How to Stop Avast Browser Opening on Start-Up?

Stop Avast Browser Opening on Start-Up

Antivirus company launched a browser and all Avast users were really frustrated due to this.

Since you will just be there to boot your system and here is the Avast browser uninvited automatically launched.

If you are so tired of shutting down the browser at each start-up of your system, then you just have to do one thing is to disable it from the browser settings.

Avast secure browser

Stop Avast Browser Opening on Start-Up

Avast secure browser that was developed by Avast The antivirus system that has dominated the company for years.

Not only does this browser bother you out of nowhere, but it also tries to keep up with the system. Users have been blind for many years, but now they have started to wake up and realize the frustration of the automatic setup from this software.

Many users have complained that the Avast browser installs stuff without requesting their permission and most of the time it requests to import the bookmarks from their default browsers.

Another part which should be where made about died every time you open your window and it goes off as fast as it can.

This kind of behavior has created great mistrust, even among Avast Loyalists and most people have previously uninstalled the browser due to the fear of malware attack.

In such instances, in addition to restricting the browser launching itself, the user may also get an additional browser to like kingpin which will not start by default.

I’ll tell you three ways to prevent Avast secure browser from opening automatically, you can try modifying your browser settings to stop opening it or you can disable it via the task manager or you can simply uninstall the browser once and for all.

Stop Avast Browser from settings

Stop Avast Browser Opening on Start-Up

Just in any case if you don’t know then here is that the easiest way to stop the browser from opening itself is to change its browser setting there will be 3 points on the top right corner of the screen on the browser pick on them.

Your settings will pop up in the browser menu.

  • You will need to scroll down a little more and you will find a tile that tells at start-up.
  • You will see an option to launch the Avast browser automatically when your system boots up.

Stop Avast Browser Opening on Start-Up

  • If your browser automatically starts by itself and does not ask for any permission, this means if this option is active.
  • There is a scrollbar before you just have to drag it to the left to disable the feature.

This procedure will take care of the matter and it is the most helpful solution because it works on macOS and windows and a bunch of people uses it. They looked at the issue very carefully.

Turn off Avast by Task Manager

Turning off the browser by Task Manager is another very secure way to turn off the browser is overusing its options in Task Manager. This is where all configured applications are located.

  • You must simultaneously hold Ctrl + shift + I.

Stop Avast Browser Opening on Start-Up

  • Then, in the task manager, you’ll find multiple tabs, as well as performance application history and so on.

Stop Avast Browser Opening on Start-Up

  • You will need to click on the start-up tab so that it can display the entire list of applications that launch when the system starts.

Stop Avast Browser Opening on Start-Up

  • You will need to go to the Avast safe browser option and right-click on it.
  • Next tap Turn Off.
  • You can simply disable it here because it does start that way your browser will only work when you launch it.
  • Thus, this is how you can disable the browser through the task manager without going too many problems and your problem will be fixed.

Uninstall Avast from the Command Panel

The features of the Control Panel uses to delete running applications in your systems and it has also permanently deleted from your computer, so here it is.

Many people just get panicked every time the unwanted application and suddenly they come to uninstall.

Now, if you want to uninstall the Avast browser too then you can simply delete it from Control Panel without having too many issues.

And it won’t just delete, but also help to work your computer properly, you can install it later if you want to use it again.

  • You have to open the control panel and you have to type the same in the windows search box then it will lead you to programs and features.

Stop Avast Browser Opening on Start-Up

  • There you will see a bunch of programs and applications running on the system uncover the Avast icon and click on it.

Stop Avast Browser Opening on Start-Up

  • You will need to go to the uninstall option at the top of it and then just delete it as this is all your problem is solved.

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