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How to Transfer Steam Games to Another Account

It permits you to share access to every game within your library at no extra cost, albeit with some restrictions.

The original Steam account still owns the games. But, under Family Sharing, official users will install and play those games on their performance.

Can you transfer the Steam games to another account?

There is no way to transfer the game directly from one Steam account to another.

transfer the Steam games to another account

  • After purchasing the game and adding it to one’s Steam Library. The license is permanently bound to that account and is not transferable. So what can you do if you buy in the wrong account?

If a purchase has been made within the last two weeks and the software has less than two hours of total playtime. Then steam will generally honor a refund.

It is a good option to consider if you think this will solve your problem. However, a more attractive option may be present for those who want to share their games with family members or close friends.

Transfer Steam Games to Another Account

How to Set Up the Family Library Sharing on Steam?

At the same time, they are saving their game progress and achievements.

Set Up the Family Library Sharing on Steam

The only snatch is that the share family library can only be accessed by one user at a time, with the primary owner being preferred.

It means that even if two users are trying to play different games. They cannot play games simultaneously in a shared library.

There are two ways to establish family sharing between multiple Steam accounts. For both, you need to log into each account on the same computer.

And enable Steam Guard on each one. It can allow in Account Settings.

Official documents

Transfer Steam Games to Another Account

Make sure the Games Library owns this account.

From the Steam settings, navigate to the Family tab.

  • From there, you can view each user who was previously logged into Steam on that particular computer.


  • Check the box next to “Authorize Library Sharing on this computer.”

Authorize Library Sharing on this computer

  • Then check the box next to each account you want to grant access to.

Requesting Access from Library Owners

This method has access to every non-primary Steam user request from the primary owner of the library.

  • To request access to the direct Steam Account Library, you must go to the Library tab.
Requesting Access from Library Owners
Transfer Steam Games to Another Account
  • If you’re logged in to the same computer, you should see a list of games owned by the primary Steam account.
  • Find the game you want to borrow and select Play. You will ask to request access to the game.
  • Then, an email will send to the primary Steam user’s inbox.

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Each method requires that you log into both accounts on the same computer, but it is perfectly possible to enable family sharing with a second computer a thousand miles away.

  • Log on to the primary Steam user account on the second computer and follow any other method.
  • Then you can manage accounts and computers authorized for family sharing in the Steam Settings Family tab.

Can you share family library games with anyone?

Can you share family library games with anyone

Although we recommend you only authorize Trusted Steam accounts under Family Library Sharing, you can approve 5 accounts on 10 devices within 90 days.

It is essential to know that your account can be banned if the lender is acquire cheating. So, be careful about who you can access.

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