How to Install Instagram on PC Or Mac? The Definitive Guide

Install Instagram on PC

Instagram is one of the social apps for sharing photos and videos, and install Instagram on PC or Mac options will be great for those who haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. But what is one?

Well, search no more, as this article will guide you on how you can use Instagram on your Windows PC in a very simple few steps.

Instagram is an American photo and video sharing social networking service that is now owned by Facebook. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriger, and it was launched in October 2010 on iOS.

Later, a version for Android devices was also released in April 2012, which was followed by a feature-limited website interface in November 2012.

The Instagram app allows the users to upload photos and videos which can be edited with filters and can be organized with tags and location information.

The posts can be shared publicly or with pre-approved followers. The users of Instagram can browse other users’ content and photos by tags and locations, and also view the trending content.

Users can also like photos and follow other users to add their content to a feed.

Instagram was originally distinguished by only allowing the content to be framed in a square aspect ratio with 640 pixels to match the display width of an iPhone at that time.

Then, later on, these restrictions were removed in 2015, with an increase to 1080 pixels.

Instagram is an app that is one of the world’s most leading social networking App and it is now available to download on pc as well. (Instagram web).

If you are a user of social media then there are high chances that you must have visited this app at least once in your whole life.

This app is loved by many the people, or you can say it is loved by millions and it has over 700 million active users all around the world. People usually use and love this app because of its simplicity and its easy to use functions.

Many of the leading business corporations or even the startups use this platform to showcase their services and their products.

This app is considered the most used social networking app right after Facebook and Whatsapp.

In the year 2012, Instagram was sold to Facebook for 1 Billion dollars and it has been installed 1 billion times on the Google Play store alone.

So now you must have a bit of an idea of this social networking app which is Instagram if you haven’t used or heard of it before.

Now, let’s jump right into the steps which I am providing you with the best ways to download Instagram for PC and how to use it then.

The question arises that Can I download Instagram on my PC?

Well, yes you can easily download and use Instagram on a Windows or a macOS computer with no issues.

In addition to that, using the Instagram app for Windows 10 you can even post your photos and send direct messages from there.

How to download & Install Instagram on PC?

Install Instagram on PC

There are mainly two ways by which you can use Instagram on a Windows pc or a laptop. The first one is the most basic way to use Instagram, which is by using its official website or downloading an Instagram app for your Windows PC.

If you are not interested in these ways then do not worry, you have an option of using third-party software or an android emulator which is called Bluestacks.

Using the Instagram website (Instagram web)

Install Instagram on PC

By this method, you can use Instagram directly on your PC without having to download the app.

First of all, just go and type Instagram on your favorite browser which you use, and press enter.

Secondly, now you will be automatically addressed to the official website of Instagram where you can log in with your account and just start using Instagram.

NOTE: This method is easy for using Instagram on PC, but this method will not allow you to post anything on Instagram.

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Installing Instagram On PC App

For this method, you will have to download Instagram For PC app. Open the Start button by clicking on the Windows logo which is in the bottom left corner of your screen, and then do the following steps:

  • On the start menu, type in ”store

Install Instagram on PC

  • Click on Microsoft Store

Install Instagram on PC

  • Now click the “Search” text box
  • Here, type in Instagram
  • Click on Instagram in the drop-down menu

Install Instagram on PC

  • Click on GET

Now, after downloading the PC app of Instagram you will be able to easily use this app on your PC with no issue.

Cons: This app still has some bugs and it does not work properly sometimes.

A recent update to Instagram’s progressive web app has brought support for Direct Message on PC. By using this app, users can send Instagram dm’s (direct message) on PC.

How to download the real Instagram for PC Windows 10?

Instagram Followers

BlueStack is the name of an android emulator that can be used for accessing all of your favorite apps on PC.

  • Just open the BlueStacks website by going to its website here in your web browser. This will redirect you to its official website and from which you can download the BlueStacks player.

Install Instagram on PC

  • Click on the Download Bluestacks button which is a green button shown in the middle of the page.
  • Then install the BlueStacks Android emulator. To do this, just double click on the BlueStacks EXE file, then just follow the steps given below:

Install Instagram on PC

  • Click on YES and then
  • Click on Install now
  • Now, wait for BlueStacks to install.

Install Instagram on PC

  • Now when you have installed the software, you can search it on the taskbar.
  • Open the BlueStacks Download and install Instagram on pc windows 10 from it to use.

Features: By using an android emulator to use Instagram on PC, it allows you full features on Instagram unlike the Instagram web and its PC app. Some of the features also include:

  • You can post to Instagram from your PC
  • You can use install Instagram messenger on pc meaning that you can send and receive Instagram messages on your PC.

How to Download Instagram for macOS PC?

Post To Instagram From PC or Mac

To all the people who think that it is not possible to download Instagram on your Mac device, I need to tell all of you people that it is 100 percent possible to download Instagram for Mac.

You guys would be thinking about the way how to do it, right?

Install Instagram on PC

Well, Flume provides all of you with the world of Instagram to your desktop along with beautiful edge to edge photography, direct messaging feature, upload support, and many other features as well.

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With this, you can easily upload photos and videos direct to Instagram from your Mac even without support for original or square formats, captions as well as tagged locations.

How to Upload Photos to Instagram from your Windows PC or Mac?

Create a Custom Instagram Stories Filter

After you guys are done with the installation of Instagram into your Windows PC or Mac PC, and you are confused with the way to upload photos to Instagram directly from your PC or Mac, this part is for you.

Install Instagram on PC

To upload photos from your Windows PC or Mac, follow the steps that I have mentioned below.

  • STEP ONE: Locate and click on the Instagram application. The icon of Instagram indicates a colorful camera.
  • STEP TWO: Look at the very top right-hand corner of Instagram windows. Click on Gallery and then on ‘Other’
  • STEP THREE: You will see a lot of options there, you will have to locate and click on the “Pick from Windows” option. (Note: this pick from the windows option may be slightly different on your Mac)
    After you click on this option, you will be able to pick up your pictures from your computer’s folders.
    Select any picture you want to upload and proceed forward.
  • STEP FOUR: Instagram will catch your picture and then you will be able to edit your picture before uploading just the way it does on your smartphone application. You can apply various filters to the picture you selected.
  • STEP FIVE: Just simply proceed further and share your picture on Instagram.

So here you go guys, I think I have shared with you each and everything you needed to know according to our topic today.

I am sure enough to tell you that if you guys go through this article and read and everything carefully, you will easily download, install, and use Instagram on your PC.

There is one thing more that I should tell you. If you are having any issues with the software that I have mentioned above i.e.

Bluestacks, then there are some other alternatives as well which you can consider using for this procedure.

You can use the following services:

  • photo (it has premium options, it is a web-based service)
  • Play (It has premium options, web-based service)
  • Gramblr
  • Deskgram

Can I get Instagram on my Mac?

  1. It doesn’t appear to be the Instagram app for Mac. But technically on a desktop or laptop, you can easily access the Instagram website directly.

Is there a desktop app for Instagram?

Run the desktop app for Instagram just like your favorite mobile app. Enjoy the beautiful Instagram ™ Desktop Client.

The desktop app for Instagram is a Chrome extension that tweaks the desktop Instagram version to look like a mobile app.

How do I post to Instagram from my computer?

By clicking ‘Create Posts‘ in the upper left corner, you are taken to a window where you can upload up to 50 photos or videos at once.

You can upload files from your device, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos, Box, URL, or web search to post on Instagram from PC or Mac with Hopper HQ.

How do I use Instagram on my Mac laptop?

  • Click the “Free” button to download the application and select the “Install App“.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password.
  • After the download is complete, go to “LaunchPad” and open the application.
  • Enter your Instagram login and password and you’re ready to browse your photos and those of your friends.

Can you post on Instagram from a laptop?

Using a desktop or laptop computer for Instagram

Although Instagram is technically a “mobile-only” platform, you can still use your computer or Mac to access and post to Instagram.

Once you learn how to do this, you can publish directly from your computer or Mac without any additional tools or additional costs.

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