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How to Post To Instagram From PC or Mac? The Definitive Guide

Post To Instagram From PC or Mac

The free, popular Instagram social networking app makes it easy to take, share, and edit photos on mobile devices. Its filters have unique and often amazing effects on photos. Considering how to post to Instagram from PC or Mac? You’re in the ideal spot.

To the consternation of individuals everywhere throughout the world, Instagram doesn’t permit us to transfer photographs or recordings to our profiles from the work area site.

This is a purposeful move from Instagram to support the versatile utilization of the application and commitment with different clients.

In any case, for some picture takers, influencers, and organizations whose substance has been taken on shot on a camera, the undertaking of sending everything from work area to telephone to post physically can be very tedious!

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways around this issue utilizing outsider apparatuses or smart work area hacks.

We’ve gathered heaps of data from the web about how to post to Instagram from pc chrome and put it into this helpful guide!

  • Planning Tools
  • Container HQ
  • Changing Browser User-Agent
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Outsider Tools
  • Blue tacks
  • Desk gram
  • UPLET (Mac as it were)
  • Other
  • Facebook Creator Studio
  • Planning From Desktop

The most effortless approach to post to Instagram from a PC or Mac is with a planning device.

This offers comparable highlights to the moment administrations point by point underneath, yet also, permits you to mass transfer and calendar your photographs and recordings to post later on.

Booking Instagram content spares loads of time, and permits groups and people to be extra sorted out when arranging what to post and when!

How to Schedule Instagram Posts to manage?

Container HQ

Post To Instagram From PC or Mac

Utilizing Hopper HQ, you can present photographs and recordings on Instagram from your work area effortlessly, and can pick between sending them in a flash or planning for what’s to come. Here are how it works:

Step 1

At the point when you make a record with Hopper HQ and sign in to your dashboard, you are welcomed with the entirety of your current booked posts in the request they are going to distribute.

Just as this, with the Grid Planner you can perceive how the entirety of your booked posts will look on your Instagram profile once they’re been distributed, permitting you to handily design an incredible feed tasteful.

Step 2

By tapping on ‘Make Posts’ in the upper left corner, you are taken to a window where you can transfer 50 photographs or recordings without a moment’s delay.

The post to Instagram from pc firefox with Hopper HQ, you’re ready to transfer records from your gadget, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos, Box, URL, or web search.

This is extremely helpful if you work cooperatively on cloud document sharing destinations and need to post to Instagram from your work area.

Step 3

If your pictures are not the right size for Instagram, you will see caution and be taken to the photograph proofreader.

Here you can trim your photograph with Hopper HQ’s simple preset measurements for representation and scene photographs, just as apply any channels or alters.

Step 4

Once you’ve made any alters, you can compose inscriptions for the entirety of your transfers (a helpful component in case you’re working in a group).

On the off chance that you need to present a similar photograph on another Instagram account, or even a Facebook or Twitter page, you can without much of a stretch add records to the correct hand side of the post utilizing the in addition to the symbol.

Step 5

Now your photographs and recordings will show up in the dashboard!

Any progressions can be effectively made by moving, and Instagram once the entirety of your booked posts have been distributed.

Container HQ likewise has a schedule view to effortlessly monitor your posting consistency, just as easy to use Analytics to screen the accomplishment of your substance and educate you regarding your crowd socioeconomics!


Post To Instagram From PC or Mac

Container HQ takes a shot at a membership premise by number od records, beginning at:

The more records you include, the less expensive the apparatus becomes.

Investigate the estimating adding machine to discover more!

RundownPost To Instagram From PC or Mac

It has been worked to assist individuals with overseeing Instagram at scale and is continually adding more highlights to make the procedure significantly simpler.

Changing Browser User-Agent

Post To Instagram From PC or Mac

It requires no outsider website or download and is totally free, be that as it may, the technique is extremely fundamental and doesn’t work with video documents or exhibition posts.

In his inside and out guide, David Coleman clarifies that ‘the client operator is a bit of code that the program sends to the site to disclose to it data about the program and working framework you’re utilizing’.

Basically, on the work area variant of Instagram, you can tell your program that you’re seeing the site on a portable, and afterward, the ‘transfer’ button that is typically inaccessible will show up when you revive! Here’s the way to do it.


  • To change the client operator on Safari, you should empower the ‘Create’ menu by going to Safari > Preferences.

Post To Instagram From PC or Mac

  • Advanced and empowering the choice ‘Show Develop menu in menu bar’.

Post To Instagram From PC or Mac

When this is done you can follow these means.


Post To Instagram From PC or Mac

Despite the interface being practically indistinguishable from Instagram on portable, it is feeling and recordings.

This is a convenient handy solution if your photographs are all set on your work area or USB and you don’t have the opportunity to move them over to your telephone!

Outsider Tools

Post To Instagram From PC or Mac

The other method to post to Instagram from your PC or Mac is to utilize an outsider device.

These are programs you can download to your work area or utilize online which post to your record for you.

We investigated the ones accessible on the web and have abridged them underneath:


Post To Instagram From PC or Mac

BlueStacks is an Android emulator for your Mac or PC and offers a downsized adaptation of the Instagram Android application, all you need is a Google account.

This is the most comparable strategy to the ones recorded above, as it basically permits you to utilize the versatile application on the work area with no extra highlights, for example, mass transfer or different records of the executives. Here are how it works:

When you download Blue Stacks on to your PC, you should transfer your substance into the Media Manager on the stage.

At that point essentially look for Instagram utilizing the hunt bar in the upper right-hand corner of the App Center, and snap Install.

2. When you open Instagram, the staging interface will change to the measurements and perspective on the android application, like changing the client specialist on Chrome.

This is a decent and basic approach to post to Instagram from a PC or Mac. Instagram on Blue Stacks works the very same route as it does on versatile (UPDATE: As of Sept 2018 Blue Stacks never again bolsters video).

It is along these lines a superior option in contrast to changing the client specialist on your program, as you can alter posts, and offer to other informal communities.

The drawback to Blue Stacks comes on the off chance that you need to transfer in mass, share your presents on various records, or plan for advance.

Desk Gram

Post To Instagram From PC or Mac

Desk Gram is a work area application that lets you post to Instagram from pc software, just as perusing, remarking, and enjoying posts as you would on the portable application.

You can transfer photographs and recordings – even though video can’t bolster on Windows – use channels, trim video, label different records in posts, and HashTag search.


Post To Instagram From PC or Mac

There is a free form that does exclude transferring. You have to download this free form and afterward ‘redesign’ to get to the paid adaptation.


Post To Instagram From PC or Mac

A valuable yet somewhat fundamental apparatus to post to Instagram from PC or Mac.

The absence of video transfer for Windows is a drawback, and as you can’t transfer in mass it doesn’t offer anything extra from Blur Stacks, which is a free assistance.

UPLET (Mac Only)

Post To Instagram From PC or Mac

Uplet is a downloadable Instagram UPLOADER only for Mac. You can mass transfer photographs and recordings from your PC and send them directly to your Instagram profile with an inscription, you should simply download it and sign in with your Instagram subtleties.

An ongoing update presently likewise permits you to send presents on various Instagram accounts that you oversee.

The program has an exceptionally straightforward interface as should be obvious from the screen captures underneath:

Uplet does not have any channels or altering highlights, even though you can recoil your presents on making them a picture or scene.

If transferring video to the program, guarantee it is all set with Instagram’s 60-second breaking point, as Uplet doesn’t have in-application cutting highlights.


FACEBOOK Creator Studio

Post To Instagram From PC or Mac


In August 2019, FACEBOOK propelled local Instagram booking into their Creator Studio stage, which means clients with a business Instagram profile connected to a FACEBOOK page can distribute to Instagram from their PC.


The exceptional thing about FACEBOOK’s Creator Studio is that it calendar and post IGTV recordings from it, which was their first Instagram highlight on the stage focused on influencers and creatives.

This is an extraordinary free option in contrast to presenting on Instagram from PC or Mac, anyway, it is constraining in case you’re overseeing Instagram content on mass, as they don’t offer a mass transfer alternative to make numerous posts without a moment’s delay.

Another key limitation of the usefulness is the powerlessness to alter planned posts – so if you have to make changes to subtitles or labels, you should erase the current post and make another one.

The tedious workaround, for example, can to some degree nullify the purpose of presenting on Instagram from the work area.

Can you post to Instagram from a computer?

You can upload a large number of photos and videos from your computer and send them directly to your Instagram profile with a title, all you need to do is download it and log in with your Instagram details.

A recent update also now allows you to send posts to multiple Instagram accounts you manage.

How do I post photos to Instagram from my computer?

The Instagram app for Android is great, and you can run it on your desktop using the free Android emulator BlueStacks app player, which allows you to upload photos to Instagram from your PC or Mac.

Can I post to Instagram from my Mac?

Finally, a way to upload photos from Mac to Instagram.

  • The developer says that this is the first and only app in the Mac App Store that allows you to upload photos from your Mac to Instagram.
  • To upload a photo, right-click on the file and select Instagram or Services > Share on Instagram.

How do you post on Instagram on Mac Safari?

How to upload photos from Mac to Instagram

  1. Open Safari and go to Safari > Preferences > Advanced.
  2. Make sure the Development menu in the menu bar is toggled.
  3. Go to the Instagram website and login into your account.
  4. Then select Develop (from the menu bar)> User Agent> Safari – iOS 12.1.


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