How to Uninstall Among Us Completely

The heading might make it seem like this article is about ‘planet aliens’. However, the term alien is used in a very popular game nowadays, “Among Us”.

This is the perfect game to play with friends and family during the pandemic, especially in the holiday season.

Among Us is a mobile game that has gained popularity in a really short time. You might have seen memes with robotic and colorful Tellytubby-like figures, who are wearing spacesuits.

They are the players of Among Us and have become popular due to their interest factor.

How do You Play Among Us

This is a multiplayer and social deduction game, and a player can play with 4-10 people.

It could be the people you know or people online. In this game, a player is part of a crew on a spaceship, and you want to keep the ship together in order to get to Earth.

However, one character is a shape-shifting alien, who wants to eliminate the crew before the spaceship reaches home.

The main challenge that the player is faced with, is that the imposter looks like everyone else, making it hard for them to recognize the alien.

The alien will go to the vents, and try to kill the crew while staying undetected. On the other hand, the nonalien crew has to perform multiple tasks like fixing the ship, and they can’t talk unless and until they know about death.

The surviving crew will openly debate about who they think the alien is, and then vote that person off the ship. If the alien is voted off, then that means the crew has won.

However, if the crew votes off the wrong person and the alien are still there, then another death will occur.

Compatibility with Devices

Our game is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The user can easily download it from the App Store and Google Play Store. However, if they want to play it on PC, then they have to pay for it; it is available on Steam and

The mobile version of the game has ads in it, and if you want to turn them off, then you have to pay for the game.

  • Before I tell you more about what other things Among Us has, those who want to Uninstall it, should read this part.

How to Uninstall Among Us?

  • If you had enough of this interesting game, and you want to uninstall it now, then it is very simple to do so.
  • For Android users, go to Play Store, track down the game, and tap on the uninstall icon.
  • For iOS users, look for the Among Us icon on your cell phone, and then hold onto it for a few seconds.
  • When you see the options, choose ‘Remove App’, and then click on ‘Delete App’.
  • For Windows users, if you have downloaded Among Us using Blue Stacks, then open the software, and locate the game.

When you have located the game, you will see the option of Uninstall; you can simply click on it, and the game will be deleted from your PC.

Customization in Among Us

There are so many customization options that Among Us gives to players.


There are about 12 colors from which players can choose.

Some of the commonly used colors are pink, green, black, lime, and purple. Others include red, blue, orange, black, yellow, white, purple, brown, and Cyan.



Skins were added to the game in 2019, and the players got to choose from several clothes like police, military, and captain.

When the MIRA HQ version was released, other skins were added as well. While some skins are free, other skins like hats require payment.


In the 2019 update version of Among Us, players get their own pets. Pets are small creatures, who react to their owner dying.

There are about 10 pets available that players can purchase.


The interface of the game is available in multiple languages like English, Spanish, Korean, and Russian.

For those who don’t know, this game was made as an inspiration for the Mafia, which was also a social deduction game.

It is a fun game and can be easily uninstalled if the player finds it annoying.

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