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How to Record FaceTime Call on iPhone and Mac?

Apple is the best smartphone and smart device development company.

They’ve presented numerous devices that are at the top of the market right now.

All those devices are known for their features and designs, but not only that Apple is known for its own operating system and dedicated system.

Just because of those tools one of the features of Apple has become the best company on the market and impressed a lot of people.

Record FaceTime Call on iPhone

Apple presented the most dedicated and great functionality in FaceTime but is only available to iPhone users.

Record FaceTime Call on iPhone


This tool allows you to interact with people across the globe. Its functionality is so impressive and the quality of the video is literally better in comparison with other existing systems.

I’ll tell you in this article that you record FaceTime calls on iPhone with different devices.

There are several times where users need to register their video calls for a certain purpose.

For Android users, it seems impossible to save their FaceTime calls, but now the wait has ended.

They would have even attempted to make a screen recorder but failed due to the quality of the video. Many tools do not serve the needs of users.

Wonder share mirror function

It is the best environment for Android users to save on-screen this tool not only offers you a better quality of screen recording, but it also helps you to mirror smartphones on a large screen for a better view.

Using mirror go for recording is very easy, but before you learn the method that will help you save your FaceTime, with audio you need to know the features that wonderful share mirror provides you.

  • When using it, you can simply control your Android device on a PC with ease.
  • You can watch your video on a bigger display.

Wonder share mirror function

  • You can upload your files with a single click on the computer. After you have mirrored the device on the computer, you can share the clipboard.
  • You can register the screen in high quality.

Here’s a step-by-step procedure for saving your Android with a go mirror.

  • The first step is to set up a mirror go to your computer and connected with your Android device with a USB connection.
  • You have to set the connection with the transfer files after the connection with the USB.

connection with the USB

  • Then you must open the settings of your Android smartphone and access the system updates.

system updates

  • You will find a bold number and you need to click on it seven times on the next screen, you will see the developer’s options and that is where you’ll find the USB debugging.
  • Once you have enabled USB debugging it will request permission.

USB debugging

  • You should click OK to provide the allocation.
  • Now that the screen is mirrored on the computer, you must activate the FaceTime call and press the save button, present on the platform’s right panel stop this is where the registration will start.

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Record FaceTime Call on iPhone

Now here is another solution to save FaceTime with audio on iPhone with the help of Mac.

It’s always easy to use Apple devices to register on FaceTime because FaceTime is the type of app that is literally available on all Apple devices, but there may be some users who find it quite difficult to save their FaceTime right from the iPhone.

It’s not always important that the iPhone meets the requirements of the users.

That is why they look for other methods to solve the problem so that here is the quick solution. The simplest way to save FaceTime with audio on iPhone can be with the help of Mac QuickTime player can make it much easier.



Now, here is the process to follow so that you can save your FaceTime with audio on your iPhone with the help of a Mac.

  • You just can’t connect your iPhone with Mac without using the lightning cable from the app folder, you need to proceed with QuickTime drive on the Mac.


  • When the drive is open, you have to find the files folder at the top of the window.
  • From the options provided, select a new movie record from the dropdown menu.
  • You need to put your cursor on the save option a press on it to adjust not from this dropdown menu.

This way your iPhone will be connected to Mac.

Record FaceTime Call on iPhone

  • Now open your FaceTime on your phone and start calling whomever you like.
  • Make sure you put the volume bar on your QuickTime player is turned up, Now on the QuickTime player, you will need to press the button of your game and on the other side of your FaceTime call would be underway.
  • After you have finished your call, press the Stop button on the QuickTime player and access the file from the menu bar.

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