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How to Increase Post Karma on Reddit?

Here you will know to increase post karma on Reddit first of all, Karma is like a user’s score, summing up their votes against their downloads.

It has some practical benefits, such as starting your subreddit and joining some specialized communities. But mostly, it’s about reputation.

If users have a higher karma score, thus means that their posts and comments are well-liked. So, they are viewed as an authority within the community.

A harmful karma score means that the user’s interaction upsets people. It usually indicates that the user is a bot, spammer, or troll.

Karma is divided into post karma and comment karma: both are added to the total karma score. It means that to increase your karma, you can focus exclusively on comments or posts.

How to increase post karma on Reddit?

Here, we offer few tips for getting karma on Reddit.

Post and comment on R/FreeKarma4U:

There are a few subreddits dedicated to mutual karma, and the most popular is the R/Freakerma4U.

Post something here, and other members will automatically support it with an unannounced agreement that you can vote for other’s posts.

There is often an agreement where if you comment on a post, the poster supports it, giving you a karmic comment.

Comment on new and rising posts

One big obstacle to gaining kara is visibility. You can have an excellent comment or post. But if it is buried under other content, no one will even look at it.

If you are on a karma hunt, it’s best to stick with brand new or rising posts. You can get maximum visibility with minimal competition if you know how to smell the winner in advance.

Zapier can notify you right away if there is a new hot post in the top 10 of the subreddit. It allows you to jump quickly to earn karma.

Always respond to continue the conversation

If someone comments on your post, even if you want to thank them, reply to them. It will please commenters, increase the likelihood of future updates.

In addition, it shows others that you are ready to respond, increasing your comments overall.

Stick with larger subreddits

Reddit is all a niche, ao you’ll want to target a small, professional community. But if your top prime concern is karma, you can’t ignore big and popular subreddits like r/funny and r/todayi learned.

  • You can still get karma in a small niche by catering to the audience there, but the numbers move more slowly.
  • Target large subreddits, bu5 retain their presence even in small niche subreddits.

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Post good content

  • After all, the best way to get a positive vote is to post good content.
  • Social media skills can be of great help with Reddit.
  • If you display the kind of content your viewers want, you’ll have no problem getting karma.

Some basic of social media posting

  1. Improve the quality of your titles. Make them charming, attention-grabbing, and slightly mysterious.
  2. Use high-quality footage. You are upgrading the quality of your gifs, photos, and videos, etc. It will make your post more attractive.
  3. The target of emotional connections. Don’t be fearful of showing your human side, especially in conversations in the comments.
  4. No need for karma to use Reddit, but it helps. Be patient and discouraged first. Collecting karma is a long-term job, but it will be easier for you to become more familiar with how Reddit works.

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Ask open-ended questions in r/AskReddit

  • The subreddit r/AskReddit is a Question&Answer forum open to all.
  • Users like you can ask questions on almost any topic.
  • You can request a specific question to specialists, such as asking chefs what to look for when choosing restaurants.
  • You can ask broader questions, such as asking people who give them joy.

If you ask a good question, you get a lot of reactions and eventually votes. The answers also allow you to respond to comments, which can lead to more comment karma.

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