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Fix Facebook Error: Sorry, This Content Isn’t Available Right Now?

Facebook Error: Sorry This Content Isn't Available Right Now

Facebook is the most popular social networking application where you can share your videos and pictures with others, you can also share your ideas while publishing them, or you can do a page of your own and begin advertising yourself.


Facebook was invented by Mark Zuckerberg who was then at Harvard College. In 2006, he’s been cleared for all people who are over the age of 13 who do use Facebook just need a valid email address.

We know there are a lot of other apps like Facebook where you can communicate with people, but Facebook has unique functionality where you can just log in with your favorite people at the same time you can just talk to them whenever you want and keep in touch.

Today, millions of users use Facebook just like their e-mail addresses.

Now, if you’ve been using Facebook for years and know all about it, then you must have punched the question that Facebook is showing“this content is not available right now” at least once in your life.

We all know how frustrating that can be for a user who’s been on Facebook for years and for users who are new to Facebook.

There are times when you get a notification that your friend posted something but when you click this notification the content is not available there. You have the answer to this problem or even if you see this mistake, you would know what to do about it.

Sorry, This Content Isn’t Available Right Now

Facebook Error: Sorry This Content Isn't Available Right Now

Now, if you are blocked from the user, you may also face this issue.

If you don’t know about it and then here’s what if you’re blocked somebody so you can’t even see their profile status are beyond speaking.

If you look for their name you will not find their account nor you can send them any text and if before blocking you have seen both of them in the notification, then you wouldn’t be able to see it because the user has blocked you from everyone.

But this is not always the case and it is not available now so it is not always that you have been blocked it can be because of it that the content is not available right now can occur if you are logged out from it.

  • Sometimes you just log out for no reason so check out, you can just refresh the page and see if the lockup screens pop up.

Facebook can be down sometimes

Facebook Error: Sorry This Content Isn't Available Right Now

I’m not saying the entire website will be down because sometimes that happens with certain particular parts of it.

There are few ways to check is it really down or just showing at you?

For instance, if you try to post something and it simply continues loading and loading for a very long time then that means it is down and you don’t have an Internet problem even goes to notifications it shows you an error and you start panicking that if you have an Internet connection or something went wrong but it can be faulty Facebook.

The content was removed from the source

This is the main and possible reason why this link shared with your content was removed from the source.

In that case, the other person could have found a problem when displaying or maybe they just do not want to make it public so that’s why they deleted it and now you can see this post added that sorry this content is not available at the moment.

  • In that case, the first thing you can do is ask the sender to share the same content you can try this method that I am going to tell you.

Facebook Error: Sorry This Content Isn't Available Right Now

  • Just copy the link and post it on Google Search now if you see and you seem content on Google, it means you still have one option to see what was in that link.
  • Now you can just click on that error link on Google and click cached.
  • It will cache the page version if it is still available and you can just see the deletion content.

Other reason

There may be one other reason, which is privacy.

Now, sometimes we get the link that your friend has posted something in the share a link with you.

Facebook Error: Sorry This Content Isn't Available Right Now

  • Now, in this case, if you see the same post again as sorry this contact is not available at this time.
  • Then, in this case, the owner of the post office could have made privacy at home can see the post office maybe your friend just decided to share it with their friends alone.
  • The next line to see their messages, you have to send them an application if the other person accepts it, then you can just see their message without facing this issue.

The profile can be deleted

Note that there may be another issue and that is if the user has deleted their profile or deactivated it.

Facebook Error: Sorry This Content Isn't Available Right Now

  • Sometimes we just see the link after so many days of sharing and these days the owner would’ve deactivated their account.
  • So in that case, you won’t be able to see the content they shared or anything retaliated ever you can send them or text them because they would not be able to see it


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