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How to Change Wallpaper On Mac?

If you want to remove away from the default Mac desktop wallpaper, you should first try one of the Apple backgrounds already installed on your Mac.

Changing MacBook Backgrounds is Easy

  • First of all, open system Preferences > Desktop and screen saver.
  • Make sure you are on the Desktop tab.
  • In the sidebar, open Apple Desktop Pictures.
  • Click on any images to set them as your background.

Set up custom Mac backgrounds smoothly

Macs allow you to set any image of your choice as a Mac desktop wallpaper to distract from Apple’s pre-selected style. Find an image anywhere on your Mac, right-click on it, and select set Desktop image from the menu.

  • Click the share icon and select the Set desktop picture option from there.
  • When selecting a custom background, check that it fits the desktop properly.
  • If not, drop down and set the Fit to Fill Screen, Fit to Screen, Center, etc.

Rotate the collection of Mac desktop wallpaper

Another way to add your own set of images is to give you more flexibility in setting them to rotate automatically later:

  • Go to System Preferences > Desktop and screen saver.
  • Click on the plus sign in the lower-left corner.
  • Navigate to the image folder of your choice.
  • Click Select to add the option to the Desktop menu.

Your folder should now appear in the sidebar of the desktop and screen saver window. You can still choose one of the images from the folder. But if you want to rotate the images :

  • Firstly, check the box next to “Change Image.”
  • Then, set the frequency from the drop-down.

Rotate backgrounds automatically

You are rotating your photos, so your MacBook Backgrounds look good. But what if you don’t have any high-quality pictures? Or don’t want to spend any time setting something up?

  • Download Wallpaper Vizard to turn your custom desktop images into Mac.
  • Immerse yourself in the creativity created just for you.
  • Wallpaper Vizard protects your Mac desktop wallpaper and brings beauty and inspiration to it.

The automated rotation function is built-in, and you can choose from over 35,000 high-quality royalty-free images to keep your collection fresh.

Getting started with wallpaper Vizard

  • Be it the people or vehicles, browse the application for the board category you like.
  • Choose a specific set of images.
  • Click the plus icon to add it to your roll.
  • Wallpaper vizard set roll background.

You can also create your rolls by clicking on the plus icon for specific images.

  • And if you want to be consistent with one of the beautiful Mac Desktop backgrounds from wallpaper vizard, open it.
  • And then choose the Set Desktop image.

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Select and install the best screen savers for Mac

Once you decide what your MacBook Backgrounds are, you can also set up your Mac screen Saver. You know there is a screen saver on your Mac by default.

To see your current Mac screen saver:

  • Go to System Preferences > Desktop and Screen saver and navigate to the Screen Saver tab.
  • Your default screen saver will appear on the right.
  • If you want to change it, you can explore all the options on the left and click the one you like.

Additionally, most screen savers present customization Options for more excellent compatibility.

You may be wondering how to change the screen saver to custom.

  • First, you need to find a suitable screen saver online and download it.
  • The screen saver must have a file extension.
  • Then to install it, double click on the or mobe the file to your Library ¬†Screen Savers folder.
  • Now you should see a new screen saver in the Desktop and Screen Saver list.

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