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How to Identify Items in the Path of Exile?

If you have not played Path of Exile yet, then you are missing on a lot! This game is an action-packed role-playing game, which is set in a dark world.

This dark world of Wraeclast is designed around an online economy consisting of items.

How to Identify Items in the Path of Exile?

This role-playing game allows the user to customize their character, PvP, and ladder races. This game is free, and the user doesn’t have to pay to win it.

The two most important things in this game are the skill set of the player and the items they have. The skills in this game are the items that players collect, which consist of gems.

Gems give really good abilities to the player when they are socketed in the equipment.

  • There are other things that the player can use like Fireball.
  • Some of the gems that the player will find here are Molten Shell, Ice Spear, Detonate Dead, Spell Totem Support, Concentrated Effect Support, and Greater Multiple Projectiles Support.
  • To identify magical and rare items in this game, the player needs to use the Scroll of Wisdom.
  • This is a common currency, and it right away reveals the modifiers. When the player plays this game, then he will notice how slain monsters drop this currency, and the player has to catch it.

Apart from Scroll of Wisdom, the slain monsters also drop chests and destructible containers. The items that can be obtained using the upgrade paths or Scroll of Wisdom are Scroll Fragment, Lasting Impressions, the Scholar, Book of Regression, and much more.

Path of Exile first time

For those who are playing this game for the first time, they should continue reading this article.

  • It is very important for players to keep Scrolls of Wisdom currency in their inventory so that they are able to identify certain items and strongboxes.
  • They don’t even have to return to town first for identifying items. There are many strong boxes that are of white quality, and they don’t have to be identified using the currency.
  • If someone has a lot of Scrolls of Wisdom, then they should definitely identify a rare item, and not sell it to a vendor before that. However, don’t try to identify the magic items, because they are not worth it; they have low modifiers.

Vendors sell armors, shields, and even weapons for Scroll of Wisdom.

There is so much stuff that players need to learn before they play this game, or they can learn while playing. However, know that Scrolls of Wisdom is an important currency, and one should definitely use it to identify important and rare items.

When you enter the world of Wraeclast, you will notice how brutal the continent is. It is scarred by catastrophes, and there are nightmarish creatures.

This makes the whole game very visually dark and appealing. In fact, for those who are tired of playing bright-colored games, this would be a good kind of change for them. They would be able to enter a terrifying world and explore it until the end.

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