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How to Fix Steam Stuck on Preallocating?

Preallocating issues are not uncommon and each user experiences them from time to time. These are certain issues due to the speed of connectivity and lead you into a situation where you don’t want to be.

There are ways to solve this problem and make sure that it never happens again.

What steam is and how pre-allocation works?

What steam is and how pre-allocation works

Steam is a software that is very useful for gamers, it’s an amazing blessing who is not a very fan of console games and wants to have the full experience of PC gaming.

Steam is the digital gaming distribution service that was introduced in 2003 by the valve and it still finds the best app to download and play video games on PC.

This is the cloud-based library for several computing games. The best part about steam is that it’s totally free to register and you don’t have to pay anything for it. However, if you want to play video games, then you must buy them from developers.

Steam offers thousands of videogames that you can download to your PC. It also allows users to play games both online and on PlayStation.

How to Fix Steam Stuck on Preallocating?

Fix Steam Stuck on Preallocating

Another benefit of using Steam is that it also provides you with cloud storage to save your memory to the hard disk and make yourself live the best experience possible to enjoy these games.

If your steam has been stuck on preallocating you can try to fix it by deleting the download cache.

  • Open your steam client by clicking on the desktop.

steam client

  • Click on the steam bar on the top right corner of the window and click on settings options.
  • Then follow the download tab and go on to the bottom of the screen to clear cache data.

clear cache data

  • Click on OK.


The download will not start if there are allocation issues.

The process is not always the same for each user as sometimes it is like the speed of your Internet connection, the Different kinds of hard drives you use, and what specifications for PC you might have.

Steam helps you improve the performance of your hard drive, generating files on your drive to make sure there is no fragmentation for those files and set aside all this space for downloading your game.

This process can take too long, so if you are facing the question of the pre-allocation steam process as it works slowly, or the process bar is stuck at a certain point, you can take the following steps to make it quicker to work.

Since the steam is based on a cloud-based service and preallocating requires you to have active internet availability.

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Refresh steam installation

You can also try to refresh steam installation.

  • Open your steam account and go into the installation folder.
  • In the installation folder, select everything except the steam maps and steam.exe. executable.

Refresh steam installation

  • Right-click the menu and click on the delete option which will appear.
  • After all the files have been deleted, click on steam by steam.exe executable and install steam again.

However besides everything, overclocking can cause problems because it can be dangerous.

  • Users have to take steps for overclocking according to the software.

Fix Steam Stuck on Preallocating

  • Open your software and look for the option and then restart your computer.
  • Go back to the installation and check if the error still appears.

steam installation

You should consider the fact that the bigger game is, the longer it will take to process and the connection may also become slower.

So, you need to give it a bit of time to download for a considerably great game.

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