How to Pair Hearing Aids to iPhone?

The Hearing aids direct connection to an iPhone or iPad Bluetooth connection.

More and more hearing aid users realize the great benefits of hearing aids, which are doubling as wireless headphones for streaming music and audiobooks, as well as Bluetooth telephone headsets.

In addition, the iPhone can serve as a remote control for the hearing aid, and users can adjust various functions from the total volume.

To the frequency response to the suppression of background noise, all through convenient iPhone applications.

All this is wonderful when everything works! Sometimes the iPhone loses connection to the hearing aid, or something gets “hooked” or “stuck” in the iPhone, which interferes with a good relationship.

Follow the instructions below that guide you by repairing your hearing aids with your iPhone.

 Pair your hearing aids with your phone

  1. Firstly, restart the iPhone.
  2. Then remove your hearing aids from your ea4s and open the battery doors.
  3. Go to the settings on your iPhone.
  4. The simple option is to General.
  5. Go to Accessibility.
  6. Now follow to Hearing Aids.
  7. Close the battery doors (your phone will start searching for devices).
  8. Your name and hearing aids will appear under the devices.
  9. If you wear two headphones, you will see L+R.
  10. If you wear only 1, you will see either L or R, depending on which side you are wearing your helper.
  11. Click the label box of your aids.
  12. You will then get a pop-up box to Pair your aids with your phone; click PAIR.
  13. If you carry two ids, this field will look twice, and you must press PAIR a second time.

Hearing aids are available with Bluetooth directly to the iPhone include Oticon Open, Starkey Hali, and Oticon Open.

Coming soon- Phonak Direct, which will have a direct Bluetooth connection for iPhone and Android phones.

More are available at the Center for Audiology – Huston and the Center for Audiology – Pearland.

Adjust the settings and see the status of your hearing aids

  • In Settings: Go to settings >Accessibility >Hearings aids>MFi hearing aids.
  • Use Accessibility shortcuts: see using iPhone Accessibility Shortcuts.
  • On the lock screen: Go to settings >Accessibility >Hearing Devices > MFi Hearing Aids, then turn on Lock screen Control. From the lock screen, you can do the following:
  • Check the battery status.
  • Adjust the surround microphone volume and alignment.
  • Choose which hearing aid left, right, or both will receive streaming audio.
  • Control live listening.
  • Choose whether the audio for the call to the hearing aid.

Choose to play ringtones through your hearing aid.

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How to use your headphones with more than one device?

Suppose you pair your hearing aids with more than one device.

In that case, the connection for your hearing devices automatically switches from one to another when you do something that generates sound on the other device or receives a phone call on your iPhone.

  • Changes you make to the hearing aid settings of one device are automatically sent to your other devices.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID on all devices.
  • Connect all the devices to the same network.

Turn on hearing Aid Compatibility

The compatibility of hearing aids can reduce interferences and improve the sound quality with some types of hearing aids.

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing aids.
  2. Turn on hearing aid compatibility.

The FCC Hearing Aid Policy requires that certain phones be tested and evaluated according to the American National Standard Institute Hearing Aid Standards.

The ANSI standard for hearing aid compatibility includes two assessments:

M: To reduce radio frequency interferences to connect audio to non-remote co to hearing aids.

T: To connect to hearing aids operating remotely.

These ratings are given on a scale of one to four, with four being the most compatible. Suppose the telephone is a hearing aid compliant according to FCC requirements.

For an iPhone hearing aid compatibility assessment, see the Apple Support article “About iPhone Hearing Aid Compatibility Requirements.”

Hearing aid compatibility assessments do not guarantee that a particular hearing aid will work well in a specific phone.

Some hearing aids may work well on phones that do not meet the FCC requirements for hearing aid compatibility. Use them together before you buy to ensure that certain hearing aids work well on a specific phone.

It is essential to use hearing aids or cochlear implants to experiment with the different features in different locations thoroughly.

To determine if you can hear interference noise or not. Contact your service provider or manufacturer of this phone for hearing aid compatibility.

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