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24 Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video 2024

Your guide to the best critically acclaimed comedy, romance, and sci-fi adventure movies ever aired on Amazon Prime Video UK.

As all of you guys know that membership of Amazon Prime Video comes at an affordable shipping price and provides you with some impressively great services that you will surely love.

The services of Amazon Prime Video membership also offer all the members with a rapidly increasing library of great streaming movies and TV series as well through its Amazon Prime Video feature for you.

To help all the people who are already subscribers and for those people as well who are thinking of buying the subscription package of Amazon’s huge and amazing vault of movies and TV series, I have a list of some of the best movies on amazon prime video Australia that are available on this service.

This article will help you in getting a clear idea that what you guys can get with Amazon Prime Video subscription services. Without any further wait, let me start with the review of those movies.

24 Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video 2024

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The Avengers (2012)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

It might seem strange to you guys after the current state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but a few years back there was a time when no one thought that a movie like “The Avengers” was even possible to come out.

It was the year 2012 when Marvel Studios brought together all the stars and supporting cast of many solo superhero films to create a massive and incredible team-up that came up to the promise and expectations as they broke just about every box-office record which was made before and redefined the title of “Cinematic Universe” for Hollywood.

There is no doubt about the fact that the Avengers for surely a game-changer for the entire genre of Superhero movies. Download Here

Honey Boy (2019)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

This is Shia LaBeouf’s debut script, it is directed by Alma Harel and it follows the life of a child actor named Otis Lort as he rises through a young success to a self-destructive Hollywood Star.

It is semiautobiographical, and you will witness his navigating fame, what does his abusive and alcoholic father proves to be next to impossible as their controversial relationship falls across the path of a decade.

LaBeouf is also a star in this semiautobiographical tale that represents his life experience with this father.

Sunset Boulevard (1950)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

Have you guys heard about Billy Wilder’s poison-penned love letter to Hollywood that is often remembered more like a series of moments than for its irresistible whole thing? You surely have heard about it no doubt.

This is a sometimes tragic, sometimes comic, but always a riveting story about a faded silent movie queen who is unforgettable for sure, Gloria Swanson, and the opportunistic young man who is trying to take advantage of Gloria Swanson, his name is William Holden, a prickly William Holden.

I read what a person wrote about this movie and I am going to share that with you. He wrote that this movie is like that it quickly casts a spell over its audience and then holds it enchanted to a devastating climax.

First Reformed (2018)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

In this movie, Ethan Hawke has given one of his finest performances as Father Toller. Ethan Hawke is a country priest with a small rural community in upstate New York, in this significantly and seriously acclaimed drama movie.

The writer and director of this movie ‘Paul Schrader’ has continued impressively to explore the themes of his earlier works such as in “Taxi Driver” and “Hardcore”, all of this while at the same time seizing on the austerity of Toller’s world.

This First Reformed movie is quiet and deep in thought, which makes its apocalyptic and the shattering conclusion of it more impactful than ever.

Fast Color (2019)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

As you guys know that most superhero movies strike at their viewers with some impressively incredible special effects, smirking quips, and strained world-building as well.

But as for this indie drama of Julia Hart, it is barely a superhero movie at all. It is more of a rich, tender character study of not one, not two but three women who just so happen to have the ability to move objects with their minds only.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw signed up for this movie and there is no doubt about the fact that she did a wonderful job and was just awesome as Ruth. Ruth is someone who has overpowered her abilities in terms of addiction and irresponsibility.

She has returned to the home to join her mother which is Lorrain Toussaint and her daughter which is Saniyya Sidney in an attempt to somehow save the world. This is no doubt a small intimate story that you should not miss.

Some Like it Hot (1959)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

In this movie, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis are the two jazz musicians who have disguised themselves in drag to break away from and escape some gangsters who are after them.

This is not all, one of these jazz musicians has ended up falling in love with a seductive singer who is Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe has done one of her best movies on amazon prime video UK in this movie. So, one falls in love with her and the other becomes the entity of a millionaire’s desire.

This movie “Some Like It Hot” is both wildly funny and tight as a drum as well, it works through every complication of its farcical setup.

Though this movie is not landing only on a picture-perfect conclusion, it is also landing on one of the best closing lines in the entire cinema world.

The Souvenir (2019)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

 If you are a movie freak, you would have heard about the great British writer/director Joanna Hogg, here this writer/director is telling a story of youthful excitement, romantic carelessness, and some unchecked addiction in the early ’80s of London.

The heroine of the right is Julie (who is Honor Swinton Bryne), she is an idealistic film student who always finds herself pulled time and time again in the orbit of Anthony (who is Tom Burke).

Anthony is a guy whose mischievous and naughty charm covers a great number f concerning flaws.

This movie of Joanna Hogg is quiet yet revelatory. This is no doubt one of the saddest movies that you can ever even imagine. You should witness the greatness of this movie as it is a complete and absolute joy to watch.

Heathers (1989)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

This is an unapologetically dark comedy that has changed the high school movie forever. From all the heartfelt and those ultimately sunny chronicles of John Hughes to something a little different with more bite.

Winona Ryder in this movie is a tart and she is as charming as Veronica. Veronica is a popular teen who has come to disgust the group she runs with.

Then she meets Christian Slater, who is J.D. in this movie, a Jack Nicholson clone who recommends bumping off their less bearable classmates.

It has been 30 years, but still, the sheer riskiness and the ‘take-no-prisoners’ attitude of this delightful and greatly frantic picture shocks everyone.

It is a Wonderful Life (1946)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

The director of this movie Frank Capra and the actor Jimmy Stewart took an amazingly simple foundation.

In this movie, you will see that a suicidal man is provided with an opportunity to see what this world would have been without his presence, and this turned out to be a holiday persistent.

This movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” is very much rich and complex as well to brand with a label as simple as a “Christmas Movie” only. This movie is ultimately an impressive story about overcoming all the darkness and searching for the light around you.

Report (2019)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

With this movie, you will witness an analyst whose name is Daniel J. Jones (a great performance by Adam Driver) pored through more than 6 million pages of documents from C.I.A just to write a report of the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding the detention and interrogation program of the C.I.A.

This is a taut and angry film from Scott Z. Burns that is dramatizing that specific interrogation program, and all about what Daniel J. Jones discovered there.

Not only this, but you will also witness the steady and smooth growth of his righteous resentment.

The Farewell (2019)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

In this movie, you will see that Billi (Awkwafina), is a Chinese immigrant who has grown up to be a starving artist in one of the most well-known cities of the world ‘New York’.

You will see that she has returned to her homeland with a particular purpose, and that is to help and be responsible for a family hoax in this beautiful, charming, and fascinating comedy/drama movie from the writer as well as the director Lulu Wang.

The only reason for the homecoming is Billi’s grandmother, whose name is Nai Nai (Zhao Shuzhen has pretended this act) who has only some months remaining to live but she is not aware of this heartbreaking fact.

In this movie, the family arranges a premature wedding in a hurry to get a chance to say goodbye that results in some misunderstandings, realizations, and reconciliations as well.

Movie Movie (1978)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

Almost 30 years back before the “Grindhouse” of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, the director of that movie Stanley Donen along with the screenwriter Larry Gelbart impressively perfected the fake double feature in this demonstrative send-up of a classic Hollywood movie for sure.

Don’t you think the name of this movie is very much different and out of your understanding?

Well, you probably are right with all that confusion in your mind. Just according to the name of this movie, the “Movie Movie” movie provides you with two films for the price tag of a single one only.

It is a black and white boxing melodrama movie along with a color musical spectacular.

All of this with the shared casts together with George C. Scott, Trish Van Devere, Red Buttons, and Eli Wallach as well.

The Act of Killing (2013)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

This movie is about a documentarian whose name is Joshua Oppenheimer, when in profiling leaders of the Indonesian death squadrons in the middle of the 1960s.

The documentarian invites them to the stage to elaborate and weird recreations of the crimes they committed in the cinematic style of their own choice, whether it is musical, gangster, western, etc.

Lady Bird (2017)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

You will surely want to witness this Greta Gerwig’s solo featured directorial debut in this funny and piercing coming of age story movie that is set in her hometown that is Sacramento, Calif.

Saoirse Ronan is amazed by the so-called role of a high school senior who is quietly disobedient.

His quest for love and popularity brings Greta Gerwig’s long-simmering resentments towards her mother (pretended by Laurie Metcalf, a magnificent and amazing job done by her) to a heat.

All the conflicts between parent and the child are nothing new in some teen stories, but as you witness Greta Gerwig’s sensitive screenplay in this movie, you will see how it slashes through some familiar types and tropes.

It is daring enough to create characters that are convoluted and flawed, but deeply compassionate and understanding.

Demon (2016)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime

This is a Polish possession story from the writer and director Marcin Wrona who opens a note of doubt and dread and then holds it for 94 disturbing and harrowing minutes.

Marcin Wrona transforms the relatable fears of a wedding day into something which is far more sinister, as our groom’s protagonist finds out terrifying skeletons in his new family’s cabinet (or to be more accurate, it is a yard).

The filmmaker offsets the significant nightmare metaphors and wild-eyed desperation with piercing moments of gallows humor, particularly in contemplating how “sensible people” might react to these types of events.

The critics praised that its “light shivers” and “bluntly old-fashioned screen magic.”

Platoon (1986)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime

Oliver Stone has graduated from a respected screenwriter to a top-flight filmmaker with this tormenting Vietnam War drama, which has won Oscars for Best Picture and director.

Oliver Stone had based the film on his own experiences which he had in Vietnam, with Charlie Sheen as his avatar, a clean-cut kid from an honored background whose eyes are opened to the shocks and horrors of combat and quarrel.

Willem Dafoe and Tom Berenger Singe the screen as his sergeants, one free-spirited and open, the other one is hard-edged and cruel.

The critics called it a “vivid, terse, exceptionally moving” film.

Ernest & Celestine (2014)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime

This is an animated French charmer that was revoiced and dubbed for English audiences with an all-star cast.

This has the look and feels of a lovingly illustrated old children’s book and it serves as a reminder, in a landscape of glossy and spit-shined computer-generated animation of the handmade joys of the form.

The watercolor-infused style is suitable and fitting to this odd little story of two outcasts who bond and help each other despite their respective species.

The critics have written, “to the happiness that comes from being with those different from us.”

Marty (1955)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime

Ernest Borgnine has won an academy award for his unforgettable performance as the main title character, a melancholy Bronx butcher who looks hopeless for love at a singles’ dance hall.

He finally finds it or something like this in Clara (Betsy Blair, who is also a similarly lonely schoolteacher, if only he can look past the negativity of his friends and overbearing mother.

This film has also won Oscars for the best picture, the director of the film is Delbert Mann and screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky.

The critics of this film said it was “a warm and winning film.”

His Girl Friday (1940)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime

This movie was directed by Howard Hawks, this is a 1940 film and it was not the first cinematic adaptation of the famous and popular play “The Front Page,” but it also cooked up a twist which the 1931 version had not.

The twist was: What if Hildy Johnson, the superstar reporter whom the ruthless editor Walter Burns will keep on his staff at any cost, was not his drinking buddy but his ex-wife?

It is a movie that talks fast and moves even faster, and the passage of nearly 80 years has not slowed it down a little.

The critics have it as “a bold-faced reprint of what was once and remain the maddest newspaper comedy of our times.”

 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1968)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime

The first two alliances between Clint Eastwood and director Sergio Leone, “A Fistful of Dollars” and “A Few Dollars More,” did a great job and reinventing a genre.

Diverting popular attention from the increasingly stodgy traditional Western to the so-called “Spaghetti Western,” which sloped up the bloodshed, self-awareness, and stylistic enthusiasm.

Those films were modest, low-budget affairs, but Leone and Eastwood broke the pattern with this trilogy ending masterpiece in 1966, which runs almost three hours and it raises its antiheroes to near-mythic status.

The critics had called it “luridly intoxicating.”

Logan Lucky (2017)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime

As the director of the movie “Ocean’s trilogy, Steven Soderbergh had honored the classic heist movie aesthetic and it is classy, sleek, and impressive.

And then he set out to challenge all of those conventions with this working-class heist comedy, in which a minor character explains its central job as “Ocean’s 7-11.”

The key players are common and familiar (the safecracker, the computer expert, the sexy girl, the mastermind, and the brains of the operation), but they are done with salty fun and earthy humor.

You will never say the word “cauliflower the same way again.

The critics have it as “gravity-defying” and “ridiculously entertaining.”

The Big Sick (2017)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime

Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V.Gordon based their first screenplay on their own, this is an unconventional love story – a courtship that was paused, then oddly amplified by an unexpected illness and medically induced coma.

This is not typical rom-com fodder, but it is written and played with such honesty and heart which it somehow lands.

The critics have it as “a joyous, generous-hearted romantic comedy”

The Kid (1921)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime

This is Charles Chaplin’s first feature-length comedy movie which was called “six reels of joy,” according to the original advertisements which were informed by his suspicion that audiences would be restless if they are subjected to an hour-plus of gags and humor.

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Even this first time out, Charles Chaplin manages the seemingly dissimilar tones with ease. The critics praised Chaplin’s “inimitable pantomime”

Long Strange Trip (2017)

Best Movies on Amazon Prime

The three-decade journey of the psychedelic rock band the Grateful Dead is brought to vivid life in this six-part, four-hour documentary from the director Amir Bar-Lev (“The Tillman Story”).

Whereas the archival materials and rarities will please Deadhead, the film has, even more, to offer to the casual admirers and even to the newcomers, who will come away with a better understanding of what made this band (and the misfits which they attracted) so unique.

The critics called it” ambitiously assembled and elegantly directed.”


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