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How To Make a Heart on Keyboard

Emojis have gotten progressively famous starting late, particularly in text messages and social media remarks.

You can always add an emoji with a few clicks, yet in the event that you utilize certain symbols often, it tends to be faster to retain a few keyboard-easy routes to get there faster.

In case you’re on Microsoft Windows, you can insert a heart emoji using your numeric keypad with Alt + 3, yet with Mac, you have to choose Control + Command +Space Bar to open Character Viewer and type heart in the search box.

Heart Symbol on Keyboard

In the early days of the internet, <3 became the symbol for a heart, similarly as:- ) was the symbol for a smiley face.

As technology advanced, a few applications automatically converted <3 to a heart symbol, including Facebook. However, with the development of more emojis, most applications have moved to allow you to choose symbols from a spring-up box.

In many cases, you can access the heart symbol using your keyboard. However, the particular key combination relies upon the operating arrangement of the device you’re using.

In many cases, you can conduct a heart copy and paste to insert a heart symbol you like that you found online.

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Heart Symbol With Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows utilizes the Character Map to insert symbols into programs, including Microsoft Word and email reports.

It comes installed on your PC, however, you can download it in the event that you don’t have it.

  • Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. Under the Windows Setup tab, select Details under System Tools and check the Character Map checkbox.

You can get to the Character Map in various ways in Windows, however, one of the easiest is using your keyboard.

  • Select the Windows key and R, and then sort char map into the box and press enter.
  • Find the heart symbol and insert it into your report. From that point, you can do a copy and paste to utilize the heart somewhere else in your archive. Read more: How To Type A Bullet Point?

Heart Symbol on Mac

On the off chance that you have a Mac PC, you can generate a heart emoji using the Character Viewer. You get there via the keyboard, too.

  • Select Control + Command + Space Bar and then sort in heart to pull up all the heart emoji options. You’ll find plenty to choose from, allowing you to pick the one that accommodates your personality.

You can utilize the Character Viewer in word processing programs like Word and Pages, as well as in messages and your mail app.

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Heart Symbol Using Numeric Pad

It clients with a keyboard and a numeric idea that can use a key union to add a heart symbol.

By keeping activation on the heart emoji, facts one of the following union using the numeric pad:

  • Alt + 3 for a black heart
  • Alt + 10084 for a red heart
  • Alt + 128148 for a messed up heart
  • Alt + 128149 for two hearts
  • Alt + 128153 for a blue heart
  • Alt + 128154 for a green heart
  • Alt + 128155 for a yellow heart
  • Alt + 128156 for a purple heart


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