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How to Add Friends on Apex Legends

Not every game gives the same joy solo, compared to when you play with friends or other players. Apex Legends is one of those games, where even though you can play alone, playing with friends would be better. If you don’t know how to add friends to this epic game, then keep reading the article.

Compared to other battle royal games, the thing that is unique about Apex Legends is that, is the team aspect. Unlike PUGB and Fortnite, the team aspect is an integral part of Apex Legends. When you load the game and your friends aren’t online, you can easily team up with two strangers.

Even though you don’t have to play as a team, but if you do, then you can survive longer in the game. This means that a player would be more than willing to contribute to a team play so that they can play the game longer.

Add Friends on Apex Legends

There are two stages of adding friends in Apex Legends. Firstly, you need to add friends to Origin Launcher.  Follow the steps below to make this happen:

  • Open Original Launcher
  • Select the Friends Menu (it will appear at the top)
  • Choose to Add a friend and then enter their username or email address
  • Hit Search and then select their name when you successfully locate them

When you add friends to the Original Launcher, then they will be able to play every game with you.

If you want to directly add friends to Apex Legends, then follow the steps below:

  • Open and game, and select the ‘Friends’ icon that you see on the bottom right of the screen
  • Select a friend from the list
  • Add Steam Friends if there is no one available in Origin
  • Select the friend, and then invite them to play with you

When playing with friends, you need to remember the Ping feature. When you see loot or enemies incoming, you can always alert your friends. Ping is very important for the team’s survival, and it plays an important part in how you play a match. When you are playing a game, and you see purple and blue loot, ping it. However, ping only that loot which you are not keeping.

Playing together with other players is always fun because you get more sets of eyes looking for enemies. It also means that you are going to survive longer in this game, and get to enjoy its different aspects.

Uninstalling Apex Legends

One of the reasons people stop playing Apex Legends is because it gets too heavy for their disk. They might not like the game anymore or must be thinking about shifting to another device. Thus, uninstalling Apex Legends and how to do it, is the main question here.

If you have Origin Client, then you can remove the game through it:

  • Open Origin Client
  • Log in and go to the My Game Library tab
  • Find Apex Legends in the list of games
  • Right-click on the game, and then choose the uninstall option

However, if you don’t have Origin Client, then you can uninstall it using the Windows tool:

  • Click on Start, and then on Settings, Apps, and App & Features Tab
  • In the list of apps, you will find Apex Legends
  • Click on the Uninstall button and then confirm the deletion of the game

You can find a list of programs on the Control Panel as well, and it is an easy way to delete the game. Go to Control Panel, and then in the Programs and Features tab, you will find Apex Legends. Click on the game, and then choose the uninstall/change option. Follow the instructions on the screen, and then delete any shortcuts that you made on the desktop or elsewhere.

If you haven’t played Apex Legends yet, then do give it a chance. When you play this game with other people, that would mean three more guns and two opportunities for you to play the game. This game gives the player abilities, and you can see your character’s special ability to be victorious. Team play is central to this game, and you will meet many players who are really good at it. You can learn more from them and enjoy this game better.


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