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How to Sell your Steam Games? [ Tips ]

It is one of the most well-known gaming platforms for computer gamers.

Steam games have a wide range of games to choose from, and it has added some new features that made the setup even better.

Either you buy the game, and you think you don’t like it. It is one way to get new games without spending too much money.

You can sell games and cards and other artwork you get from games if you want to sell a game.

Steam Games

  • Now, you can only sell games on Steam if you are the developer or owner.
  • When you buy a game, you have full rights, but you cannot resell it.
  • Initially, you could resell the games you bought on Steam.
  • You can gift the game to another user and get paid for it.

A French court has enacted a law allowing Steam users to resell the game, but it’s still underway. Valve has appealed to stop this change in in-game sales.

How to Sell your Steam Games? [ Tips ]

If you’re a developer, you can sell your game on Steam by following these simple steps:

  • Create a Steam account to register your interest in sales services.
  • The Steam then provides the legal documents you need to read and sign.
  • After Steam, you have to pay a $ 100 deposit to your app. This payment makes through a bank account. It is a bank account where you get paid when users buy your game.
  • You will then need to complete all required paperwork with the bank and tax authorities. At this point, Steam looks at your identity to ensure you own the product you are selling.
  • When everything is in order, you are allowing access to Steamwork. It is a set of tools that enable you to configure your game on Steam. It helps to stream live demos, running discounts, uploading new builds, and configuring game features.
  • Then you run some tests and play the game to make sure everything runs smoothly on Steam. The whole process takes one to five days, depending on the game.

After testing the game, you are good to go, and you can now wait for the product to be purchased. You can do that using the Gameflip website or the free mobile app.

List the games you want to sell, select the auto-delivery option, and wait for a while. As soon as the buyer makes a payment, Steam will send it to your Gameflip account.

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You can withdraw cash to your bank account, Bitcoin, or PayPal account. Prices are quick, and the site is safe for both sellers and buyers.

You will not pay any fees for the list. Only a tiny portion of the price will be treated as a commission. There are several other sites where you can sell game keys.

Sites such as G2A and Kinguin can sell keys for unwanted games. You can sell the game key that you find in your library or a digital gift you received from a friend.


Steam has become popular and will have up to 100 million users by 2021. It means it is available in over 28 languages ​​and is a global system. You can also exchange cards and gems for other users or sell them to make money.

Steam games cannot afford sales directly on the Steam Market. This has been ban by French courts but has not yet been implemented since Valve appealed. However, you can sell your game on other sites and make money to buy other games.

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