his wife continues to haunt him. He sees mice in the well, eating his wife’s body. His wife continues to appear everywhere, and there are mice in every corner of the house.

The man’s son turns against him. This is a truly haunting movie and can be disturbing for those who don’t like to see mice everywhere.

The ending might be satisfying for some people, but the whole journey would be exciting. This is a must-watch for those, who like proper jump scares in their horror movies.

Little Evil

Little Evil

If someone is tired of all the serious horror movies that they have to see on Halloween, then Little Evil is the right movie for them.

Little Evil is about a man, who marries a woman, a mother of a five-year-old.

When he starts to live with them, he feels that his son is the spawn of Satan. This movie will surely get good laughs because the scenarios that the mangoes through are hilarious.

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The ending of the movie will tug at the heart of the audience. It is a must-watch movie if parents have their children watching the movie with them.



Nuns, churches, and a horror movie? This is something that everyone loves!

The setting of the Eerie movie takes place in a church. The church’s name is St. Lucia Academy for girls, and the narrator of the movie is Ms. Patricia, who has been in the church all her life.

Patricia has heard stories that took place in the academy. She has also heard about a girl, who committed suicide. The girl’s name was Erica.

Even though the nuns of the academy tell Patricia to let things go, she can’t, as Erika is talking to her. Patricia wants to know why Erica committed suicide, and Erica wants to tell her.

The movie is truly scary in the sense that it takes place in a very eerie atmosphere.

The audience would like to know from the start, as to what happened to Erica. The wait is going to be torturous, but full of scary jumps.



This is a different movie, as compared to what people are used to saying.

The protagonist of the movie is deaf, and the audience gets to see how deaf people function through the day. They see the problems which they face, but how well they handle those problems.

The protagonist of the movie is Maddie, who goes to a remote place where she can finish her novel. She has one neighbor there, Sarah, who she talks to.

However, one day, at night when Maddie is cooking, someone kills Sarah right outside her door. Maddie doesn’t hear her friend’s screams. When she is talking with her sister on Skype, she finds out that she is not alone in the house.

The whole movie shows the things that Maddie dos to survive her being alone. This movie is full of twists and jumps scares.

This is not a horror movie, but a truly adventurous one.

May the Devil Take You

May the Devil Take You

This is a foreign film, which covers a haunted house.

The house that two sisters and a man visit, is haunted. Something sinister or bad happened in it, years ago. There are signs of rituals and blood on the walls.

This movie is visually terrifying, and those who don’t easily get scared should watch it.

This movie would surely give every person in the same room, an eerie creepy feeling.

There is a separate fan base for haunted house movies, and this should be in the top 10 of the list. Haunted houses are fun to watch because the audience sees a lot of secrets being revealed.

For example, the stories of the people who lived in the house before.

How the house became so haunted and sinister? These stories matter a great deal to the audience.

I am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House

I am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House

There are three women, who are the protagonists of the story. They live in the same haunted house. Lilly is a live-in nurse. She is 28 years old and says that she can’t turn 29.

There is an elderly author, who writes horror stories, Iris. The third woman is a ghost, Polly. The three women are between life and purgatory.

The owner of the house, Iris, has dementia. She keeps calling her nurse Lilly, Polly. Polly was one of the characters in her books.

When the movie progresses, Polly’s identity is revealed. She is a character in Irssi’s novel, one which doesn’t have an ending.

It is apparent that the novel is not fictional, but a real story, as in something that is happening inside the house in those moments.

The movie is such that it will keep the person guessing about who is inside the walls. When one starts this movie, they keep on second-guessing everything.

They can’t get enough of what is happening and what could happen. It is a really good movie for those who like thrillers. A perfect package of horror and mystery, designed for Halloween.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

There are horror movies, which only show blood and scary faces. However, this movie has a really good storyline. The protagonists of the story are Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch. Brian is a coroner, and Emile is his son.

The father and son get a delivery of a body, late at night to the morgue. However, the delivery doesn’t make any sense.

The outside of the body looks like nothing has happened to it. When they open the body, everything is a mess.

The father and son try to solve the mystery of the body. The movie is creepy and it has a limited setting. It has jump scares and keeps the audience guessing about what is happening.

Before I wake

Before I wake

Children will love this movie because the protagonist of the movie is a child.

This movie is perfect for Halloween, as it won’t scare the children much, but would entertain them.

In the movie, the child’s dreams have special powers. His good dreams come to life when he is dreaming.

At first, the parents are not very concerned about it, but rather curious. However, when the child has nightmares, they come alive as well. This becomes a cause of concern for the parents.

This is a very light movie, one which parents and children will enjoy the most.


When talking about horror movies, one should not forget the popularity and impact of zombie movies. Zombies play an important part in horror movies.

They come out of nowhere and are good at scaring people. Cargo revolves around a man, who lost his wife to an infection. Martin Freeman is waiting for his turn, as after 48 hours, he will become a zombie as well.

However, he wants to save his daughter and move her to another place, before he turns into a zombie.

This is a scary movie, which will also nerve-racking. As Martin Freeman tries to save his daughter, people can have a good time watching this movie on Halloween.

The Conjuring

The Conjuring

The Conjuring is an all-time favorite of everyone. It tells a thrilling ghost story and that too, in a very exciting way.

The story revolved around a family, which has moved into a house. However, other things in the house are affecting the family.

The couple in the house has five daughters, and each daughter experience some sort of malovent manifestation. One even sees another entity that tells her, if she continues to live in the house, then her whole family will die.

There are paranormal solvers in this movie, Ed and Lorraine Warren. These two paranormals have suffered due to possessions in their life, and have a gift of communicating with ghosts.

This movie is a fun ride for those, who like a good storyline and good jump scares. There is a sequel to this movie, and it is worth watching as well.

The audience will surely not forget this movie and will rewatch it.



This movie is not terrifying, but it is a good watch for Halloween. It is about a man, who has to go to the supernatural realm, to get his son from there.

However, what is interesting is the man’s past and the supernatural events that occurred in his life.

Insidious laid down the ground for many other horror movies. There are five parts of this movie, and each part is as terrifying as the other.

The audience gets to have a real feel of things when they watch Insidious because it is not about just blood and gore.

The movie goes beyond normal horror movie things and gives the audience a great taste of mystery and horror combined.



There are scream movies, streaming on Netflix, and a must-watch. Scream is a success because of their merchandise, which is a mask of a gaping mouth.

Scream is a classic. No matter how many times people watch it, knowing who is the culprit, Scream doesn’t get old.

Scream revolves around Sidney Prescott, who always has someone trying to kill her. She discovers the secrets behind her mother’s career and then finds out, why someone is trying to kill her.

Scream has many twists and turns. It has many villains and recurring characters. Netflix is the best place to stream Scream. There is a Scream horror series that is streaming on Netflix.

This horror series is in its third season and revolves around a girl, around whom everyone dies.



Carrie is based on Stephen King’s book of the same name. This is an amazing horror flick, which people should watch.

It revolves around a girl who is bullied in school. She also has an abusive mother. However, she has telepathic powers that no one knows about.

On a school dance, when someone pranks Carrie and spill blood on her, she freaks out. This sets a series of events that no one saw coming.

The protagonist is scary and creepy. For once, the audience will sympathize with the protagonist. They will enjoy the things she does, to the people who did wrong to her.

It is an overall must movie on Halloween. It won’t disappoint anyone.

The Last Exorcism

The Last Exorcism

Found footage movies are terrifying. They have a raw touch to it, that other movies don’t.

This movie is about a documentary crew, who picks up their equipment and follows an evangelist.

They follow the evangelist to see if he is legit or not. However, when the evangelist has to do an exorcism and it is recorded on their camera, things take a new turn.

This movie is for those who love found footage. Not everyone wants to see a movie where the camera is moving around.

The House of the Witch

Halloween Movies Streaming On Netflix

When parents tell their children to not go to an abandoned house, do they ever listen? This movie revolves around such teenagers.

They break into a creepy house and wreak havoc. However, the house turns against them and things become scary for them.

Movies with abandoned houses are really fun to watch. This is because they have the ‘I told you so’ element in it.

The House of the Witch might be a predictable movie for some, but it is still very entertaining to watch. There are scary elements in it and jump scares. The audience will feel that there are some clichés as well, but it is still a fun movie.

When people stream videos on Netflix, they often like to binge-watch. TV shows are perfect for binge-watching. There are countless TV series on Netflix, which will be fun for the audience to watch.

Marianne is a foreign horror show, which came out on Netflix in 2019. It features the past of a horror novel writer, whose past haunts her. When she says she is going to stop writing a novel series, she has been writing for ten years, all things break loose.

The writer’s friend visits her from her old neighborhood and tells her that she must keep on writing. The writer then goes back to her parents’ house, and scary things start happening right away.

This movie has many jumps scares, and those who have watched it in one go felt terrified at the end of the first season. Marianne keeps the audience guessing about what is going to happen.

American Horror Stories is another anthology series that is available on Netflix, for streaming. American Horror Stories has a different story each season. Each season has different twists and turns.

There is a lot of gore in AHS seasons. The audience will get to see guts out of a person’s body, and extreme horror situations. However, the storyline of the AHS is very captivating.

There is a Goosebumps series for children to watch on Netflix. They can stream some episodes of the series on the night of Halloween. The best part of the series is that it is not very horror, and children won’t get too scared.

On the night of Halloween, after trick and treating, and a nice dinner, people would surely want to watch horror movies or TV shows.

It is up to the person to do a little research, watch some trailers, and then keep themselves entertained. Halloween is a night that should be filled with both horror and fun.

When children wear costumes and watch ghost stories with their parents, they will surely feel satisfied to the core.

Ghost stories abandoned houses, and church stories, are all very entertaining for Halloween night.

Does Netflix have a Halloween category?

And lots of cornfields. “The same promise comes from Netflix and Chills as the popular streaming service releases a series of scary movies and TV shows leading up to Halloween.” Description of the new sci-fi/horror category.

Does Netflix have Corline?

Is Coraline on Netflix?

While ‘Corleone’ is not on Netflix, you can check out the ‘Body Bride’. “It’s also a one-stop motion animation that throws a man named into the underworld to marry a bride, resulting in a series of adventures.”

Are chat movies on Netflix?

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. All four scheme movies are now available to stream on Netflix US, but they’re leaving in a few days.

Back in 1996, Wes Craven took a ‘knife’ to something different and inadvertently gave us a gift from one of the most famous horror franchises ever.

Is Halloween a Holiday?

Halloween is celebrated every year on October 31, and Halloween 2020 is on Saturday, October 31. The tradition begins with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when people would shine the past and wear costumes to ward off ghosts.

The evening before that was known as All Hallows Eve and later Halloween.

Which channel is in Halloween movies?

31 Halloween Nights (13 days of the first Halloween and 13 nights of Halloween) is a seasonal programming block on Freeform.

It originally began in 1998 when the Family Channel became the Fox Family, and the channel was transformed into the ABC Family, and later, Freeform.

Is Corleone still on Netflix 2020?

Family-friendly flakes such as Time, Black Panther, Black in Man, Man in Black II, Wild Wild West, Lord of the Rings, and Corleone with adult favorites like Blue Jasmine will be downloaded from Netflix in March. Love, money, extraordinary activity, money, and death at a funeral.


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