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How to Download Someone’s Else Live Video? Instagram

Download Someone's Else Live Video

We all know we’re big Instagram fans and we can’t spend a day without displaying it.

This is the largest sensation after Facebook and it became more popular than Facebook and that’s why Facebook bought it.


Download Someone's Else Live Video

Instagram started by capturing images and posting them on its feeds but it started growing. With more functionality on its platform that users enjoy using. Just like some other social applications, Instagram began to grow in popularity with its camera filters.

There are a few very unique features on Instagram one of them is a boomerang, reverse video, and 24 hours missing stories. but there is just a specific characteristic and that is the ability to post stories just like the rival Snapchat.

As the user may just start recording live videos and view them on Instagram.

On Instagram, some of us just want to record content, even if it’s about photos of videos or stories. unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow us to record these pictures and videos made by our friends.

We all know how easy it is to take snapshots of photos, but can’t directly save those videos from Instagram. Today I’ll tell you the tip to download Instagram video live, even if Instagram doesn’t provide you the opportunity to download it.

Upload the Instagram video live?

I’ll tell you how you can upload Instagram videos live to a PC or notebook. It’s easy enough to download live Instagram videos on a PC or laptop.

  • Now, you just need to do it with the help of the Chrome extension, because it’s much easier.
  • Therefore, you need to download the Chrome browser to your computer or laptop.
  • Once you downloaded Chrome, you can simply find an extension called save IG live Story in the Google extension for free.
  • When you find the extension save IG Live Story, you need to click the add to Chrome button in the top right on all the extensions on your Chrome browser.

Download Someone's Else Live Video

  • It is finished, you will see on the top right corner of your browser window be like now you can simply download your favorite stories or videos, and here is how.
  • Now, from Google Chrome need to go to the Instagram site and log in to your account with your username and password.

Download Someone's Else Live Video

  • At the top right you will find the extension icon click on it so you can view all the live videos and stories that are captured there.

Download Someone's Else Live Video

  • There is a search option as well and you can find any specific account if you want.
  • When the story you want to download is complete, click the download icon.
  • The pop-up window will appear, you can see the message of whether you want to download it open the audio URL, or open the video URL.
  • Now, you can simply download the audio and video but you have to do it separately.
  • Regardless if you downloaded the audio version or the video version, you can find both files in your download folder.

That’s it, you’ve successfully downloaded the Instagram Live video.

Save Instagram stories

In stories there will be an option below the live video replace tab, you can click on your friend’s floors and the Storey will be on the right side.

  • Now, if you want to download the Story then you may just click on this download icon.

Download Someone's Else Live Video

  • The download will begin as a zip file option now you can extract this zip folder you are a computer and you will find all the stories out there.

Download Someone's Else Live Video

You may also search for the text and locations of my people. Because every story you get there will be either your fall weeks or the people you follow.

You can search people by their name on the search bar and once you find their account, you will see their stories on their news feed.

If you would like to upload related stories with the hashtag, you can just use a hashtag in the search bar.

Now, here’s another option you if you can download the stories with the site so you just have to search the places and you will see stories related to that place.

Another anonymous option stops before the look-up icon

Download Someone's Else Live Video

You can simply look at the stories of your friends without informing them.

There are two types of eye shape and Slash on the icons means that you are visible to your friends and they can know that you are watching their stories and their live videos, while slash in the icon means that you are not visible to them and you can just wash their floors and they would not be aware.

Well, you can also save live Instagram videos by simply downloading DU recorder. It has been the best screen recorder for stories.


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