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How to Fix The 403 Forbidden Error On Google Chrome?

Nobody is a stranger to the Error 403 that comes on the Google Chrome browser. This error is when the browser is unable to open a website. It happens when the server forbids the user to get to the website, which they are trying to open.

Most users feel that they can’t solve this problem because it is not caused by them. However, there are different ways to fix it, but you need to know about the causes first.

Causes of the 403 Forbidden Error

If you are getting the 403 Forbidden Error on Google Chrome, then there could be two reasons:

  1. The server owner wants to limit access to the website to some users
  2. The permission settings of the website are faulty

Note that this error is also called HTTP 403, or 403 Forbidden.

Refresh Page

The first thing that you can do to solve this problem is to refresh the page. It could be that this error is temporary, and it will pass once you refresh the page.

Verify Address

If someone sends you a link in an email address, you are most likely to click on it. However, simply clicking on it can cause this error.

  • The best practice here would be to copy and paste the website link in the address bar.
  • If this doesn’t work, then Google the name of the website and find out if you have the right link or not.

Someone might have sent you the wrong link. They might have left out some alphabets or characters at the end of the link.

Browser Cookies

If you think that your browser is not performing well, then you should clean cookies and cache once in a while. This will not only improve the performance of the browser, but you might be able to access the websites that give the 403 error.

To clear cache and cookies, go to Google Chrome, click on Settings or history, and then click on clear browsing history. The screen will show you the things that you can delete with history, and that would include cookies and cache.

You can uncheck the browsing history part if you don’t want to delete history, and check the cookies and cache part.

This solution will most likely work, and the website that you see a forbidden error on will run on the Chrome browser.

Permission to Access the Page

Most of the time, the problem doesn’t lie with the speed of the internet or the browser. The problem lies with the Internet Service Provider. When you try to access a website that your ISP has blocked, because of its content, then the only way to run it would be through a VPN.

Many governments have blocked adult websites and new websites, to restrict users from visiting them. For example, China has blocked many social networking websites, so that they can promote their own apps.

If you think that this is the cause of the 403 Forbidden Error, then you can use a proxy website to run it. You can also download a VPN on your browser. When you go to the extensions of Google Chrome and look for a VPN, the search results will show you many VPN options. Most of the VPNs are free or offer a trial version.

The last solution that you can try to get rid of this error 403, is to simply try opening the website later. It might be a glitch from the website’s end, because of which it won’t open. It might take some time, but you will be able to open the website and get rid of the error.

If you are getting this error on pretty much every page, and the Google Chrome browser isn’t working perfectly either, then reinstall it.

  • Simply remove it from the applications by going to the Control Panel, and then reinstall it.
  • You will install the latest update of Google Chrome, and won’t have to worry about any errors.


Google Chrome is pretty easy to use as a browser, which is why it has so many users. However, such errors can cause real problems for users, who are only trying to access important information. Trying the methods that are mentioned in this article, will surely help them get rid of errors.

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