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How to Turn on Chrome OS Developer Mode

Warning Note that activating “Chrome OS Developer Mode” activates your computer for features that are not officially supported.

Be sure to research and remember that unsupported features and experiences can cause problems. You are only responsible if something happens to your software or hardware.

Developer mode in Chrome OS is similar to getting root access on your Android device. It gives you more control over your Chromebook and is a great option for people who like to tweak their gear.

Developer mode isn’t for everyone and there are a few drawbacks. I will explain this later. However, we recommend open-source mode to gain root access to Chrome OS files for tasks like loading Android apps or installing operating system updates.

How to Turn on Chrome OS Developer Mode?

First, make sure you have a backup and save the important files that you have saved on your device. Enabling developer features will delete your login information and stored data that cannot be retrieved.

To activate developer mode

  • Activate your Chromebook. Press and hold the Esc key, the update key, and the ignition key at the same time.
  • When Chrome OS is missing or damaged.
  • Insert a USB memory stick or SD card to restore it. “A message appears.
  • Press and hold Ctrl and D at the same time. Some Chromebook devices may need to disable operating system authentication.
  • Press Enter (if necessary). Restart and install Chromebook Finish the process – You will get a gorgeous display indicating that the Thai Olympic certification is disabled.
  • Remember that this screen will appear every time you start your computer.
  • Press Ctrl and D to restart.

Disable Chrome OS Developer mode

  • Turning off Chromebook Developer Mode is as easy as doing it. However, turning off Developer Mode will still delete everything from your Chrome OS device, so be sure to back up your data again.

How to turn off developer mode?

Turn on your Chromebook or restart it if it’s already on. When the “Operating system verification is disabled” screen appears, press the space bar.

This will technically perform a factory data reset and erase the laptop. Return to the Chromebook setup process.


There are many advantages to starting developing mode on your Chromebook. This gives you a sales buyer for a standard Linux desk and what do you do if you are a developer.

The developer is not for the average user, and she needs to take advantage of the full information. There are some losses you need to be careful – check them.

  •  Google Developer does not support the location you can call the risk of warranty for your device.
  • All protection functions are closed when the developer is activated.
  •  You lose your data while deleting or disabling developer mode.
  • As you can see from the necessary steps to close it, click at a random location at the wrong time you should lose all your data.
  •  Create a backup series if you work. Chromebook faster as a function that you will lose developer mode open.
  • You must always see this warning screen.


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