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How to View Reddit Web History on iPhone

Do you regularly use the Reddit app? Ever wanted to follow everything you see on Reddit? Let’s view Reddit web history on iPhone.

Well, Reddit allows you to view your browsing history by showing all the content you see on the iPhone app. Most of the applications you use on your phone and computer keep track of your activities.

Web browsers are one of the most popular apps for doing this, but if Reddit still stores files like this, you might want to know how to view Reddit web history from your iPhone.

How to View Reddit Web History on iPhone?

  • When you visit another post on Reddit, those posts are saved to History.
  • You can view your history by tapping on your profile icon, then selecting “History”. Reddit History lets you go back to recent posts. However, someone with an iPhone can log into the Reddit app to view the history.
  • If you have files that you don’t want others to see, you can clear your local history from the Reddit iPhone app.
  • All entries will be deleted from the screen history of your profile page.
  • Reddit’s search history function works as needed.
  • Similar to web browser browsing history except for all Reddit posts other than the website.

You can view notifications by logging into the app with your Reddit account. It works for the Reddit app, but if you use Reddit on the web, you can view or browse your Safari history on your iPhone or iPad.

  • This will lead to a hidden left pane showing the app menu items.
  • From there, tap on the “File” option to continue.
  • You can now see all recent posts on Reddit.
  • To filter other results, click on “Recent” as shown below.
  • You can now choose to show positive, negative, or hidden words with additional options.
  • Now you know exactly how to get the most out of your Reddit search history.
  • If you want to go back now and find the posters that you’ve seen before but don’t know where they came from, you can use these posts.
  • All search history appears in the app depending on the device you are using.

So if you search Reddit with multiple tools, you won’t find the same history.

  • Your file is incomplete.
  • It depends on how you search for Reddit newsletters.
  • Moving the host message faster will prevent words that appear on the screen from appearing in the background. However, if you delay the broadcast for a minute, it may add to your search history. However, for a user who wants to temporarily delete their search history.
  • They can go to the application menu and click on “More local history”.
  • If you want Reddit to temporarily stop storing your local history, you can change the program to an anonymous user.

How to Delete Reddit Web History on iPhone

We hope you can keep track of all the books you have searched by reviewing your search history.

  • Clearing your history will clear your website history of the applications of this tool.
  • If you view Reddit on another device, for example on your computer, your history will not be deleted.
  • You must complete the cleaning process for this program.

The official forum helps here and iPhone support is also here.


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