How to Play DS Games on Switch?

You can play DS Games on Switch. Emulators and custom homebrew that you can install on your Nintendo switch.

Nintendo Compatibility Switchback

The Switch comes with high back compatibility like any other Nintendo device.

The Switch is impressive, but the incredible power of back-to-back is still in question. They are playing older games from the Wii or 3DS handheld still unresolved.

In the previous console, you can play old games with the new console. That’s because most of the information comes in digital form.

What about DS or 3DS using game cartridges?

You cannot insert it inside the switch cartridge. It is due to a lack of a visible console on the Switch.

Another critical point is the lack of two vertical screens from the Nintendo DS and 3DS. However, with hacking and editing here and there, you can play the game.

The answer comes from the homebrew that lets you access your Nintendo System.

You can install the emulator with custom homebrew and use your classic Nintendo 3DS games on your Nintendo switch.

Playing DS and 3DS Games on Switching with Custom Homebrew

Before we get away with the custom Homebrew, let’s dig deeper into the term. Homebrew term used to describe software that Nintendo does not authorize.

  • The name includes all the tools, games, firmware, 3DS emulators, and applications.
  • You can install it on the Switch.
  • You can install your wanted emulator, and you must first install custom homebrew on your Nintendo switch.

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Can the Nintendo switch play 3DS games?

Another thing that makes people question the app is the need for two on-screen displays from the Nintendo 3DS.

Some emulators equipped with custom homebrew allow you to play 3DS games smoothly.

In some games, it can even run at full speed on the Nintendo switch.

There are many emulators out there you can try.

One of them is Lakka, a one-stop emulator that lets you hear games from PSP, PS1, Dreamcast, DS, etc. This particular emulator works best on Switch.

With Lakka, now your Nintendo switch can also play older games. Most DS games work well without delay, and you can get high FPS. The Switch has a more reliable engine.

The engine is more powerful than the DS or Wii.

Along with it, the Switch also has a touch screen display. Allows you to play DS and 3DS games as standard. You have to play it in panorama mode, which will make your DS and 3DS games look more modest.


Using homebrew or emulator, you should understand the chances of lag and low FPS. Still, it can work. Nintendo Switch brings a lot of game opportunities.

Unfortunately, the retrospective alignment of this console is not acceptable. It’s because you can’t play old games that use cartridges. Likewise, and it does not have two screens.

However, the Homebrew app and emulator come with a great solution. With custom homebrew, installing a 3DS emulator is now impossible on your Nintendo switch.

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